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A Guide for Better Health across the Zodiac

Updated on March 26, 2022
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Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Picking Healthier Foods


Aries -- Watch Your Brain and Your Blood Pressure

Headstrong Aries needs to get more rest. You expend so much energy during the day, and will fight sleep, but your body needs to recover. Be extra sensitive about medicines and habits that can create headaches. Do not take migraines too lightly, they can result in further bad health as you age. Regularly go to the dentist and eye doctor. Avoid dyeing your hair too much as the chemicals are hard for the brain. Eat foods that keep the brain going -- lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein. Eat red, white, and purple foods for optimum health. Dress for the seasons. Keep tools in your car for any emergencies.

Be kind to your mind. Practice meditation and letting your thoughts go still. You are sensitive to strong smells and chemicals. Watch your blood pressure and heart rate. Exercise by getting in some cardio -- take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get regular checkups with your doctor for each time you have a new partner. Apologize to people if you know you did something wrong. Get head massages, don't wear your hair too tightly on your head. Constantly challenge your brain: learn a new language, do puzzles, and go out into the world and socialize.

Taurus -- Be Conscious Of Your Senses and How That Makes You Feel

Meditate with closed eyes to momentarily unplug from your senses. Drink plenty of water and check in on how your throat feels. You are likely to catch a cold or the flu. Get updated shots. When outside in the cold, dress appropriately. Wear scarves. Singing can help you relax, do so in the shower. Combat snoring if you start to pick this up. You may find your sinuses get clogged. Keep your weight under check, try to stay athletic. Keep a healthy sleep schedule, do outside work, and get some sunlight. Flowers in the house give you a good vibe. Keep a clean house, especially doing laundry. You are sensitive to messes, even though you also like to make them. Eat foods that are blue. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Do what you can for your skin health. Wear sunscreen, and scrub extra when you shower. Invest in skin care products, because your skin and being able to use your sense of touch is important to you.

Get your eyes checked. Unplug from digital screen and go outside and let your eyes soak up nature.

Listen to the sounds of the outdoors, this is soothing to you. It's wise to learn how to play music and soak up the good sounds.

Eat healthy and be conscious of the food you eat. You'll like garden fresh food. Fresh is key for you.

Clean with a bit of lemon for a nice smell.

Gemini -- Balance Out Anxiety

Get regular exercise and keep your body toned, especially your upper body. You dominate shoulders and arms. You use them often, so keep them in shape. You have a nervous condition, and with a more toned body, it can handle the day to day tear better. You reach and use your arms to communicate frequently, so again, strengthen this area.

If you feel overcome by anxiety, seek treatment from a doctor. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keep your mind active by reading books, doing puzzles, and taking on new challenges. Give yourself time to relax, unplug, and feel more at ease. Stay away from things that alter your experience as they tend to worsen anxiety. A good walk in the park is good for you. Having a dog for you is good, especially if you are single. Gemini is full of words and communication and needs to express it constantly. Journaling is good for you.

Do not slack on seeing the dentist or avoiding doctors altogether. Eat plenty of green vegetables. You are influenced by scents — keep some flowers in the house. Eat spring like fruits. Spicy foods and going to the gym will help with sinus problems.

Stretch for Better Health


Cancer -- Love Your Heart, and Express Yourself

Journal out your emotions. Fidget spinners help. Have a pet that you can confide your heart to. Eat foods great for heart health. Do not beat yourself up over body insecurity or weight. Be accepting of your moods. Seek treatment if you feel out of sorts. Do creative work to keep your spirits up and to understand things better. Paint, draw, write, make a song — anything. You are prone to addiction, stay away from those who use peer pressure.

Listen to what doctors have to say. Do not do things by impulse. Place yourself around kind and reassuring people. Wear loose fitting clothing that breathes. Spend time in prayer as this gives you hope. Do not get carried away by temptations. Do not get carried away by your anger.

You may need more calcium or vitamins, talk to a doctor about this. Muscle training will help you. Work to compliment yourself and build self confidence. Don't let others break you down. It's okay to cry and express yourself.

