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He has given you a way out

Updated on November 29, 2011

He has given you the way out so that you will have a place where you can live with Jesus for ever.

He has rescued you from darkness, He has given eternal life, He has given you freedom from the way the world lives.

Give thanks to our Father for all what He has done for you, give thanks for the mercy that He has shown to you and for you, give thanks for the forgiveness that He has given you.

Then you will be able to endure everything that tries to come at you, you will learn to be patient, you will learn to hold your tongue, you will learn to be thoughtful towards others.

I can say thast thro my life yes I have been so blessed everything just seems to fall into place for me, oh yes, I have made mistakes along the way, God gives to us a choice in which way we want to follow, His way or the worlds way.

Yes sometimes I chose the worlds way, and did I fall down very heavy at times, but! Jesus was always there for me to pick me up, and when I realized that the worldly way was not for me I turned back to my Jesus, and now only He is in my life.

Yes I still get tempted, but I know what is right from wrong, I know that for me to have a blessed life I need to keep following the Word and to listen and to spread the Good News around everywhere I go, and all what I now write.

Jesus has given to me so much its hard to contain in me, as all I want to do is to write and speak about my life in poems and writing.

Christ is head of everything, and everything holds together in Christ, Christ was first to be raised from death, Christ is the first in everything, so we need to put Christ first in our lives, and when we do that everything will follow and be given to us.

We used to be strangers to God, but thro Christ He made the way for us to come to the Father, Jesus did say that no one can go to the Father except thro me, (Jesus) so its clear that for us to get to heaven we must surrender our lives to Jesus if we want to have eternal life, I know that there is a place for me to be with Jesus.

Jesus went to the cross and He took all our sins upon Himself, He died was buried and rose back to life and thro that the way was made for us to receive the gracious healing of our sinful worldly ways, and to receive eternal life to be with God the Father, and to be with Jesus Christ God's only Son who came down from heaven to show us the way back to the Father.

May gracious love and peace come to you from God our Father, you need to live your life as if you were worthy of our Lord Jesus, please Him in every way, produce the fruit of good deeds, grow in your knowledge of God, be strong have all the strength of His glorious power.

re-written by permission from Nyora


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