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He Said, "You Mean Sweet Baby Jesus," In A Southern Accent...

Updated on May 11, 2014

He Said, “You Mean Sweet Baby Jesus” in A Southern Accent…

It was my second year of law school down in Ada, Ohio, when I asked the Lord Jesus to give me the gift of being able to plead His Blood in my sleep whenever I was having a bad dream and to interact with those in my dreams. I have written about this before in the blog titled, ‘Cementing my faith in Christ Jesus…’ so I am not going to rehash what compelled me to ask the Lord for that gift that He gave to me. Anyway, it has been a little over a decade and anytime I have a terrible dream… I still plead the Blood of Christ Jesus and whatever dire situation I am in… I am immediately out of it. The other part of the gift that the Lord gave me is more interesting whereby when someone dies, and I see he or she in my dreams, I am able to ask that now he or she is dead - what of Jesus? Among the six who have died who came into my dreams so far, only three I knew personally and the recent person, who died about three years ago, was my Union Rep when I worked as a hospital security guard years ago.

Normally, when the departed show up in my dreams, I usually see them doing normal things before I ask them about the Christ - two things always happen: he or she either goes away mad or some even irate or they acknowledge the question and answer… only two so far has answered me. My union rep who died I have not ask the question because, apparently, I am afraid he is going to walk away; the last time he came into my dream, we were at some formal gathering - along with my old security crew from the hospital – when I told my best friend that the Union rep is dead and was not supposed to be with us. I awoke never asking my friend and union rep the question about Jesus. The other five who came into my dreams, as I said, either walked away mad or answered the question. From the blog I referenced above, it was about four or five years ago, when my Sergeant Cantos from Ponce, Puerto Rico, who had trained me when we were stationed in Germany, was the first of the dearly departed, who smilingly answered the question about Jesus, and moreover, pointed at this nova-like ball of light coming toward us.

Those who read this blog regularly know that I love the movies and science fiction/fantasy genre movies and have written many reviews of said movies; but I also watch science fiction on the Tele too and it is where I saw and became a fan of the show, Star-Gate-SG-1, that starred Richard-Dean-Anderson of MacGyver’s fame… Star-Gate-SG-1 stayed on the science fiction channel for close to a decade and I have watched the spin-offs too. Anyway, I had a dream about one of the characters, Don Davis, who had died and I asked him the question that since he was dead - what of Jesus? Mr. Davis, smiling, answered rhetorically, in what sounded like a Southern accent, “You mean sweet baby Jesus.” I woke up and the next day and I told my wife because, some how, I felt confuse for some reason thinking that Mr. Davis was Canadian. So, I do not know if it were the Holy Spirit, but I was compelled to look up Mr. Davis’ bio and found out that he was born and raised in Missouri, which accounted for the accent I heard in my dream. notwithstanding Davis' living in Canada until his death.

I am not going to say that simply because the dead in my dreams answer the question of Jesus’ existence in silence or words determine where they are spending eternity - but I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that 'Sweet Baby Jesus' is real... and as the song writer says, “Let everything that has breath… reserved the highest praise… for God (Jesus) and God (Jesus) alone!


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