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Hearing from God

Updated on December 13, 2009

What Can I Do to Hear a Word from God?

There are numerous Christians that hear from God on a regular basis.  Then there are others who scoff at the thought of hearing from God, especially when they are told that others hear from God.  Then there are some who know that they have heard from God, but only on rare and very few occassions, and they usually hunger to hear more from God.  What can we do as mere mortals that will give us the honor and privilege of hearing from God?

The first step is believing that we are able to hear from God.  Not because of anything we do or that we are, but because of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for us.  (So, we do not have to wait to build that orphanage or evangelize to the masses, before we think we have a right to hear from God.  Our rebirth gives us this privilege!) In that, He opened up the lines of communication between God and man.  Jesus restored us to the Father, making communication both to God and from God, a probable and important part of the Christian lifestyle.  Therefore, it would benefit the Christian to be listening out for a word from God as well as expecting to hear from God.

After we have settled it in our hearts that we are supposed to hear from God, the next step would be to become familiar with His voice.  How do we do this?  We get in the Word and meditate the Word and get the Word in our eyes, our ears, our mouths and our hearts.  John 1:1 says that the Word is with God and the Word IS God.  So, if we become familiar with His Word then we will be familiar with His voice.  If the Bible seems more complicated to understand than you would like, then try a different version.  (For me personally, I felt that God led me to the KJV.  It is one of the tougher versions to understand, but God assured me that my 'not understanding' could be a blessing as I would have to depend on the Holy Spirit to help me interpret and make sense of the Bible).  But, being diligent with whatever version you decide upon, will pay off in great reward eventually.  Becoming familiar with God's way of speaking will reap bountiful benefits when you are not always able to pick up the Bible and set a discourse or make a choice in life.  And listen to others and how they receive answers from God.  Spend time with one or more of your favorite preachers or teachers.  Pop in one of their CD's and relax and take in the wisdom.  Or read a book that has been authored by someone whom you respect and that hears from God often concerning their lives.  (Always use the Bible as your point of reference when discerning what others claim or say.)

Spend time in prayer with God.  By prayer I mean a dialogue with God.  Not a monologue.  Tell God what is in your heart and on your mind, ask Him whatever questions you need to ask and then listen intently for Him to answer.  Be determined to hear from God.  Never give up.  And keep in mind, it is not that God does not speak or answer, but that we tend to not be familiar with His voice or His answers.  (And know that sometimes God does not give an answer or speak up.  But, He will come through with an answer or tell you what you need to hear when you are ready to receive His answer.)

Learn to think like God.  When reading your Bible, ask God, "why did you say this?" or "why did this take so long?" or "why did you choose this way?".  Do not be afraid to ask God questions.  (I am not saying to question God and what He says or does, but to ask God questions.  Note there is a vast difference betwixt the two.)  Learning to think the way God thinks will help us to communicate with God on a more mature and understanding level. 

And finally, do not be afraid that once you learn His voice, He will be asking you to do things that you would rather not do.  Or say things that you would rather not say.  God is not going to go against your own will.  Do not be afraid that God will take advantage of your ability to hear from Him and ask you to do something that you feel dreaded about.  God will not ask you to do something you would rather not do.  He knows your heart better than you do.  Ask Him to help you in making your heart, mind and body, be available to Him at any and all times.  And trust Him to have your best interests at heart. 


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    • Debradoo profile image

      Debradoo 7 years ago from Cocoa, Florida

      Thanks! It is so easy to get discouraged when we desire to hear from God and feel we have not heard a thing. But, if we bear in mind that our persistence will pay off and if we bear in mind that it is not God that holds back .. Then we will get a breakthrough. And always always, we must measure what we do hear (in our minds or hearts and even our ears) to the Bible. God may say something in a different way so that we can understand but He does not say something new or improved where His Word is concerned.

    • profile image

      exjwlaurie 7 years ago

      Hi Debradoo!

      What a wonderful Hub!

      I so agree with your insightful comments on how we "hear God"! I never knew it was possible as a Witness! Now I know why! I did not have God's Spirit as a Jehovah's Witness.

      What an incredible feeling now to experience such a close dialogue with God!

      I especially agree with your comments about prayer! I love to spend time with God in prayer, and pour out my heart to him--knowing He is listening now!

      Answers and insight come to me, even as I am still in prayer! Thank you for your beautiful words here, they surely come from a beautiful heart!