Find and love what you adore, don't invite vice into your life. You have a hard time disconnecting from vice. Do not make friends with jealously. Don't put up with abusive partners.

Leo -- Love Yourself Regardless of Adversity

Watch your heart carefully. Eat heart healthy and green foods. Do activities where you can be charitable and exercise regularly. Do not become sedentary. Muscles help you with other conditions. Do cardio to keep the blood running. You should take up running or some other blood pumping activity.

Stay away from foods high in cholesterol. Be active about taking showers and giving your head of hair a good scrub. Stay away from drugs and other things that alter experiences. Bundle up extra in cold weather. You might do better in a warm city.

Think about possibilities and try to prevent yourself from getting caught in something reckless. Fiber is your friend, add it into your diet. Carry around snacks, that way if you go hungry -- you don't go crazy. Be gentle with people, listen and hear them out. Be slow to anger and quick to love.

Don't forget household chores, get rid of clutter. Make sure to clean your sheets. Be friendly, stay away from making enemies. Don't lose your mind if you get jealous. Stay focused on target with tasks you need done. Smile and laugh frequently. You are your own biggest cheerleader -- you don't need the crowd to reassure you.

Virgo -- Let Go Of Perfection

Relax, get plenty of rest, meditate, and journal. Do not beat yourself up over imperfections. Seek treatment if you feel depressed. Don’t eat everything you see. Keep track of your weight. You grow a beer belly fast. Get up and move and work with your hands. Eat foods rich in the colors yellow and orange. Really soak up fall weather. Go for fall walks, step on crunchy leaves, build a fire, and drink warm drinks. Spend time with good friends. Exercise for strength and exercise for agility. Keep a clean home, especially the bed where you need rest. Read poetry and philosophy. Write poetry and philosophy.

Don't become consumed by weighty thoughts. Take walks to mellow out, find ways to find humor, and take time to practice long breaths. Don't pick up smoking of any kind, your lungs are sensitive. Buy some air filters for your house and car to keep the air clean. Regularly clean your house for dust.

It's okay to enjoy the little things every once in awhile. You can take a break and eat ice cream. Wear breathable clothes. Wear something you are comfortable in. You'll feel happy by studying, and extra degrees will help you find what you want.

Step into Nature


Libra -- Social Butterfly Skills Keep You Healthy

This sign should also eat foods rich in yellow and orange. You could give up meat and tolerate it. Keep your wine to a minimum, but red wine helps loosen you up. Be at ease with yourself and don’t make impulsive decisions. Get a higher education as this will solve many things for you at once. Watch the weight gain and look for a balanced diet. Be alert about what you can’t digest. Work on close friendships and don’t overindulge in creating too many friendships — it will cause you to lose sight of priorities and become flaky. Stop worrying about hair in unusual places. If you have a feminine or masculine quirk you don’t want, don’t worry about it too much. Women should keep a close eye on their periods. If you experience more pain than usual during that time, see a doctor.

You get addicted to things easily. Don't pick up smoking, do pick up yoga. Exercise that uses your core and abs will help you. Learn a language to stretch your brain, and try new classes in your community to build friendships and learn more about your area. You do well to meet different people and learn concepts.

Exercise By Elements

Aries, Lego, Sagittarius
Cardio, running, gymnastics, soccer, take stairs, basketball, volleyball, dancing, bike riding, karate, kick boxing, judo
Fire signs need to build up a fire. They need to bring up their heart beat, feel the burn, and get a good sweat.
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Rock climbing, curling, bowling, rowing, tug of war, track and field, wrestling, strength training, hockey, snowboarding, weightlifting,
Earth signs need to build muscle and work hard. They need sports that challenge their body and help shape it.
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Dancing, stretching, yoga, pilates, tae kwon do, fencing, agility based, running, cycling, ice skating, skiing, archery
Wind signs need agility and grace, they need sports that help them express themselves. They do well to stretch, dance, and also cardio. Expressive and unique exercise fits them well.
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Swimming, rowing, triathlon, ice skating, yoga, track and field, windsurfing, kayaking, skiing, salsa dancing,
Water signs need sports that tap into their emotions, that help build confidence, and get them in touch with water. They do well with cardio, but really need something that grabs their emotions.

