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Having a Conversation With God

Updated on June 1, 2009

Have you tried him?

Can you imagine an old friend that you have not seen in years comes to visit. This is a person that you attended elementary, middle and high school side by side; during college you went your separate ways and crossed paths and decided to get together to catch up on each other’s lives.

When your friend arrives you are so excited, you want them to meet your spouse and children, and you are extremely eager to get to hear what has been happening in their life. You show your friend your home, introduce them to your family and then you finally have that quiet moment to sit down and chat. But, you find out not too long into the conversation that your friend has been going through some rough times and really needs your advice on making some serious decisions with their life; because they can see that your life is the opposite of their own.

Now, after your friend asks you about three very important questions, you get up and walk away. No response just get up walk out of the room and don’t return for about an hour. They are still sitting there, they have not followed you outside to your garden, because that is where you went, you just up and decided that you are going to go now and do some gardening.

This may sound very farfetched but I just want you to use your imagination for a minute. What do you think is going on in that persons mind, how do you think they feel internally on top of everything they just sat and explained to you (poured out their heart) their pain?

Now switch your thought patterns for just a moment, you wake up and it is first thing in the morning, you brush your teeth, take a shower, iron your clothes put them on and you are just about done with preparing for work. You decide, well I better get some prayer in before I leave and you realize that you have some pressing decisions to make that are very crucial to your future. These are life changing decisions. So you get on your knees and you pray to the Lord, you provide him with your questions and you really let him know that you need his direction and guidance and his blessings on everything that you have discussed with him during your prayer time.

You say Amen and you get up, check yourself in the mirror, grab your bag etc. and head out the door. Before you know it, you are at work, it’s a busy day, you go do some shopping after work, come home, now it is time for the kids and your spouse (if you have either). Time to prepare for bed to continue your same routine. Now, how do you think God might feel. Here is just a thought, uhhm, they came to me ask me several questions, asked for my advice, guidance and direction of what would be destiny making decisions. Decisions that would affect the rest of their life. Well, I guess they are in a hurry, before I could answer they said “so be it” which is “what?” Because I never had the opportunity to fellowship with them, to speak to them, to bless them for the very things I have been waiting to show them and guide them on. He is still sitting there waiting for you to spend some quality time with you; so, he can at least answer one question you presented during your prayer request earlier in the day.

The next day arrives and it is a repeat of the day before and so on and so on. You attend Church on Sunday, and maybe the Pastor will be used by God to at least get your attention. Because God will do that, speak through your Pastor, friend, etc., since you have not given him the required time to fellowship with you.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and because of that fact, how else will we know how to conduct our lives morally and spiritually if we do not allow our creator to be a part of our lives? God is not your own personal sounding board. . . People come to me all the time and they pretty much have the same question, which can be easily answered with some prayer and fellowship time. “I wish I knew what my purpose in life is?” “ I mean I really would just like to know why God created me in the first place?”

God desires an intimate personal relationship with you. Fellowship with him is just not a Sunday kind of Love. But, your thinking, “okay, God I am in Church on Sunday, I have praised and worshipped you and listened as well as studied your Word. “ “The rest of the week I am on my own. “ Get back with you next Sunday, or the next time I decide to make time to go to Church.” Or, “I will catch up with you the next time I need something, like a bill paid or I want that new car I just saw on TV”, etc. An associate of mine put it well, “God is not my ATM Machine.”

Intimacy with God requires prayer and meditation time, it requires, “Lord I speak, or ask ,or come before you, and guess what? “ I am not going to move until I hear from you. “ Now, you are having fellowship with God. He could speak directly to your heart, maybe give you a scripture to read and it is a direct answer to your question. He created us for fellowship with him. But we have become a constant worldly input center. What do I mean by that, ipods, cell phones, TV, emails, web surfing, video game playing, looking for love on the wrong web site type of people. Between work, children, school and all of our toys, just when do you really make time for God ? And then you sit and wonder, God are you going to answer my prayer? “Well my child I have been trying to get just a brief moment with you for over two weeks ago when you first asked me. “ And you have heard over a million times in songs and sermons and even in books “He might not come when you want him, but he comes when you need him, he is an on-time God.” How will you ever know if he is a God of you ask and you shall receive? When you can receive an immediate response, saving yourself the time of anxiety and stress that you put yourself through. Begin today differently, wake up a little extra, plan to stay up a bit late, so whenever you do pray, you make the time to listen to hear him!

Then a lot of people say, “Well that sounds good but I don’t know how to pray.” Well why not try using that imagination of yours again. Here is a suggestion: sit down in a room by yourself, get two chairs, one for you and one for. . . you get the picture. Sit down and have a conversation with him. If you were sitting and talking with a friend unlike our person in the example above, you will talk and then they will talk. You ask them a question and they in turn answer your question. I know it might sound a little farfetched once again, but it will be good to try for starters. Pretty soon you will be riding in the car by yourself having conversations with God, when you are exercising, walking, riding a bike, sitting on the beach! You know the Word says we are suppose to pray without ceasing. How can one learn that sort of communication with the Lord if one does not practice?

I have been in love with the Lord since 1978, I am referring to my own personal intimate relationship with him. Not based on my parents sending me to church on Sundays and sharing with me as a child the things of the Lord. I really didn’t understand during that time, but the seeds were being planted. But, after growing up and having the opportunity to really experience life and have my prayer time with him and watching the results of my life in how he moved in my life I drew nearer. Yes, it takes that personal one on one intimacy with God. Not your parents relationship (them praying for you) or friends and loved ones relationship. But your own personal intimate spiritual relationship with the Lord. Experiencing his unconditional love for you in spite of yourself, he knows you better than anyone on the face of this planet and he still loves you. Things you have done that you would never, ever share with another human being, and he still loves you. Once you begin to experience his true love, then you learn how to love everyone around you unconditionally.

I sleep very well at night and walk through this life in perfect peace, and the unspeakable joy that I experience is PRICELESS, there could never be a price put on it. Now I am not saying that I have not been through pain, heartache and suffering. But the Lord’s type of love is not for sale, no human being on the face of this planet could express, give the type of unconditional love that the Lord provides. And because I relish and live it every day, it emanates from me to those that are a part of my life or cross my path. I was told just recently, “You are one of the most happy, go-luckiest person I ever met.” Why am I going to waste time that is so precious, to deal with negativity? Negative people, negative situations! When it comes my way, I will pray with you, I will minister to you, but I will not wallow with you in it. Why allow yourself to be stuck in a rut of depression, suppression and oppression, there is nothing healthy or enlightening about living in that manner. Change positions, move out of that space, the situation, that way of acceptance and thinking. Your depressed and then you are prescribed depressants! Makes a lot of sense, (but that is an entirely different discussion). Fight for your life, for your peace and happiness that you are entitled to enjoy. Yes life is life, and it has its ups as well as so called downs, tough times, good times, joy and pain. Those times I call “experience gainers” drawing me closer and closer to the Lord; the closer I am the more untouchable I become to even experience negativity. And the Wisdom that I gain from every experience, enhances my peace; believe or not and a free flow of his unconditional love to others.

Well, in my closing for today, make time, and take the time to love self, those that are closest in your life and especially strangers and ENEMIES. I have individuals that could have been an enemy to me that ended up being the person that the Lord had me to spend the most time with ministering to them and healing self at the same time. Make time especially daily and continually as you grow to have a conversation with God!


Peace and blessings!






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