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Healing Is Your Right By His Stripes.

Updated on December 17, 2016

Christ The Healer

The stripes Are Healing Stripes.
The stripes Are Healing Stripes.
He was wounded,He was bruised.
He was wounded,He was bruised.

I Am Healed.

Time for meals was one of the times all passengers in the cruise expected to come soon it was not only time for meal, but also for light entertainment .But there was this man [ a passenger in the ship] who chose to stay back, while others went ahead to wine and dine at the canteen. It was at least a week long journey ,Mr Bengos refused to go out for meals . He needed to do that to aviod any form of embarassment since according to him, he did not pay for the meals.

But one day, one of the passengers decided to confront him on why he stayed behind, and he opened up " I do not want any form of embarassment,because feeding is not included in my ticket" Mr Bengos said. "Let me see the ticket" his friend requested. Dipping his hand into his pocked, he brought out a ticked for a journey that was fully paid for including feeding and light entertainment. But alas, when his friend went through the ticked, he found a tiny line where it was written feeding and entertainment included,Surprised at his ignorance, his friend shouted "man you have been been starving due to ignorance, you have a complete ticket, you have every right to wine and dine with us, come let's go"

At the canteen, mr Bengos ate and drank and even carried some to his corner. He lamented his ignorance which made him to starve [while managing the little with him] for three days,while others with the same ticket wined and dined during the one week journey.

This is the story of most Christians , believers they are called,but they don't know what Christ's death on the cross means to them, they don't know the significance of the many stripes that greeted his body. The book of Isaiah 53 verse 5 is yet to appeal to them. They accept and claim what ever sickness and infirmities the enemy throws on them . Some claim the sickness as "my sickness". Some claim Isaiah 53;5 does not reffer to them.

Pray That You May Recieve The Benefits Of The Stripes.

Isaiah prophesied  thus--Isaiah 53;5.
Isaiah prophesied thus--Isaiah 53;5.

Big Error

This widely recognised ignorance in Christiandom is a big error. When Christ came and died on the Cross of Calvary, He did not die and rose from death for entertainment sake, He came, he died with multiples of stripes and rose on the 3rd day. The prophet who were there before His arival prophesied that by those 39 stripes on his body I am healed and you are healed,we are healed and they are healed.

When Jesus was going through the Calvary experience, He was thinking of you,when the soldiers tied Him for crucifixtions He was thinking of you,as they wiped Him repeatedly He was thinking of you,do not be naive, healing is your right by virtue of that death, the death on the Cross was the transaction that delivered you out of the handof the task master.The chastisement of your peace., our peace was upon Him, and by those stripes from the enemy, we are healed.

Iam sure , healing from above ènot from the satanic altars] ismy right as a believer, as a follower of Christ in faith,therefore, whatever the enemy of my progress and health is saying , are not my portion. If the enemy of your health and progress tells you that you cannot be healed, that devine healing is not realistic in your case , that you will die in that ailment, tell him, that Jesus has paid for your healing, tell him, by his [Jesus] stripes, you are perfectly healed, tell him that disease has no right to dwell in your temple, because it is God's annointed temple, tell the devil he is a liar from the beginning.


  1. I uproot by fire and by thunder,every knwon and unknown ancestral root of sickness in my body, loose your potency and burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus , for by His stripes I am healed.
  2. Every curse,which has programmed sickness of any name in my body, by the blood of Jesus, I cast you out and turn you to blessings in the mighty name of Jesus, for by His stripes I am healed.
  3. Every enemy behind the scene, working hard in ythe dark places to make me sick, I command your spells to relocate you , because by his stripes ,m I am healed.
  4. Any power of bondage through sickness in any of the regions in the water, deep sea,four junctions,market places, forests,burial grounds and all other places where satanic manipulations against mankind are carried out, let that power recieve the opposite , let their sickness be uprooted from the root, let it backfire, back fire and back fire,in the mighty name of Jesus , for by His stripes I am healed.
  5. Any where they have padlocked my health, the health of my family members, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I command the padlock to turn around and padlock the owner, in the mighty name of Jesus for by His stripoes I am healed.
  6. Oh God that answereth by fire, answer by angry fire, any altar, coven and demonic utterances targeting my welbeing, let them catch the fire from above and exist no more in the mighty name of Jesus for by His stripes I am healed.
  7. I command any demonic veil used to cover me to catch fire and burn both the demon and the human agent behind the scene in the mighty name of Jesus, for by His stripes I am healed.

I thank you great and mighty God for the stripes that have healed all manner of sickeness and diseases in my life, I glorify the name of the almighty God, for the great things He has done for me and the family through the stripes.I am sure and I believe that by His stripes, I am healed to prosper, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you Jesus, Alleluya Amen.

The Stripes That Healed Me.

He was wounded for my transgressions.
He was wounded for my transgressions.


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