Scorpio -- Know Your Emotions

Eat meat, eat red foods, eat fish, and eat things high in iron. Find a cardio exercise that works for you: swimming and running are suggested. One glass of red wine is recommended. See doctors about possible cancers. Make sure you know your partner's history. You need to work on getting your emotions out: write, make music, and journal. Take solitary walks. Work on forgiving yourself and taking the time to forgive others. Work for a healthy, loyal monogamous partnership. Jealously will strike if you cheat or sleep around and this will worsen your health. Garlic and other strong scented food isn’t your favorite. Use tea to sleep, not drugs. Stay away from drugs. Meditate regularly.

Scorpio does well to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Declutter your home during spring, and regularly clean out your closet. Express your anger in a mature way and don't blow up on people. Confide in people you really trust. Try to build up five strong connections with people you can talk to. Counseling and therapy can help you when you're dealing with darker thoughts. Know and label your emotions. Be conscious of the emotions that go in and out of you.

Sagittarius -- Moderation Is Key

Take regular walks, strengthen your lower body, and wear good shoes. Enjoy holidays and other pastimes. You can eat a variety of foods: oats, fruits, lean meat, and dessert even. Keep your mind active: do riddles, puzzles, and play games. You should travel around the world to increase your IQ. Try not to settle down in romance too early as this may depress you. Wear clothing rich in color and bold. Work on your hips for hip health. Take up yoga. Be careful to not create jealously around you while also enjoying yourself. You can have the cake and you can have a lot of things in your life that others can’t handle.

Hiking and rock climbing are good for your body. You would do well to have a pet, a large dog or even a horse. Sleep on your back rather than your sides. Practice squats regularly. Cycling is another good activity for you.

You can be the laugh of the party, but try to do things in moderation. Find your inner voice and study philosophy. You're a warm person, give others hugs (if they want them).

Get a good night of sleep. Don't let your mind wander too much at night and keep you up. Allow yourself to go through a heartbreak instead of avoiding it.

Capricorn -- Hibernate

Keep a close eye on your finances. Eat earthy foods: curry, fruits, vegetables, grain, and the like. Also, lean meats. Exercise regularly and sleep regularly to give yourself more energy. Bundle up in winter, carry extra water in summer. You might find summer exhausting. Move to somewhere with a cooler climate. Work on your lower body strength. Taking up running or cardio is advised. Also, building muscles is advised. Try rock climbing for leg strength. Don’t overwhelm yourself, keep things frugal. You like hardy, not delicate when it comes to meals and work.

Save up food, coupons, and money. You like things to be planned and saved for the right occasion. Traditions can go far for you. Invest in your family, the connections will make you feel better. Dancing will help you build your legs. Have dairy in your diet, calcium is good for you -- but don't overdo it. Keep a house with minimal carpet with good air circulation. Don't overdo hot drinks -- they're hard on your heart. Go for lukewarm or cold. Be generous -- giveaway things you don't need. Go to the dentist regularly, and see a doctor for your feet if you start feeling pain.

