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Heaven & Earth As One

Updated on July 18, 2014


A fine line to walk
A fine line to walk

Presence or Personality

The personality is always one step behind your higher self. it lags behind in it's expression. When you make a call for your soul to step down into the mundane, you must set aside a part of the doubt foundation of the personality/ego, set it aside, so to speak to make room for your greater self to reside in the limited area known as the brain hemispheres.
The two brain hemispheres contain limited consciousness, limited functions, while the greater you, the soul that possesses you (you don't own it, you are it's finger in physical terms) this soul that is you, of the higher being, of the one who knows, who carries about it's I AM presence, it's truth, is expressing as an unlimited self and always trying to reach it's personality/ego. What I am saying in old fashioned terms about removing the doubt foundation of the ego, is very similar to when it was preached to have the faith of a mustard seed. To have faith is to choose the faithful path, the one-pointed focused path regardless of myriad distractions we encounter on earth which may seem to call for our undivided attention. It is to be true to the higher self and bring the lower factions of the human that is being, into compliance with the higher aspects of higher self.

On Earth as in Heaven

Subdue or allow?

As told in the bible, subduing the earth can mean according to primal instincts, going out as a hunter and killing a beast then eating it. The higher self does not do this at all because the higher self has no primal instinct, no body to maintain. It is an energy construct that may be said rather than to subdue, conquer or dominate, it may be said to permeate darkness, which obliterates darkness by shining a flashlight into it. Higher self brings the light which dissipates the darkness, the shadows, showing the shadows to be of no substance, but rather, as a shadow created from the higher self reflecting itself into matter. All matter is dark when compared to the dimension of your higher self.

What is the purpose of the personality/ego then you may ask? To exist in matter, on earth with it's challenges and equal suffering, and unfathomable passions and unspent desires? Is life but suffering as the Buddha said?

Appreciating Our Co-creativity

A Golden Age Foreshadows the Present

To go beyond suffering we can understand as heaven and earth are to be joined, so too your higher self and your personality/ego can also be joined on earth as one, making all things new, and making existence here the same as it must be there. The purpose is not to subdue, dominate or force, but to allow the kingdom to come, the kingdom of your unlimited, all knowing self that has everything it needs, that the ego thinks it needs, in the Now moment. The future takes 2nd place to the now moment The past takes 3rd place. The now moment does it's work to create the future by taking no thought upon it's construction, other than to allow it entrance and so be it, is to say Amen.

The past can be recreated, thus breaking the patterns of regret and guilt that are a part of the shadows I speak of. To break a thought pattern is what it means to be co-creator with God. Higher Self is the part of you that is one with God; personality/ego is the offspring of Higher Self. Higher Self possesses free will. Free will is a gift of God to man. Man is free then, to construct a personality/ego, to have a life in matter.

Blowing Our Horn of Welcome

Flowing With the Changes
Flowing With the Changes

God As The Higher Self

Yet it has been noted it is easy to lose the connection to God, while mucking about in the earth plane. Yes it is, but through love of one's self, one's life and extending that love to all others within wisdom bearings, it can be said to be easier to be found rather than to remain contented with a lost connection to higher self.

As love is God, it is becoming easier to make our connection to higher self and thus bring heaven to earth, for we alone do this thing, each in his own way, to allow heaven to come, by keeping the faith in our ability to allow, despite the ego carries it's doubts and inborn resistance to the "new."

In a golden age upon us the brain hemispheres may grow together within the physical cranium, thus allowing us to feel whole in the now, allowing us to access greater knowledge and to be co-creator with God, this thought alone can greatly alleviate the suffering we might otherwise have undergone. It can be seen the sub-conscious information held in the right brain hemisphere becomes known to the logical processes on the left side while in meditation. This can be seen as the joining of the higher self to the primal self, the human becoming Gods and Goddesses in the twinkling of an eye. We may begin to see a merge of science and theosophy existing in harmony then.

At any rate, if you find that life is starting to look interesting, you are getting a small glimpse that we are stepping into a new age, therefore there is reason to lift our spirits and be grateful for the opportunity to be a doer, or a watcher the same, for all have their place and without you, the world could not be manifest. We are One broken into many, be of good cheer, it is getting easier and the path will be made smooth as we do our singular work together. Faith is the substance of things hoped for.


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 3 years ago from Arizona

      thank you for reading

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 3 years ago from east coast,USA

      Nice sentiments and nice imagery, Thanks.