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Have You Seen A Ghost?

Updated on February 15, 2014

Have You Seen A Ghost?

It was the summer of 1975...myself and my friend...Graham Hillman...were sat in his bedroom listening to the Judge Dread album...Bedtime Stories...and discussing paranormal activity. It was fun hanging about with Graham. He lived in the cottage between the bus stop and the grocery store on Heath Road...opposite the newspaper Coxheath...near Maidstone in Kent.

Graham was telling me about his near-death experience he had felt whilst 'dying' for 7 minutes on the operating-table during a routine medical operation (on his knee...of all places) His account didn't veer far from the usual 'light at the end of the tunnel' sensation...but it was his vivid and emotional recall...almost as if he was in a trance...that convinced me that it was a genuine chronicle of his fantastic episode.

We decided to set up what we called the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres...we had already developed an acronymical sense of humour...even at the tender age of 14.

We made badges and certificates and we soon embarked on ghost-hunting missions....and we made a pact to eachother. It was decided that whoever should pass away first...out of the two of us ...should come back and show proof to the other...that ghosts do exist.

A few short years later saw us as young men going out into the world on our own...Graham was attending Thanet Catering College...I was working on a farm...hashing turnips for the Aberdeen, Scotland.

Graham passed away one horrible day when he rolled his Mini Car on his way to college.

As I write this I'm remembering Graham...our boxing matches in the garden...our summer afternoons spent tinkering with old mopeds and motor-bikes...our trips to Greatstone and Littlestone....on the South Coast. Personally I think that if you keep your memories of people...they haven't really gone. God bless you mate :)

Ghostly Photograph

Taken at Fort Amherst...exclusive to this hub...not published before
Taken at Fort Amherst...exclusive to this hub...not published before | Source

In my quest for true accounts of ghostly experiences and the like...I asked a simple question on my FaceBook page

Have any of my friends on here seen a ghost....or had an interesting ghostly encounter or experience....or a psychic or paranormal personal sensation?

We have some legendary tales in my region...The Ghost of Bluebell Hill....the spooky goings-on in of the most haunted villages in the UK...but I was more interested in personal encounters from everyday folk...narrated in their own words.

I got what I wanted...and more...including this exclusive photograph taken circa 2007-2008 at Fort Amherst on a Canon Digital Camera. Lorraine says it was taken in a completely clear tunnel. She also adds:

'It's a truly bizarre photo and to be honest I don't like it...too many faces in it'

Kent and the South East


Geoff Collins, self-employed, Tilbury, London

'I went to bed one night when I was a teenager and lived in Florence Road and the curtains were shut. When I woke up they were open. I later found out that a previous occupant had committed suicide by jumping from that window'

Conclusion of Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

Suicide victims crop up with much regularity in ghost stories. The tortured soul of unresolved life?


It's obvious that taking someone's life is a most terrible sin...and taking your own just as heinous in itself. It's considered a most religions...and...of's the only crime that is unpunishable. Perhaps the punishment is that you can't move onto the next life...your soul is paralysed and you're left to dangle betwixt life and Paradise (or Hell) Is this the punishment for suicide? Forever in limbo...with little to do but haunt the people in this life?

Tanzania-Whin Baines, model and mummy, Faversham, Kent

Ibiza 2012
Ibiza 2012 | Source

'When I was 9 or 10 my next door neighbour was struck down by lighting. She was only 4 years old.
One week before, I was in bed & turned to my door where I saw a pretty blond girl (like a china doll) with golden curled hair in a pink frilly dress & straw hat standing there. I remember thinking why am I not scared & put my head under the cover as I knew that is what I should be doing. The following morning I told my mum who said I was dreaming. But one week later tragedy hit & two weeks on the girl's mother said her daughter had seen a girl, describing exactly what I had seen. My mum made me sleep with her for the next month. It was only when I was 15 she explained to me what the neighbour had said & seen'

Tanzania: I have had a lot of unexplained sightings...from imaginary friends to seeing 'shadow people'.  Always happy to share xx
Tanzania: I have had a lot of unexplained sightings...from imaginary friends to seeing 'shadow people'. Always happy to share xx | Source

