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He chose the day we had failed.

Updated on August 12, 2016

Angler in the Havel bay

Angler in the Havel bay (Templiner See) shortly after sunrise
Angler in the Havel bay (Templiner See) shortly after sunrise | Source

Hillsong - Beneath the waters (I will rise) - with subtitles/lyrics


God does not have shallow. He is always deep. When you are coming into God you are coming into depth. Everyone that is born again has access to the father. Your spirit is not shallow but it might be your knowledge that is shallow. Allow yourself to be intimate with the Holy Spirit. Pay attention to the Holy Spirit.

Stilts fishermen

Stilts fishermen near Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
Stilts fishermen near Unawatuna, Sri Lanka | Source

Our father- Don Moen

Just when you think it is all over this is when God appears

Find grace at the time of need. Jesus came when they had failed. Jesus calls His first disciples When they were washing their nets. About to give up. About to walk away from their business. Grace is about to be manifested. It is in our foolishness that the grace of God is manifested in us. When you think that things cannot get worse than they are at present. The miracles of God don’t happen in a vacuum but have a set up. Until you are in a place that you feel frightened. You feel that nothing good can come out of what you are doing. They were professional fishermen yet they had caught nothing all night. Fishing is easier during the night. During the day most of the fish reside deep into the ocean out of reach to the fishers’ nets. Yet Jesus came to them at daytime when no one would expect any sort of catch.

This image shows a fisherman

This image shows a fisherman.
This image shows a fisherman. | Source

Breathe- Micheal W. Smith

We need to be present as the miracles are performed

Push the boat deeper. Jesus was with Peter. He did not go into the boat alone. He wants us to witness the miracle. He wants you to see what he does to the storm. He wants you to see what he does to your enemy. You must be there. He is not going to do it in your absence. Don’t wait for God to find a wife for you. You have to take the initiative of doing that it is you have to do all the while remembering that God is right there with you. Only Adam had the privilege of securing a wife while asleep. The rest have to work their way out. Cast out your nets. Better things come with Christ. Cast down your nets for a catch in the presence of Jesus. God is not going to bring customers into your business. You have to go out there and find means of making your business profitable. But be assured he is watching you and will not let you fail.

Men fishing

Men fishing in Sri Lanka.
Men fishing in Sri Lanka. | Source

God only needs bless one who in turn blesses the rest

God does not only want you to have him. He does not only want to be with you in your boat. He wants you to also get his benefits. He wants you to cast your nets for a bounty harvest. At times he performs miracles which are far beyond your expectations. He blessed one boat with a large catch which also filled the other boat which had not carried him. When you rise you will be able to raise others around you. God only needs to bless one person who blesses the rest. The catch was too large. Breaking the nets. Nearly sinking the boats. This was not good for business. Supply was now greater that demand. Prices of fish must have gone down temporarily.

Catching fish or men. Which is deeper(more difficult)?

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Sea of Galilee

lake gennesaret:
Sea of Galilee

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    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 

      4 years ago from east coast,USA

      Yes. We all have work to do and choices to make. Jesus will not do it for us. But He is always, always there.


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