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Healing and Faith

Updated on October 13, 2014

Faith Is The Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Yet Seen.

"Faith Is The Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Yet Seen", is a wonderful verse from the Bible(Heb 11:1). It is the higher truth.

Yes higher truth, greater truth, you may use what ever expression you would like.

In Christianity it is well accepted that the Word of God is living and true, and what ever is happening must line up with "the standard" that The Word establishes. Now I did not declare this, this is what The American Church, no matter what denomination, adheres too.

That being said, they only hold some of the precepts as really true, and do not acknowledge the rest.

I personally have participated in many denominations, and non-denominational expressions of faith with in the Western Christian Church the last 18 years. I have Evangelized on the streets, in prisons, hospitals, grocery stores, bars. Pretty much anywhere I felt led to do it.

Some expressions accept the possibility of supernatural healing, and some don't, believing it all stopped with the last apostle.

I write this from outside the confines of those expressions at this time though. I haven't lost my Faith, I've accepted it.

Perception through experience. Experience through all the senses; smelling, hearing, tasting, touch, and seeing the activity of Faith as a substance in healing.

A substance? Yes, a tangible real time experience.

The sound of a Shofar can stimulate healing.

Shofars, like the one I'm blowing here, can be used in Vibration Healing, and what I call an Angel whistle. You can feel the atmosphere change when you blow one.
Shofars, like the one I'm blowing here, can be used in Vibration Healing, and what I call an Angel whistle. You can feel the atmosphere change when you blow one.

Stimulating Faith

Healing using Faith is what this article is about, and therefore what we will focus on, but there are a multitude of applications of Faith; Religion(the most common type), In Technology, Science, Health Care, Peer groups, Politics, well the list goes on, and most don't even realize their actions are expressions of Faith. For eg, How many times have you stepped on the brakes in your car expecting the vehicle to stop? Oh yes, Faith the car will stop.

You say no, that's knowing, not Faith. Well you are right, but that is what Faith actually is, knowing.

There are a great many ways to stimulate faith for healing.

  1. You can listen to testimonies of people who have been healed.
  2. You can read about nutrition and learn how to use supplements and herbs.
  3. Learn different healing Modalities like Reki, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Healing Touch, and many more.
  4. Practice Prayer in Jesus Name, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and heal you.
  5. Listen to Worship music, and generally speaking, Intimate and Beautiful worship music.
  6. Dance.
  7. Vibration Therapy, or what some call Sound Healing.
  8. Color Therapy.

The above list is just an example of a few ways to stimulate Faith for healing.

One of the most common ways for myself to help others knowing(Faith) to increase is to use a chair and have them sit down and let me check their legs to see if either leg is longer than the other, or shorter, however you want to think about it. The most effective person is one who actually needs medical shoes to compensate for the difference.

Then I hold their heels in my hands and raise their legs up to check the alignment, making sure they can see the difference, along with anyone else who may be standing by. When I lower their legs I softly command the legs in Jesus Name to align. Raise their legs again to check the alignment. 90% of the time I do this the legs align partially, then simply repeat giving thanks and gratitude for the alignment, lower their legs and raising them again. 100% of the time if their was a partial alignment, no matter how big the margin was, the legs completely re-align and normalize!

I've seen legs grow three inches in length in a breathe, and the people have to carry their medical shoes when they leave because they no longer need them. Now their Faith, and anyone who has seen what just happened, has just been stimulated! They now know a positive change is possible to what ever physically may be wrong.

Another way to stimulate Faith is for there to be a sensation, or feeling to come over a person. Love is a good example of this. When a person feels loved this can make them feel better, even if there is physical pain. You can help a person heal by giving them love.

Understanding in not necessary to know

This may sound like an Oxymoron, but it is a true statement. For example, deferring back to the car brake analogy from the beginning of this article, you know stepping on the brakes will stop your car, but you may not understand all the processes that are taking place. For ages people have known there is night and day, but didn't understand it was the Earth's rotation that was the reason for night and day.

Just to establish within one's self that there exists a place within the very near future where you feel better, and have better health and viability, is all you need to move towards such a thing.

It would be safe to say, most people don't understand how a particular pharmaceutical is created that they have been prescribed. They understand that taking said drug could treat the symptoms or alleviate their pain. This person, by the simple act of following the recommended dosage, are having Faith that this could heal them.

Doctors have proven the Placebo effect by using a control group of patients suffering the same or similar disease, and giving half a real drug that has a proven track record of treatment, and the other half a sugar pill that should have zero effect in treatment. The outcomes have shown that just as many of the patients that were given the placebo got better as the patients who took a real drug. ( to read about this more)

This brings up an underlying foundation of Knowing or having Faith, and that is Intention.