Conclusion of Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

If you dream of a child it can be symbolism or prophecy. In symbolism...symbolic'll usually see the child in familiar places...around your home...your local park...perhaps in a cafe or shop that you use regularly...normally somewhere you've been to lots of times. It represents a part of your own psyche...and it's a call to protect yourself from imminent possible danger. Tanzania's mother's natural reaction was to protect her daughter during a clear time of vulnerability...taking her to bed with her for a month...sensing she was vulnerable...even if the mother didn't exactly understand it herself. In prophecy terms... in a prophetic dream...the child you see is still part of yourself...but it will generally be in totally unfamiliar surroundings...because it is predicting something that hasn't happened yet...taking you on a journey you have yet to go on. My at the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & you dream of a child (or of children) check the surroundings. If it's in a familiar place...take steps to protect yourself and act with caution. If it's in unfamiliar territory...hold onto your might be going on a long unchartered territory (metaphorically or literally)

Peter...with little pooch
Peter...with little pooch | Source

Pete Holdstock, caretaker-gamekeeper-beekeeper, Halling

'When I was little a ghost used to sit on my legs in bed so I couldn't get out. When I did break free and ran down stairs dad used to give me a good hiding'

Conclusion of Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

This account raises the question...can a ghost actually hold you down? It appears they can...and a ghost holding you to your bed is not an uncommon theme. I worked with a girl called Kim Potter who lived in Woodlands Road, Ditton, and she asked me to visit one day to see if I could feel a presence in her room...which I did. She was regularly held to her bed...and she had bruises too.

In mythological terms the Incubus is a male demon that lies upon sleeping people...often to gain sexual favour...and his female counterpart is the Succubus...a seducer of men. Spooky procreation?

I'd rather they took me out for dinner first ;)

Pamela Jane Allen

Riding along on a pushbike honey
Riding along on a pushbike honey | Source

My husband...Chris thinks he saw a ghost in an old flat in Rochester on the stairs, no way a human could have disappeared, in the way it did, it had nowhere to go...hemmed in on the stair case looked down again....gone! He is convinced person was of the paranormal variety male...dark clothes...tall hat....<shivers>

Pamela and Chris


Conclusion of Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

This begs the rather obvious question...can a ghost walk through a wall? Opinions are divided on this because people say that if a ghost is real then it must be made up of particles and atoms and particles and atoms cannot pass through eachother. Others say that the ghost is pure energy...without particles and atoms...but the people in the first camp would then triumphantly tell you that if there are no particles or atoms the energy should fall to the floor.

Here at the Institute we are saying that energy can indeed remain airborne and when we see a ghost passing through a wall they are following a path that was open in their time on might have been a doorway at the point where they passed through the wall. It might have been a completely different building altogether...depending on when exactly the ghost was a real person here on Earth. If you see a ghost running effortlessly through a wall...please refrain from following it...for you will probably knock yourself out...and you might even die...and become a ghost yourself

Lorraine's Picture


So...let's have another look at Lorraine's photograph. What do we see?

It has to be said that the brain tends to try to make order out of chaos (known as 'matrixing') and the subject of seeing faces in jumbled or grainy photographs Some might say there's nothing there...but myself...I can see faces...and rather a lot in the 'rusty' area in particular. It's well-known that Fort Amherst is considered to be haunted...which is why they have regular 'ghost tours' there. Their ghosts include soldiers, wailing women and small children...and people have been known to have to wipe away small hand-prints from their clothing after visiting the tunnels. Could these faces in Lorraine's photo be the tortured countenances of exhausted dead soldiers with Napoleonic battle on their minds?

Fort Amherst...close to the Chatham Dockyards in Medway...was built in protect us from French invasion. It is of massive historical importance...being the largest fully-constructed defence mechanism against Napoleon's armies.