Astrology | Health Awareness | Foods To Eat

Health Focus
Foods To Eat
Mental health, brain, avoid headaches, sinus problems, ears, and eyesight
Red foods, berries, chocolate, eggs, green vegetables, beans, green tea, red wine, fish, tomatoes, red apples.
Throat, sight, hearing, sinus, fatigue, go to dentist regularly, and practice long breaths
Green vegetables, ginger, honey, blue colored foods, berries, garlic, chicken noodle soup, scrambled eggs, bananas, cinnamon, carrots.
Anxiety, build strength in shoulders and arms, practice good posture, and mental health.
Avocados, pickles, salmon, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, strawberries, broccoli, flax seed, nuts, drink water.
Heart, bones, blood pressure, mental health, depression, mood disorders, hands cramping
Red wine, chia seeds, soy milk, cauliflower, edamame, oranges, tomatoes, legumes, whole grain, broccoli, asparugus
Heart, anger management, blood pressure, cholesterol, brain, circulation, and breathing.
Citrus foods, kimchi, thai chicken coconut soup, spicy Indian food, cucumbers, peppers, oats, curry, asparagus, and green vegetables.
Lungs, breasts, back, cardiovascular, digestion, OCD, spine, and depression.
Beans, fish, leaf vegetables, sweet potatoes, mangoes, corn, squash, garlic, orange and yellow foods, whole grains, nuts, seeds.
Kidneys, urology, bipolar, anxiety, spine, lungs, digestion, cancers, appendix, and breasts.
Cranberries, blueberries, onions, yellow and orange foods, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, red bell peppers, garlic, apples.
Urology, cancers, digestion, social diseases, dentist, gastrointestinal, and therapy.
Meat, red meat, oysters, pomegranates, cherries, salmon, watermelon, spinach, coffee, garlic, red wine, nuts, seeds,
Thighs, lower body strength, brain, headaches, bones, metabolism, adrenaline, and attention disorders
Berries, flax seeds, yogurt, turkey, olive oil, fish oil, peanut butter, oats, whole eggs, grass fed beef, coconuts, dairy
Sleep, lower body strength, circulation, bones, blood pressure, leg issues, hip issues.
Eggs, yogurt, cheese, orange juice, sardines, salmon, almond butter, prunes, brocoli, tofu, milk, whole grains, spinach.
Nervous energy, brain, ankles, nervous system, posture, sleep, circulation, and genius.
Dark chocolate, clams, fish, meat, tomato soup, avocados, milk, asparagus, plums, white wine, dairy, water, bananas, spinach,
Mental health, feet, balance, ears, circulation, bones, blood pressure, heart palpitation, and sleep.
Chocolate, bananas, halibut, chicken, pumpkin seeds, lamb, cheese, apple cider vinegar, cherries, fish, rice, nuts, turkey, popcorn,

Aquarius -- Rest Is Necessary

Stay flexible. Take up daily stretching, be limber, go swimming, do yoga, and try out dancing. Do athletic things that challenge your mind. Keep your ankles happy — wear good shoes. Dancing strengthens ankles. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. You also suffer from anxiety. Be cognizant of how things influence your mind. Avoid patterns that cause migraines. Have a good, solid bed. Own a pet to cool down the anxiety and over-thinking. Be creative and also do puzzles. Eat berries, foods in dark and cool hues, lean meats, fish, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Carry chocolate for happiness. Eat foods healthy for the heart.

Aquarius needs to balance out doing chores and also getting a healthy dosage of creative exercise. Take classes to challenge your mind, learn a language, and keep yourself engaged and happy. Meet different people, but set boundaries. Don't let them always tell you what to do. You can say no. Don't be charmed by people that are overly friendly where you can't see flaws -- you'll them take advantage of you and your time.

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Someone with a mind like yours needs extra sleep. Don't let anything or anyone try to shorten your sleep.

Pisces -- Spend Time Daydreaming

Buy comfortable shoes. Eat fruits and fish. Go on daily walks, get a dog and walk them. Pets are really good for you. Listen to meditation music to calm nerves. Write thank you notes and apology notes as they make you feel better. Do not live your life only on social media. Get out of your comfort zone and see people you trust. Work on building trust. You may be sensitive to pain: keep a tidy home, have an extra jacket in your car, avoid cigarettes, stay away from aggressive people, and be surrounded by positive reassurance. You do not need life on full blast, things at a more mild hue will allow your intelligence, wit, and beauty to have free reign. Give yourself time to think — but also go back and interact with the world. You are the dreamer: so spend time dreaming. Eat foods that help you to dream: chocolate and cheese.

Traveling does you marvelous wonders. You do well to keep your feet moving and your mind busy. Don't worry so much, and do things to pamper yourself. Get a massage, go swimming, and get your nails done. Communicate your emotions and let people know when you are not feeling well.

What part of health are you most interested in with astrology?

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