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Healing Is For Today

Updated on June 10, 2010

Everyone agrees that the New Testament is replete with Jesus going about doing good and healing.  However, not everyone agrees that the healing experienced by those in the days of Jesus's ministry, is available to the believer of today.  There are plentiful and diverse doctrines that teach  why healing is not for today.  Are these doctrines rightly dividing the Word of God? What can we do with Hebrews 13:8 which defines the character of Jesus .. "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever."? 

And there is also doctrine that teaches that healing is up to God and sometimes He heals and sometimes He allows a person to keep a disease, sickness, or illness that they might learn something in the process.  This is what we can refer to as 'no-fault' religion and can be a danger and a sabotage to the faith of an individual. 

How can one expect to build upon their faith when in doubt?  To not know if God desires us healed or not, would leave a door wide open to doubt and doubt is the enemy of faith.  James 1:6 says to ask in faith without doubting.  Why?  Because doubt will lead to double-mindedness and God cannot bring His Word to pass in those that are double-minded (James 1:8).

The Bible says that we do not have to have a great deal of faith to receive healing.  Just a small amount of faith will get the job done according to Matthew 17:20.  And the Bible also says that the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy and Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly.  Which area would disease, sickness, or illness fall under?  Abundant life or a life that is destroyed?  It is not a trick question.  It is a simple question with a simple and common sense answer.  An abundant life would include health, would it not?  Scripture is not out to confuse or confound or be mysterious and/or deep and hard to understand.  Scripture is to be read with the help of the Holy Spirit because our minds tend to complicate the simple. 

There is entirely too much scripture that supports God's desire to heal us from all that hinders us from becoming the man or woman He meant us to be.  The Bible says that He is Jehovah Rophe .. The God that healeth thee.  It makes not a lick of spiritual sense for God to make us sick only to deliver us from sickness.  Or to use sickness to teach us.  Our teachableness can only come through knowing who He is and becoming more and more familiar with His character and His desires and His ways and His truths.

Not one time in the NT did Jesus tell someone that He could not heal them due to the Father teaching a lesson or using the sickness to make them a better person. Not one time did Jesus deny a person the touch of healing. It is Jesus that makes us a better person .. Yesterday, today and forever.  Not what we do .. Not what or who we are.  But what He did and what He is, determines our worth or value. 

'Soteria' is the greek word for salvation.  This is an all inclusive word that truly means to be saved from all evils and dangers that a human may encounter.  We are saved now, while on this earth.  There are no evils and/or dangers to be encountered in heaven. 

All the promises of God must be received by the believer.  Healing is one of those promises.  We are not the sick fighting to get a healing, rather we are the healed and we fight to keep sickness away from our bodies.  1 Peter 2:24 says .. "and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed."  Note that we WERE healed.  Not that we are going to be healed.  This is not speaking of a spiritual healing, since our spirits are not healed .. Rather they are reborn.  This is speaking of the healing of our minds, our bodies, our very souls.  


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