If you wish to find out more about Fort Amherst please follow the link below

Lorraine Explains

The photo was taken on a Friday night ghost tour. There were no electric lights on and as the tour was being conducted they told ghost stories in the Blind Sally Port. I was a little way from the group and in the pitch dark as I did not want light pollution. The picture was taken at the junction of the port , a site of major tragedy when there was a cave-in killing men, women and children in the 18th century .
I personally am not sure what to believe but there have been incidents I can't explain...and that photograph is one of those incidents. The original picture has a white mist and all my sister did was change the contrast and this was found. All I do know is I really do not like that picture...why again I can't answer
There is a series of photos before and after, that is the only one like that, there's no trickery but I will let everyone make their own minds up

Ghost Poll

Have you seen a ghost?

See results

Rob Whittall - Salesman

Rob Whittall
Rob Whittall | Source

When I ran The White Horse...a pub in the 80's...I would frequently witness glasses falling to the floor...from a shelf above the bar. I know that doesn't sound too strange...but the shelf was perfectly straight and level and...even more oddly...the glasses would always slide off and move in mid-air for about 6 inches before falling to the ground. It looked much eerier than it had to be there. Other people have told me they have seen 'old ghostly people' there...but I never saw any ghost myself. Also...when they dug the footings out in the garden to make a bottle store...they found two skeletons. The garden is next to the church's almost like the bodies were buried on the wrong side of the wall. I think they done a ghost-hunt type thing there...years after I'd left.

The White Horse - Chilham

The White Horse, Chilham with St Mary's Church behind
The White Horse, Chilham with St Mary's Church behind | Source

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

After a little research into the pub I found that other people have seen glasses fall to the floor...without breaking. I've seen no mention of the skeletons in the garden...but...during alterations to the pub two skeletons were found under the kitchen Rob was kind of on the right track...but not quite in the right zone. The skeletons were put to rest in the churchyard at St Mary's

There was indeed a ghost hunt carried out in the 90' Ghost Connections UK. You can read about it here:

A Sceptic In Our Midst

Wherever one or two people...or more... gather together to talk about seems you'll always find a person will come along to doubt the authenticity of the beliefs of the conversationalists. put it simply...some people talk about ghosts...a person comes along and says it's all a load of rubbish.

I'm not one to curtail free I have given him (the extant sceptic) a platform here to mock our beliefs. He may be right...he might be wrong...we are possibly all daft. I'll leave it at that...but here are his opinions on the matter

Dan Avenell - sceptic, illustrator, marine biologist

The thinking man's Jacques-Yves Cousteau
The thinking man's Jacques-Yves Cousteau | Source

Dan's View (a letter)

Grow up! FGS, ghosts! You lot shouldn't be allowed to vote! Ghosts!! You tell me that opinion is divided and nothing is proven or can you prove something doesn't exist!? Disprove Batman really exists - you can't! Ok, here's my story - I was walking through the woods in the dark and these three ghosts totally chased me and one was a little girl with no face! There, do you believe me?

Do animals have ghosts? Because seeing as we get through millions every year for meat you'd think they'd be everywhere. These stories were hard to believe before everyone had a mobile phone with a camera, now they do and we've had tons of paranormal investigation shows AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ah believe in fairies what do I care?

If you think the word 'ghost' fits, I think you must mean something like 'spirit of a dead person' right? Or could it have been 'visitor from another dimension'? Or 'I really haven't a clue, could've been someone using magic, no bloody idea,' - why is 'ghost' the word that comes closest?

Again, where are all the ghost cows?

And I don't really think humans have souls, where is the evidence for that? It's religious mumbo jumbo. Especially if humans have them and no other animals do.

It seems unlikely that considering the sheer number of animals we slaughter for meat that abattoirs would not be full of ghost cows, pigs, etc... But they aren't.

What about cities that have been around for thousands of years like Rome or Jerusalem, the human deaths must run into millions, yet these ghosts are just so camera shy aren't they? They turn up mostly in pubs that seem to make money out of being haunted, from what I can tell. If they are conscious, why would they not come back if they had been murdered, and say who did it? Why isn't Hiroshima haunted? Auschwitz? etc. These places should be crawling with unhappy spirits if there is anything to the common reasons put forward to why a 'spirit' would return as a ghost.

