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Healing: What do you require as a soul, a spirit, a persona and an ego? Part 1.

Updated on January 6, 2014

The Process and Embrace of Unconditional Love

Peruvian shamans
Peruvian shamans
Divine ecstasy
Divine ecstasy

The Divine Matrix/The Body of Christ

I have enjoyed a great healing journey for over a decade. I have tried and embraced many healing modalities. The discovery I have made in this process is that healing is personal, individualized and yet ever so collective in nature. I have been a practitioner of One Love for over seven years. My religion by birth was Christianity. My religion by choice was Christianity. As a Lutheran and adolescent I confirmed my faith in Jesus Christ after two years of religious education. But one day the religion of Christianity failed to serve me. , When that occurred, my spiritual needs reached deeply into the earth and then far and wide into the heavens. I renewed myself like a phoenix flying straight out of the ashes of my life. I had no chrysalis to protect me. I had only my heart to guide me. It was a very rocky and treacherous path.

I developed a syncretic modality to foster my new spiritual outlook. I felt and experienced so very much. I became a student of magick---mainly formal like that of King Solomon mixed with art happenings and a bit of the earth magick as well. My informal guru/lover taught me simplicity. Magick is transformationally focused creativity. As a graduate of art education, magick became one of my inner most longings and manifestations.

Magick shifted every paradigm I ever had. I gained knowledge of the microcosm and macrocosm within God's pure unconditional love. I transcended the ego for moments at a time until I learned I could engage myself in a timeless, spaceless existence. There I wandered aimlessly for a period. Then I found a path that I designed without the help of my mind.

I call this place the Divine Matrix or the Body of Christ. It is the healing pool the angels of antiquity stirred. It is the miracle people search for every day. This energetic cosmosphere surrounds us, penetrates us and intimately loves us simultaneously.

Holistic Living

Carolyn Myss is a medical intuitive, author, and renown speaker. I first read some of her work about eleven or twelve years ago. It was life changing. I was diagnosed with a severe and chronic disorder in 1992. I felt pessimistic in general during that phase of my life. Nothing felt within my control. Everything felt like it was happening to me---that I had no say about my life. Disease can make someone feel that way. Life circumstances can make someone feel that way. But what Carolyn Myss' work did for me was re-empower me. Why? Because her position was that we create our life. She talked about soul contracts. She explained that people co-create with the Divine. She said every decision about our life is our decision. It may take place at the soul level rather than the persona level; nevertheless, it takes place by us. When I realized my soul made a choice, I felt so exhilirated! If I made the choice then, I felt I must still have a choice available to me. Liberation from one of my worst plights!!!

I shifted from a major pessimist to an optimist almost immediately. The optimism shifted my thought processes overall. I began to use affirmations to further boost the progress of my life. Within a year or so I had avenues open up that assisted me in getting healthier. All of this transpired because of the shifts that I once felt were inconsequential.

But, like clock work, I would eventually hit obstacles involving my new thought processes and that would engage my analytical mind. I have learned, grown and developed as a result of that analytical mind. I have discovered some of the why's and how's of life and healings. I write to share what I have learned. My aim is to help anyone and everyone that desires a "leg up" in life.

The most important aspect of holistic living, healing and health is self-responsibility mixed with self-worth---and, balance, always balance.

The information I share is incomplete, perceptual and interdependent in terms of our Source. The information is, also, quite tried and true. I learn new things every minute of my life. My soul expansion is always in motion.

I aspire to create an Intentional Community that has its foundation in healing and learning to love. Healing, I have discovered, is multidimensional in nature. Anyone who thinks otherwise is viewing the healing process through a linear and/or third dimesional lens cap. He or she may even be lacking direct experience with an aspect of healing. For example, the person might not have encountered synchronicities regularly so they fail to see the level of connectivity that exists within life.

Models of the Holistic Paradigm

Model 1 Holistic Living
Model 1 Holistic Living
Model 2 Holistic Living
Model 2 Holistic Living
Detailed Model Holistic Living
Detailed Model Holistic Living

Self-worth and Self-responsibility

We cannot control life (or can we?). We can only control our reaction/response to life. These two sentences are commonplace in American venacular. But holistic living would dictate otherwise. What I have discovered but not mastered is that we, ultimately, create every aspect of our life---everything and everyone. It is a powerful realization and frequently a daunting one. The macrocosm and the microcosm mirror one another. As a above so below, goes the saying. There are a plethora of spiritual laws guiding and directing the flow (or are there?).

But all this is too big for me at this stage in my life. I like to contemplate that bigness but it is tough to "swim" on a regular basis. So I take the path less traveled. I do not live in the "ocean" so-to-speak. I "swim laps in the pool" instead (and not the wading pool). In other words, I live one breath at a time and I attempt to "not bite off more than I can chew."

This means I take life as it comes and I concentrate on my life force---my breath. I still struggle with flow but I am getting better at it. My physical bodymind has a disability and several secondary and tertiary health issues. This physical "reality" is a great tool for helping me discern my destiny (which some see as fate).

Self-worth is imperative for holistic well-being. From my perspective, we are all inherently Divine Love. We were born from the Source of all things which is perfect, unconditional love. Therefore, we should all know that love through and through, right? We should, but we don't. We have intimately forgotten our Source. Sometimes we remember but often we do not. We are preoccupied with the grand and seemingly solid, three dimensional illusion we are immersed in. We could call it super self-centeredness or we could call it the individuation process (or perhaps something else).

Sometime during that "separation" from Source we began to deteriorate and live is varying degrees of schism. Different religious beliefs on the planet say different things about why this had to occur. As a holistic practitioner, I choose to believe my very loving Source chose a separation process that would be eventful, interesting and for the best---even playful and full of humor.

