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He Is

Updated on August 21, 2016

A Reflection in Hebrews 1:3-4

Who can uphold the universe by just a word?

Who can uphold my world and renew it in just a second?

When I don't feel like rising up for a purpose,

still small voice tells me to get up and work.

How I,will not be amaze!

When I had lost my balance,I still have confidence.

That Somebody will catch and save me from pestilence.

Surely,He will deliver me from turmoil and destructive plague.

Is it our own might,the reason why we still stand?

Passion,excellence,strength,momentum were the brand?

Now, tell me why? Why many people reached the top.

Yet it's not the guarantee of a true life.

To whom shall this life worth investing?

Is there somebody can explain why this life so uncertain?

Thus life means enjoy and be merry,

or it is a maze with mystery,treasure to search,mine to dig or a huge discovery?

I think I am blessed to find.

wisdom more precious than a stone of a rare kind.

There are treasures can't be seen by the naked eye,touched by the hand

or heard by mankind. It is felt by the heart...

Found in the Son of God!


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    • profile image

      rhoda 16 months ago

      Good job my friend...