No death produces a ghost.

Most common ghosts stories aren't that comforting, even if they imply an afterlife, they usually feature dead people or challenged confused patients all in torment lost or angry. Not lovely old granny helping to find that lost sock. I think people like spooky stories for the same reason they like horror movies (and often if someone likes one, they like the other) - a safe release of adrenaline. And people enjoy telling ghost stories, often building on something that seemed a bit weird or odd once, maybe coincided with our common ghost myths... but the attention and positive reaction to these stories encourage them to repeat and embellish them, and to believe them, and the extra details they added but now believe actually happened.

Other ghost stories are simply explained by Satan mucking about.

I am well aware that nobody wants their spooky ghost story fun interrupted by some critic saying 'there's no such thing as ghosts you bloody idiots.' But that makes me want to do it more. I'm anti-social on so many levels.

Feel free to quote any of my words of wisdom

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

It's not for the institute to drive Dan out of town and to remind him that a lot of people find comfort from the fact that they believe in ghosts. Who's to say, though, that slaughterhouses and battle fields and other marked areas of concentrated untimely demise are NOT awash with spirits and ghosts? Perhaps the spirits only show themselves to certain those who believe in the those who show an interest and aren't so keen to deny the possibilities of spectral presence?

My reply to Dan would read:

Consider the poor little bovine spectres who's existence you so blithley's often all these little non-domesticated phantom ungulates have to go on in this life. I just hope you don't have to walk home past a cow's field tonight....cos the phantom livestock are certain to be plotting as we speak. They'll get you...and you'll be the one vomiting in a bush in fear. Cows have four stomachs....the father, the son and the holy ghost....and the milk-white spirit of bovine destiny. Your one stomach leaves you stop doubting the existence of zombie cattle

Dan Avenell - ghost-disbeliever


Shana Pimpkins - singer, writer, instrumentalist, UFK fan

Rocking out
Rocking out | Source

The first time i saw a ghost...I was 8/10. my sister...Lia...was 10/12 and saw it, too. We were playing a board game in front of the television and a small shadowy figure flew in between us. We looked at eachother and asked if the other had seen it. It was cool.


Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

An interesting account because it's the first one I received which had a two-person vision on a simultaneous time-frame. From my time knowing Shana I have found that she is a very honest person who sees things in black & white and who would never be prone to embellishment. She also has the brain of a Greek philosopher (not the fridge or something)

If ghosts are imaginary creatures that "appear" in situations when our imagination creates the 'ghost explanation' for what would otherwise be an unexplained or confusing event...then why would TWO people see the same hallucination?

We already know that the creaking of a door or the sound of the unexplained can be accredited to the imagination...but can TWO people have that imaginary hallucination at the same time...if it's NOT a ghostly encounter? Myself...I think not.

Tina Williams - director and owner of recruitment and consultancy firm...Essex


Yes...I saw ghosts at my little house in Faversham! Too many to recount here, but probably the most freaky was when I was decorating before moving in - the guy before me had a massive mirror on the bedroom wall that was just hideous. I was on my own in the house and said to myself out loud "How the bloody Hell am I going to get that down on my own?" As I stood there pondering, it cracked and fell off the wall

Also, I was in my car one night - it was hammering down, and I was going through some roadworks on the M11 (you know - where you have to slow to 40mph but in reality you end up crawling at 3mph!) Anyway, as we approached the junction, there was a young chap stood on the hard shoulder - fully clothed, but with no shoes on. He was bending forward and trying to make eye contact with the drivers and was waving - not a frantic "Help me" kind of wave - just a little one! As I approached, he looked me square in the eye and waved. I waved back. He straightened up and smiled as I went past and when I looked in the rear view mirror...he wasn't there. My friend who is a bit sensitive said that he wanted someone to acknowledge his passing!


Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

In the first's clear to me that Tina had channelled a departed soul and had gained benefit from the kindness of an entity that had pretty much felt the helplessness of the situation in empathy with the protagonist's obvious loss of faith in the face of non-believers. The ghost had recognised the futility of the incident and had decided to help out another troubled soul in a time of despair.

