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Choosing to love

Updated on February 7, 2011

if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with

...sometimes we think we are unfortunate when we cant have the person we love around us or beside us. that maybe true, but not always....being away from the one we love leaves a "wanting" feeling inside, right? and when this happens, one has to just look beyond what is seemingly not possible at the moment, and instead of sulking...why not....

learn how to appreciate the people that we know love us or those that really care for us ...we, at times, tend to dismiss those people that hold us in great value. we get our eyes fixed on people that matter most to us . its not saying though, that we shouldnt. sometimes God allows these circumstances to happen for a valid reason, for a lesson. From my point of view, It is somehow to learn how to value the other people outside of those that we love. it is to learn how to de-focus on ourselves, and (maybe for a change ) think about those that are thirsty for our love.

From this gesture is born a different kind of love. One that is unselfish, uncompromising and yet, fulfilling. A love that is self-giving yet rewarding. At times tiring and draining, yet soothing and satisfying.


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