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Have You Ever Thought Of Things To Think About ?

Updated on April 9, 2013

Have You Ever Thought Of Things To Think About?

Have you ever stopped to wonder

About the life that you have led?

Of the things you should have done

Or the things you should have said?

The stranger that you saw in trouble,

Did you stop and lend a helping hand?

When you saw a mistake was made

Then did you really try to understand?

The words that you could have spoken

To bring peace to a friend along the way.

Did you ever really stop to sympathize,

Or did you just wait for a better day?

I wonder where we would be today

If The Lord failed us in our need,

What if He had just walked on by

When He heard us pray and plead?

Though He knew it was your own fault

For the trouble that you were now in ,

But he chose to stoop right down to us

Take our hand and pluck us out of sin.

If we now claim Him as Lord and Savior,

Then we must follow for He must lead.

We can never ignore another's plight,

We'll be filled with Christ's Love indeed.

If we ever think of the might have been

And of the things we should have done.

We can now claim victory over all of this.

Praise forever to God's own Holy Son!

Clara Kish


These are things to think about but not

to worry about if The Lord has forgiven

all of your sins. His Blood covered all of

of those things in the past when you gave

your heart to The Lord. doesn't it make

you feel better that your sins are buried

never to be found again, Only God can

do that for us,none other has the power

to forgive you of the past . No one

else can give you such Peace and Love.

Why would you ever want to go back to

those days?


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