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How He Makes Perfection Out Of Imperfection

Updated on August 15, 2015

Have you ever wondered if God even cares? I have.

Are we just like ants and He walks and steps on us, not knowing or caring about us at all?

After all, can't He just stop all the war, the diseases, and the death? Why would a loving God allow all this?

At this point many of the Christians I know are probably getting ready to scold me and the Atheists I know are cheering me on.

Well here is the kicker, God allows all of it because He does love us and He does care.

That just threw a loop into things didn't it?

Guess what? God even created Hell because He loves us.

God's Word alone shows us all these facts.

Why would God send His only Son to die on a cross so that we could be free of the many sins that would send us to Hell if He didn't love us and care?

Why would He make fruits and animals for us to feed on if He didn't love us and care?

I can show you Bible verse after Bible verse that shows you all of this, but you have probably heard them all anyway. Oh well, look at them again. Links are on the right>

How Perfect He Is

Quite some time back, I was blessed to watch and listen to an archaeologist named Ron Wyatt. Ron is the same man who found Noah's Ark and he and his team made many other Biblical discoveries too. Ron went to be with Jesus in 1999 but his discoveries live on.Some of his findings were amazing. I will share sites made by Ron's child below.

Ron and his team found the location of Sodom and Gomorrah. They dove into the Red Sea and found remnants of chariot wheels and many, many other Biblical proofs. There is one finding though that brought me to my knees and had me crying. This finding shows the perfection of our loving God and makes so much sense that I don't know how anyone could argue it.

There have been many balkers and skeptics to Ron's discoveries, but that is their loss and problem.

Below is the finding that brought goosebumps, tears and a loud cry of thanks to God from Froggy213.


The Blood of Jesus

Ron explained how Jerusalem had been destroyed many, many times. Every time they just built on top of the ruins. If you dig far enough in different areas, you will find very old artifacts.

Ron and his team located the spot where they, through math and history, presumed Jesus was crucified. After digging and digging, they found it; the holders for three crosses next to each other. That in itself was quite a discovery, but not enough for Ron. They kept digging. About 20 feet below the middle cross location they located a cave. What they found is astonishing and evil has tried it's hardest to keep it quiet.

In this cave is the Arc of the Covenant. This is what holds the ten commandments and on the seats of the Arc, Priests dripped the blood of lambs to atone for people's sins. Ron took pictures of the Arc, but all that came were flashes of brilliant light. Here lies the perfection:

When Jesus was speared in His side by the Roman soldier, His blood spilled; it ran through the rock and in God's perfection, this beautiful Lamb; Our Holy Savior; The Son of God's Blood ran onto the mercy seat of the Arc. In perfection our sin's are atoned for by this perfect feat.

I have the goosebumps again. God is so, so wonderful and I praise Him. Thanks be to Jesus for taking the death to rid us of our infirmities. We, by this miracle are allowed into the gates of God's Holy Kingdom. All we have to do is accept this free gift.

God blessed Ron Wyatt and He blessed me with Ron's discovery. I pray you are blessed too.

God can and will make the imperfect-perfect. This I am sure!

As I said links to sites on Ron and a video are below. Have a very blessed day!

© G.L. Boudonck


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