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He says, She says....But God Says

Updated on August 23, 2011

Husbands Have Feelings Too

We as women are so use to being hurt by the men that we allow to come into our lives. It makes us blind to knowing when we have a good man. We begin to expect the man to have the same behaviors of the men who hurt us. Due to that fact, it cause us to treat him like he is doing something wrong. Therefore, we don't believe that they deserve any respect. We start to emotionally abuse this man just like we were emotionally abused by someone else.

We fail to realize that men have feelings just like we do. They just don't react to things like we do. They can seriously get hurt. I just want to share a short story about a wife who is being selfish when her husband just wanted to share some of his ideas with her.

This story is not meant to offend anyone. I just wanted to lift up all of the good men in our lives and to bring light on their emotional needs. By all means, no one neither man nor woman, deserves any kind of abuse. Respect should always be mutual. Always remember it takes three to make a marriage. God, the husband and the wife. Today, I want you to tell your husband five things that you admire about him.

Ephesians 5:33
However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (NIV)

He Says, She Says....But God Says

The door slams. The husband cries out, "you never listen to me! All you do is criticize me! How come you just can't humor me and listen to my ideas without negativity? I listen to yours with no problem at all. Even if I don't understand, I listen!"

The wife walks away crying. She felt that her husband has wronged her because of the tone of his voice. She goes to the bedroom to isolate herself. She cried out to God, "Why? Why does he act this way? I don't feel that I have done anything wrong! I have done everything possible to try and work with him. What more does he want from me?"

Then she remembered the sermon her Pastor had preached on sunday telling women how to love their husband. The Pastor specifically said that wome anre to respect their husbans. The man is the head of the home. The protector of his family. The wife is there to support her husband and to let him protect her. The wife said to herself, "whatever!" That man does not deserve any respect from me!" Then she went on about her day.

That night she had a dream. It was as if snapshots of her life were passing before her. She saw herself as a child watching her mom and dad. she noticed how her mother never respected her father. How she did not let him take the lead on anything. Her mother would never let her father speak or have an opinion on anything. The snapshots of her life fastforwarded to when she first met her husband and saw the man he use to be. Every fight and conversation was replayed. She began to realize that her actions brought her husband down. She could not believe how selfish she had been.

She woke up from her dream and began to cry. She got out of the bed and ran tho the bathroom. She dropped to her knees and thanked God for the revalation that he had given her. She went back to bed and woke up to a new day. A day the Lord has made. She was a changed woman.


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    • madmachio profile image

      Nathan K 6 years ago from Kansas

      Good job on this! Agreed

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      God will and have always had the last word.