The second was just a ghost...probably having a bit of fun

Peter Jordan - singer, singer, songwriter, guitarist in about a million London bands


I once was walking home pissed to my bedsit in Borstal around midnight. As I walked near an old peoples home I saw and heard some kids playing under a light. As I got nearer, I realised there weren't any kids and there wasn't a light. Why would kids be out playing at midnight anyway?. I once lived in a house where the basement light kept being switched on. I'd turn the light off, then go down later and it would be switched on again. Nick Hughes took the house after me and experienced the same thing. Then I lived with David Munn and his house had lots of weird ghostly things. A ghost cat, weird stairs and the traditional man in black (who appeared more when Dave was away).

Peter and his lovely wife, Tomoko

Peter and Tomoko
Peter and Tomoko | Source

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

I've always felt that musicians...and cats...are extremely susceptible to a bit of spiritual confrontation. It's the open mind policy in the case of the musicians. It's the same reason why musicians dabble in narcotics...not suggesting that Peter has had a dalliance in that sphere. And cats do love CatNip...don't they? Peter's account here is a veritable pot-pourri of spiritual mysticism. I'm not surprised that he has been initiated into the realms of spiritual and psychic phenomena through continued and constant acceptance of other-worldly happenings. I've heard his music...and I've seen him fall into trance-like eventuality...on many occasion. The Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres will delve into some of his other claims....specifically the 'cat-ghost' situation...very soon

Emily Randall - Alzheimer’s Society Supporter


In my first house in Northampton I used to see small white lights from the corner of my eye, if I turned my head they flew off really fast...I used to shrug my shoulders and ignore until my cat stated going nutty on the back of the arm chair...head bouncing about looking at some invisible moving thing!! I stopped seeing them after a while but the cat didn't seem to!

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

A sceptic would say this is a neurological condition...perhaps even the hint of a detached retina...but in terms of paranormal activity it might well be a spirit trying to break back through the tunnel of light...trying to show that other-worldy spirits are a valid source of communication....from the other side. This is borne out by the fact that the cat also sees the lights....making it NOT a personal condition of the the light-viewer in question.

It seems to me to be a step along the spiritual pathway and to use the old adage 'I have seen the light' is rather non-coincidental to me. It's like being reminded that you have an open mind

David Mannering - Arsenal Fan


I was "seeing" a girl at work, she was supposed to be going on holiday, but I dreamed that she wasn't going and I saw her dressed in black, her Dad died 2 days later !!

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

A premonition...for sure. A premonition of death. I don't know if David actually told the girl what he had dreamed about...but it should be seen as a part of the psychic journey and he should use the grace and wisdom of his experience to nurture more connections in the future

Julie Pout - Teacher


The landing in my house freaks me out every now and again. Feel like I'm being watched and going to get pushed down the stairs. I haven't though, just a feeling. Two separate people have asked what is wrong with the landing when they have visited...that is without me mentioning a thing. They felt something as well, both women.

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

If we are to believe that the majority of ghosts and spirits are malevolent (and Hollywood would certainly encourage us to perceive them as such) then it's fair to believe that they will be lurking at such places where they can do us the most harm....with the classic push-you-down-the-stairs syndrome perhaps being the best-case-scenario

Taking a well-measured step away from the slasher movies and eerie hauntings flicks...most ghostly phenomena are actually pretty harmless and just want to communicate on a friendly basis.

Perhaps Julie's ghost is just trying to be helpful...maybe advising on the next colour-shade for the hallway and landing...or directing her to the new wool carpet for the stairs.

Sara Wilkinson - Olympian (Skis)


Well... .was about 18 moved into my first home,the house felt comfortable at first but after a while the middle bedroom (my room) started to feel strange. At that point I started having repetitive dreams of something bad trying to get me. I'd often be woken by my fella because in my dream I was screaming but where I was asleep it was coming out as a moan. Anyway one night we went to bed and I just felt very uneasy as I was sleeping. I woke with what felt like someone holding me down. My eyes were open but I physically couldn't move and I felt someone on top of me.

