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The Secret Is "The Law of Attraction"

Updated on May 12, 2017

What is Life all About Anyway, and What are We Doing Here?

About four years ago I was stuggling with some personal relationships in my life. My teenager and I seemed to be arguing constantly and I was basically tired of it and knew something had to change.

I have always been, for lack of a better word, a "self-help" kind of person. I look for answers to my problems in books and on the internet before I'll call someone for advice.

I feel like most people have enough problems, they don't need mine to heap on top of their own, lol!

And that's not to say that I never unload on my husband or a close friend about something that's bothering me, of course I do. But...

But, I do look to books for answers a lot of the time because my thinking is that if someone had the same problem as I do AND they wrote a whole book about it that the solutions must be in the book, or at least the way they solved the same problem.

So one day as I headed to the library, I said a silent prayer to God to ask "him" to help me find the answers I was looking for.

I did find the book that turned my life around and started me on a spiritual journey. As I was browsing down the aisles, I saw a book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

"The Secret" is a book about The Law of Attraction and how our thoughts bring about our experiences.

We attract everything in our lives whether we do it deliberately or not, whether we think we do or not.

Whether we like what we are experiencing or not, the Law of Attraction is how we experience everything, it is quite simply the law of life.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." - Unknown

We are All One

In my view, the Law of Attraction is life itself, or God. To me, God is love, and love is God. God is life, and life is God.

You are not separate from God, or life, there is no way that could happen. God is in you and me, and you and I are in God (the universe).

You and I are eternal beings just like everyone else that is in existence or has ever existed. God is all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be.

Even if you've never heard about the Law of Attraction, if you really really think about it and are honest with yourself you can realize that without love, there would be no existence, no experiences, no world.

It really doesn't matter what you believe God looks like, an old man with a white beard or a big Asian guy sitting Indian style, there is only one and "he" (Love) created everything - EVERYTHING - good and bad.

Imagine what could happen if you read this everyday and lived by it?

Think about the universe - it is filled with space, time, people, animals, trees, stars, clouds, the sun, planets, your friends, your family, flowers, etc., you get the picture.

Now, think of the space between us, the air, as being the connecting force that holds us together. I am connected to the air that connects you, no matter where you are.

One molecule touches another, so we have to be connected somehow and in some way, there is no separation if you look at it that way.

Now, think about the universe again. Think about it having an end, or a wall, where it's over. I bet you can't.

That's because there is no wall! That's how somewhere deep down you have a knowing within you that tells you this is true. There is no wall, and we are part of the one creation, so we have no end.

We are all one, part of the same creative force that created the universe (God), experiencing life through our own individual personalities, thoughts and experiences.

We bring everything into our existence through the Law of Attraction. And, it is through the act of gratitude and appreciation that we can deliberately create abundance, health, and harmony in our lives.



Everything that has been created was created through God, or the Universe. God is the power behind the human imagination that created everything that ever was, is, or will be.

Without thought, there is no creation. If you think about it this way, you will realize that even the inanimate objects you see around you were created through God because without thought they could never have been created.

So, for instance, think about a table, or a picture frame, or pencil - without the thought of those things by someone (God) they would not have been created for anyone to see or use, so that is how they are part of the universal being (God) as well.

Learning and reading about "The Law of Attraction" has changed the way I experience life. I have a deeper appreciation about everything now.

Everywhere I look I see something to appreciate, even in my struggles in life, if that makes sense. We all have struggles and it is how we deal with them and react to them that can help us to grow.

The reason I went to the library that day was because I was feeling a little depressed because my oldest child had just left for college and it changed our whole family dynamic.

I found "The Secret" and read and learned so much about the Law of Attraction and showing gratitude in my every day life for everything good and bad that I experience is what life is all about. It was truly a spiritual awakening that I added to the faith that I already had.

I think this is quite possibly the best explanation of the Law of Attraction I have ever watched


You Can Still Hold Your Beliefs and The Law of Attraction Will Make Even More Sense

I was brought up in a Christian household and I still have my personal beliefs, which, in my opinion, are really not important to anyone else but me. Most faiths and religions have a system of good and bad, or angels and demons.

Even though I am still a Christian to this day, I am not someone who goes to church all the time, although when I do choose to go I enjoy it. The part of religion that I don't like is how it separates people and makes them feel that if someone doesn't believe the same things they do that God will be mad at those people and eternally punish those that don't conform to others beliefs. Maybe it was 911 that sent me on this journey, but however I got to where I am today, I will be eternally grateful.

I do not believe I am better than anyone else, and I also don't believe that anyone else is better than me. There is something inside of me that just can not believe that God is mean or angry or damning of his creations.

However, there is no way to deny that evil does exist as part of the whole of creation. My belief is that when hatred or evil is experienced that whoever is feeling those things is not separate from God, just further away from the love that created them. They are not as near to God as they should be. To me, this is the only thing that makes sense from a loving God's perspective.

Quite possibly the best explanation of the Law of Attraction I have ever heard



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    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      10 months ago from Washington DC

      Nancy, Thank you for writing "The Secret of 'the law of Attraction'", it's very true. Our judging opposite based on sense perceptions rather than the knowledge that "it is what it is" has caused our sorrows.

      That began with the metaphor that one man was "woven" from another in Genesis 2:20-24. It was only a dream suggesting one whole being was woven from another whole being when actually it's saying "if you man live in groups you will each loose either your Yin or Yang and develop the law of attraction. Thus, verse 24 suggest we have to forsake all of our social instructions and practice accepting both halves of all things.

      What Jesus' "you must be born again" is saying is each gender must practice doing the things we were taught the other gender isn't supposed to along with what they are taught to do and we each will no longer be "woven from man" - incomplete minds unable to comprehend all things - and become man who are "complete minds able to understand and exceed the ability of - Dominion's definition - everything.

      Again, thanks for sharing it.


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