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Heart versus Head!

Updated on November 5, 2012

The Noble Souls!

Spirit vs Mind!

How conflicts arise in one’s mind is a good question. We must know that spontaneous and intuitive thoughts arise from the heart rather than the head. The head represents all that is worldly and the heart represents subtle truths like loving, sharing, compassion etc., Conflicts arise because of the confrontations between the head and heart. Mind matters much when we talk about the head. It is the mind which connects one to the outside world. But we must understand that there is an inner realm which is represented by Heart. This is not the physical heart which supplies blood to the entire body but the spiritual Heart which is the repository of selflessness and pure love.

The above statements are culled from several spiritual and philosophical texts and teachings of many saints and sages. It is my intention that everyone should know these fundamental and universal truths which are enshrined in ancient spiritual texts. Everyone should benefit. These Truths do not represent any religion or creed.

These Truths are seen in every religious text. In fact, Christ represented Love and compassion and hence he never complained about his persecutors. In the last moments, he prayed to Father in Heaven to forgive those people who are not aware what they are doing. He told his followers to ‘Forgive seventy times seven”. Throughout his earthly sojourn he counseled the ignorant, helped the poor and he was merciful to all. He could cure people instantaneously if their faith in him is full. The Bible contains many such cures performed by Jesus. He wanted to make the place of worship holy. Hence he has driven the petty traders out of the precincts of the Church. But his actions infuriated the authorities in the temples. They feared that their status may be usurped if people relied on the words of Jesus. They connived to kill him by dubious means and in that process they made the people to support a criminal instead. The King saw their plan and hence he wasn’t willing to be a party to the judgment. He washed his hands after the people roared to crucify Jesus instead of the criminal. This is a fine example of head versus heart.

History is replete with many such examples. Throughout the globe, noble and pious people were persecuted by the evil minded. Mahatma Gandhi is one such example. He fought bravely in a “Non-violent way, the mighty British Empire. At last unable to quell the “non-violent movement’, they finally ceded Independence to India. Martin Luther King fought for the rights of underprivileged in society and he is venerated by many after he was assassinated. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King succumbed to the bullets from people who relied on their head rather than their intuition. Many billions of people live and die in this world. But the world remembers only such noble people forever. I remember here Abraham Lincoln who was a champion of distressed lot and he too was done away with in a similar manner by people who do not tolerate Truth and humility. The assassins are never remembered but those who fell to their bullets are the most remembered persons. Hence one must rely on the Heart rather than the head!


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