Intention is the glue or mortar of all healing practices.

In the above listed experiment, the patients intented to take a pill to get better, and therefore they did.

Some would say, in conservative circles, that good intentions are the road to hell. They really put their proverbial foot in their mouths when they make such a statement. Every expression of religion, and especially Christianity, is filled with intention! For example; You intend to go to church every Sunday. You intend to pay all your Tithe and even include some for an offering above and beyond the Tithe. Your intent quantifies how or what the outcome of your experience will be.

This could never, in of itself, be a bad thing, and in fact I would challenge you to think of a way to accomplish anything without an intent!

To apply this in Healing Faith, always keep your intention focused on the outcome that you are desiring. You don't need to understand how it will all take place, just that it will.

For example; your friend or relative has been diagnosed with cancer, and you believe, have Faith, know they can be healed. This hope comes from the love you have for this person and the action; privately offered prayers, helping them with their day to day needs, healing touch, all come from your intention to help them get healed. Their doesn't need to be an understanding to apply any of the possible actions listed above, just a knowing that in some small way, or even in a big way, your actions are improving the quality of life that person is now experiencing.

You want understanding? Good, do the work, read the books, get the schooling. All that is good, but not necessary, for action speaks louder than words. Have Faith that your feeling of compassion can and will heal.

Learn how to get rid of fear

Feel Love not Fear

I make a lot of references to the Bible in this portion of the article because I have seen the positive effects and experienced them for myself. The Word of God was never meant to be worshiped like an idol, but used as a tool or weapon, to be more exact, like a sword.

The Bible says, Perfect Love casts out all fear. It also states, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind.

Some would say that to believe and have Faith in a supernatural possibility could give the appearance of a lack of soundness to that person's mind. Well according to God, this is quite the opposite.

Proverbs stats, laughter does the body good, like a good medicine. This has been shown to be scientifically true.

Fear has been linked to causing the body's Ph to be acidic, for fear causes anxiety and depression which can lead to stomach ulcers and digestive problems. Since it's documented that seventy percent of a person's immune system is within the digestive track, this can be counter productive to healing and building up of one's immune system support.

Love neutralizes the body's Ph, which in turn helps boost a person's immune system. Healthy immune systems are much more help in the healing process than one that is not.

One of my favorite testimonies in the New Testament is when a woman with some sort of blood disease that she's lived with for over twelve years, approaches Jesus, who at the time, is walking through a crowded street with people all around him. She had thought, if I could just touch the hem of His garment I will be healed, so she decides to go for it.

This course of action could get her stoned for breaking the law, for it was(and still is today as far as I know) not allowed for a woman to touch a man who is not her husband in public. Not only did she have that going against her, she was also considered ceremonially unclean!

She did not let the fear of prosecution stop her though, she went in low, perhaps even crawling on her knees through the crowd until she was able to touch the hem of his garment. When she did this, Jesus immediately stopped and asked who had just touched him? Peter and the other apostles were a little taken back by his question, for there were a lot of people touching him as they were making their way through the streets, and set out to set him straight by pointing this fact out, but Jesus wasn't accepting this. He clarified his question, and stated that he had felt power(or virtue) leave him.

The woman had an immediate witness within her body that she was healed!

The woman, knowing what had just happened, fell down in front of Jesus and told him what she had done. Instead of rebuking her, Jesus told her to go in peace, for her Faith had made her whole(paraphrased for you religious ones).

It all started with a thought! Then she acted on her Faith, power or virtue was drawn out of Jesus, and the rest is history.

The talking point from this story that is relevant to this section is this, the women acted without letting fear ground her out from receiving what she thought could happen. Don't let fear of what other people think stop you from receiving something that could very well change your whole life in one moment. Love yourself into good health. Pay attention to your thoughts in regards to your healing, perhaps you already know what you need to do. Love yourself enough to do it.

Is Healing by Faith Possible?

Do you think it's possible to be healed by Faith?

See results

Do you have thoughts about Healing and Faith?

What do you think? Is Faith even something to be considered in the healing process?

You couldn't debate with me on the regards of Healing and Faith for I've seen and experienced to many things to ever leave the the place I've come to in regards to this subject.

Healing and faith are still a mystery to me. My life experiences in regards to this topic have cost me; emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually in pretty much every aspect and facet of my life. I would do it all again if given the chance too.

Having a perception, and learning new modalities re-framing perceptions is all a part of the discovery process. So be open to possibilities and especially when you feel Love and compassion for a person who is in need of healing, you may have been given the virtue and power for their transformation into total wholeness.

Give someone else hope, and tell us about your healing.

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