Free will was birthed in this process. Free will dictates free choice. From my perspective, choice is the greatest gift we have next to our birth origin of 100% love.

But responsibility comes with that gift. A responsibility to our whole self---the self of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Self-responsibility and self-worth are linked "arm in arm."

I know a lot about psychology---not through formal training, but through my own life experience. I have specialized in abnormal psychology. I am, also, a keen observer as I am an artist, a writer and an educator by formal and informal training.

I have learned that people experience their separation from Source differently. Some people become anxiety-ridden, some people grow indifferent, some people develop medical diagnoses, some people find it a game like peek-a-boo, some people become reverent and gracious, etc. The list is as endless as infinity.

Currently, my collective "world" experiences physical birth, death and rebirth. But, I have reached a developmental level where I can foresee the erradication of physical death. As a student of various healing modalities, I know that a human energy field can be compromised and healed. The field can be made 100% whole. I, also, know that a friend who is a seasoned energy worker and craniosacral therapist perceives no difference between the universal energy field and the human energy field which signifies to me that I am still requiring a difference so my mind can "wrap itself around it." That is what the mind has learned to do in my "private Idaho."

I say world because that is where I AM. I live in a world. Not everyone in my collective awareness does. Does that sound really strange? Of course it does. I created you after all. I am a part of God communicating with another part of God---the Supreme Being of the universe I live in and I AM aware of collectively and personally. [Are you saying, "whoa deep thought" yet? Humor me. Engage me further.]

This world I reside in and interact with is part of the third dimension. People I know call this The Illusion (or an illusion).

These same people know many dimensions of "reality" or perception. By the same token, I know people who know mostly or all third dimension reality only. Furthermore, I know people who are 100% connected to the third dimension and no other dimension.

Some of the jargon used in my personal and collective reality is planet earth, Mother Earth, Father Sky, God, Christ Consciousness, Christ Jesus, spirituality, physicality, body as Temple, soul, spirit, mind, brain, Christianity, Islam, Judaica, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, reincarnation, Atheism, Agnosticism, biology, chemistry, physics, Newtonian, Quantum, Holographic Universe, New Age, Paganism, limitation, total abundance, ego, theory, practicum, organization, law, etc., etc., etc. The list of jargon is finite but my mind still perceives it as infinite.

In my world, I consider myself a broad thinker. Collectively, in my world, I am seen as creative, intelligent and highly educated.

Ok let me pause so you can absorb what I am pontificating. The third dimension is Illusion. It originates inside our souls and implements through our consciousness. We are a part of God communicating with God. We are LOVE.

Self-worth is inherent. We are Divine. We are a part of God being with God.

Self-responsibility is the by-product of the Illusion and Self-worth combined. We sense ourselves as duality to learn, grow, develop and experience life. We are God knowing God. We are intimately and playfully connecting through Oneness. The Illusion is a "template" over the earth plane just like a Web building site is a site on the Internet that allows people to create unique Web designs. We shift the earth plane's template's appearance by shifting our perceptions.

If we lack self-worth, we require healing. We can heal as an ego, a persona, a spirit and a soul or any combination thereof. This occurs personally and collectively simultaneously. The template is refreshed---renewed---made whole as we heal. For me, this happens piece by piece, part by part. Others experience healing all at once like the Bible characters Elisha and Elijah. Wayne Dyer is a well-known author and speaker who healed completely from Leukemia without any drug/chemotherapy. He interacted with a "faith" healer known as John of God.

Self-responsibility defines well-being on the third dimension. We create "karma": negative or positively charged energy experiences by maintaining or denying self-responsibility. The energy experiences can become an energy pattern. Patterns are reoccuring and/or enmassed energy pockets of experience. Energy experiences can create impactful, life-changing events. Energy patterns can completely shape and mold our life (and other lifetimes) because of their shear size and/or repetition.

Denial solves nothing. Ignorance is not really bliss [even for Christians].

Reincarnation is the experience of birth, death and rebirth. It is rarely linear. Multidimensionality is commonplace. Karma defines a person's incarnational desttiny/fate. We all have a built-in compassion system that ensures that souls experience what they emit. Positive experiences require a soul to experience positive similar [not necessarily the "same costume" however] experiences in the current physical bodymind or another bodymind in another incarnation. Negative experiences require similar negative experiences.

I have recently discovered that healing at this stage in human development and world development has to occur in the physical bodymind. The earth plane is the dimension where healing is needed. It is the origin of "separation" and ego.

Father, Mother, God and Me

Father Sky, Mother Earth
Father Sky, Mother Earth
Macro and microcosm
Macro and microcosm
Gaia, Mother Earth
Gaia, Mother Earth
The Self creating the Self
The Self creating the Self
Creation as a projection of the Self within the framework of the macro and the micro.
Creation as a projection of the Self within the framework of the macro and the micro.

Foreshadowing for this Hub Series

Below are two videos about soul retrieval by a recognized expert regarding the subject. I will address soul retrieval in subsequent blogs. If you are interested in what is to come in this Hub series, watch one or both videos.

Reality, from my "private Idaho" is subjective and relative. I point to Albert Einstein's theories and statements to support my position. There are multiple contemporary Quantum physicists that build upon this position with scientific evidence. I can mention this but my knowledge-base in science (especially physics) is limited.

My reality, rather, predominantly surfaces from healing, sickness, energy work, magickal practices, spiritual practices, esoteric study and research, observation of the natural world, observation of the psychic (inner world and external world correspondances) realms and dimensions, and just flat out living experience. My relationships (to myself, other people, the plant, animal and mineral and rock kingdoms, the elements of the earth and sky, astrology, etc.) are my existence and my LOVE.

I hope you enjoy this Hub series' ride.

One Soul Retrieval Modality

Part 2 of the Soul Retrieval Modality

© 2013 Joan Elizabeth


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