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Healing from The Bible

Updated on June 27, 2014

The Lord Can Heal You!

Is it possible to receive healings apart from the known western orthodox method?
I guess you might say ‘no’. Or probably, you may want to give it a score of fifty fifties. Well, I have shared this opinion that it is not that easily possible to receive complete healing without using western medicine.

I soon came to realize the error of such views as I soon learnt through the Lord that He had from the beginning of creation made all things available for mankind to heal himself with. At least I know that there was a form of healing that was common in the ancient days and which is more or equally effective up till this moment. There are many herbs, roots, fruits, grain, etc which the Lord had made which man can lay hands on to heal himself with.

In this article as the Lord leads me I will teach you some valid and legit alternative medical tricks which you can use to cure one or two illnesses very common in the whole world which many have spend thousands of dollars trying to cure. Out of many up my sleeve I will release only two and I challenge any good pharmacologist to take my ‘recipe’ to the lab and test whether such mixture can heal or not. If you are a friend of progress you may call my number and let me share your success because it will benefit you immensely.

An online Bible Code

Healing Types and Ancient Pregnacy Test

You may wonder why I want to give away these little secrets of mine this time. I tell you I have many upstairs which if I don’t release once a while I feel I might get a bang one day on my head. This information I receive on day to day basis from the Bible Code the Lord released to me. I do not know if it is the same type advocated by Michael Drosnin and co. The Lord gave me some keys to receiving information of the past, present and future from the Holy Bible. You may laugh or scorn at this which is why I want you to test whatever information I am giving you here.

Among many types of healing available in the age such as Prayer healing, Spontaneous healing, Spiritual healing, Contact healing, Multi-dimensional healing, I find this healing process very reliable, one because there is little or no issue of over-dose or side-effects and is very effective.

Here is an ancient pregnancy test I will teach you before we go into the main tutorial I will release here. Look for a herb called in botany; amaranto caruru (Isapa funfun in Yoruba Nigerian vernacular). Ask a suspected pregnant woman to squeeze it. You may pretend you want to drink it to stop a stomach pain. If she experiences SERIOUS ITCH all over her body, then she is pregnant. If not, then she is not pregnant. I want you reading this who is a pharmacologist to put this into test and contact me if you wish for more information.

Grapes Biblical Fruit For Healings

One Sunday afternoon, after Church had closed for that day’s Morning Service unto the Lord in Celestial Church of Christ, Christ Banner Parish, Uromi, Edo State of Nigeria. I had a phone call from an internet contact. I have his permission to place his name and mobile number here for verification and testimony. He is Charles Akienemeh from Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria. He called me from the mobile telephone number +2348084122862 and spoke. From his voice I knew his case was critical and immediately the Holy Spirit told me to allow him to speak and that he was sent to me for a testimony of the glory of God which is about to be revealed.

He told me he had an operation twice on hernia medical case and that his Doctor was asking him to come for another operation. He would have gone for the operation but was refrained by lack of fee to be paid for a successful operation to be carried out on him. He feared that he might die soon as his big scrotum was ready to burst any time.

Corn Seed

On my instruction, he came to my Church before which I had consulted my Bible Code who told me to mix grape-wine, sea water, pulp of fresh corn pap as found in the passage directed to me by the spirit of the “ark of testimony” as I christen it. He took this back to Benin City and started using. He had earlier on told me he was having difficulty sleeping in the night due to serious pains experienced. I felt for him that night just as that king Nebuchadnezzar felt for Daniel in the lions den. I could not sleep but refused to call him. When the day broke I called him feeling guilty. He answered me with all cheers and told me that was the first time in many days he experienced a good night’s sleep.

Second day came and he told me the same thing feeling ever stronger. I kept calling him on daily basis and he finally told me his scrotum had reduced to normal size and that he no longer had any feverish feeling of sickness in his body again.

Olive Oil

Another case is the case of a woman I met about five years ago who complained to me she suspected she had HIV/AIDS. That was in-fact the first miracle but I decided to keep it to myself as I did not want to experience what Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka went through in his bid to make his aids vaccine known.

I asked the woman to go to market to buy the following materials: Pure Olive Oil, Grape wine, and some pulp of corn pap as found in the book of Joel 2:19.

Yea, the LORD will answer and say unto his people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen (Joel 2:19)

She brought these items immediately proceeded to mixing them. I gave her this drink to enjoy for many months. I told her to come to prepare more after that one got finished which she did. After a week or so, she had changed completely and well. After some months, she went for many tests and all confirmed her negative. What a break-through from a medical novice. How would I have told the world about this when a more medical professional was being crucified in my country for finding a cure to AIDS? Tell me…

What shall the righteous do, when the foundation is being destroyed…

So, I am offering you an opportunity now to get healed from your diseases which may have earned you medical death certificate of few more days to live. Though I am one of those who do not fear death or even encourage one to but it is wrong to ‘stop school when the school is not closed’ We people of earth still want you, to experience and share love to many. In heaven, there is no planting or weeding, but harvesting. What do you want to harvest when you have not planted love seeds. The place to plant is here and from here to heaven ward you reap what so ever you sowed.

My mobile number is open to you for information as to how to receive your own healing as prescribed by the “Ark of Covenant” of the Most High God of Israel. +23490437854 and +2347067550237.


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