I couldn't even scream. It lasted a few minutes but has stayed in my mind for much longer. I did move rooms but the feeling never went. I always felt I was being watched and more things like this have happened over the years...not just that house

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

Another example of the incubus and succubus phenomena. It's not nice for someone to have to go through this type of paranormal experience. As I have said earlier....ghosts aren't usually so violent...but this one has obviously left the world with certain issues and can't be happy without passing the bad vibes on. I recommend exorcism if this happens again

Laura Larkin - singer & tap dancer

Laura...on RHS facing
Laura...on RHS facing | Source

I had to move out of my house because there was a ghost in it. Now trying to sell the house. Hearing the footsteps freaked me out

Conclusion of the Paranormal Institute of Spooks & Spectres

Good luck with that one then...but you could always advertise the house as 'Haunted Abode With Resident Ghost' for which some people pay good money. As a general guide...a ghost usually adds 14% to the financial value of the home. Stick it on CraigsList...under the Haunted House section

A Musical Interlude



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    • ufk profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Fraser 

      4 years ago from Maidstone England

      Ha ha, he certainly gives the impression that he is rigid in his beliefs. Cheers


    • Liam Noone profile image

      Liam Noone 

      4 years ago from South East England

      I am not sure if this Dan fella really believes in the ghosts or not? Methinks the man doth protest too much. I have had some experiences and I will come back and submit my own experience when it is a more reasonable time of day

    • ufk profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Fraser 

      4 years ago from Maidstone England

      That's very true, James, and it's the reason I invite opinions from sceptics and believers alike. I like his honesty. Cheers for making a comment. Feel free to share a link to your facebook group here


    • profile image

      James shoebridge 

      4 years ago

      HA! I love Dan, never met him, but I love him.. I kind of know him via Facebook and various FB groups the man is quite honest and open in his views and critiques, he has shared his thoughts on my FB group about ghosts. And I am a total believer in Ghosts, but I welcome his opinions and thoughts because he is a very eloquent raconteur (in amongst the 'c' word and various derivations thereof) and enjoy his outspoken manner, I like honesty and in any kind of discussions it is great to have an opposite opinion where banter and good humour lead to some fantastic insights digressions etc which make FB and other Network groups such a fun pastime.

    • ufk profile imageAUTHOR

      Andy Fraser 

      4 years ago from Maidstone England

      Thank you for your valid contribution to this subject, commenter above. Can't see a name anywhere. I put Dan's views in because it's only fair to have opinions on all sides, on such a divisive issue. Being a Libran I can see both sides. I mean, why hasn't the existence of ghosts been soundly proved? So many people claim to have seen a ghost but nobody can prove it conclusively. Maybe people convince themselves far too easily and want to take comfort in the belief that they have communicated with a past love or family member? Perhaps some people are out and out liars intent on creating a bit of drama in their lives. That's not saying I disbelieve but I do see a lot of mass hysteria. There are a lot of things that have happened to me which defy explanation, or so it seems

    • profile image

      Here's to dan 

      4 years ago

      Not everyone has the ability to see ghosts. They are energy, if they don't exist then why the hell has there always, In human history been beliefs of spirits? It's not religious. Christ didn't invent spirits or souls, neither did Buddha nor Mahoma nor an atheist. I believe they are energy and we humans, who have that ability to see paranormal things, have developed one more level of the brain. That's why we can receive that kind of energy. When ghosts use this energy to create movement, that's where normal people, like you, see a glass falling off a shelf without a logical explanation. I've never seen a ghost but I have had premonitions and I also have telepathy. How do you disprove the existence of ghosts? This is even harder than trying to explain why they are real because we have a basis: physics, energy. Furthermore, not everyone who says they had a paranormal experience, really had it and that's why first you have to think physically, check if there is any common explanation for it. If it's not, then what was it? Energy. What kind of energy? Could have been your own energy (please see telekinesis) or could have been somebody else's like a ghost's. Hope one day you'll see a soul in pain who doesn't want you in their home or who needs your help to rest in peace.


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)