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Heaven Or Hell Are These Places Or Are They Conditions of The Heart?

Updated on January 25, 2014

Get Your Head out of the Sand!

Have You Physically Ever Been Anywhere?

Many question these very things throughout their lives. There are Monks and Dali Lamas and Gentle Mystics who spend their whole lives questioning and debating these very questions.

Trying to Figure Out What Is And What Is Not

Is it all a matter of Mind over matter? The spiritual vs the physical, or truth vs fiction? A world with limits or one without? This has been one of mankind's biggest mystifier's, why?

"To be or not to be that is the question" as Mr. Shakespeare has put it. Where did he get this Idea?

Some would claim he got It from the Good Book or from past philosophers. Well this is an ingrained question buried deep within the human state of being. It is one of our instinctive life questions and we are driven to ask and answer these questions, the things that engulf this very set of questions of What Is And What Is Not!

God tells us through nature, through scriptures, and through whisperings.

As He has given the beast of the fields and the birds of the firmament, He has given to us. The very things we need to survive in a world filled of Life sustaining questions, and out right lies in a world that was birth from the lies of the very first confirmed Liar.

With life and death hanging in the balance and our only two choices to the singular Question of Why Are We Here? Make no mistake these two options Life or Death they are the very reasoning for us being here as we are in this state of confusion and wonder.

A bird needs not be taught, how to create a nest or how to procreate, how to gather and care for its young these things are instinctive to them. The same is true with the fish of the seas, and with the beast of the fields. They maintain the system that was put in place from the reformation of this earth.

They follow the commandment of God to be fruitful and multiply. Where Mankind has been influenced to seek his own pleasure. His own God-ship.

By Who? And Why? According to the Story and Biblical Scriptures Lucifer the Fallen son of GOD. Because he Lucifer (now Satan) no longer holds to the truth of who GOD our Father is.

Well the common belief among many of us Christians is that Heaven is wherever God is in his full Glory. And Hell is anywhere that we can not connect to any part of this His Glory, Truth, or Light.

Yes there are the miss guided Religious Fanatics that Believe a Loving Father would torture and eternally punish the damned souls of HIS children.

Really these are the blind being lead by the blind that Jesus has spoken of. And they both shall fall into the ditch. Why? Because they have not come anywhere near to knowing who their Father and Creator is. They don't know Him in a true state, but in a false state.

Why? Because of the Fallen One's teachings and authoritative control over this world the world in which we live in.

All Roads Lead to Rome and Its Golden nugget.
All Roads Lead to Rome and Its Golden nugget. | Source

All Roads May Lead to Rome, But it is Not So With GOD!

There Is but One Name which Mankind is Saved by. Many may disagree but GOD does Not!

I gave My Only Begotten SON. Because I loved the World that was so much. Because It was perfect.

For GOD so Loved the world, that He Gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him Should not parish, but have everlasting life.

Some people today will sample many beliefs and many trains of thoughts trying to find GOD or Heaven or just a spiritual High ground. Believing Fully that all roads lead to the Father. And yes in a way this is a partial truth a subtle sway of words again from the False Teacher of Light

Many, on totally different tracks which all supposedly lead to the same destination. To GOD or to Heaven. Believe so falsely. Without The Name Of The Christ Our Lord Jesus. You Have No Intercessor, No representation, and are found Guilty Immediately upon entering the presence of The Father Our Creator GOD.

Why? Because your Freedom was bought with the Lambs Blood. You will be wearing That Blood as if It were a garment of pure white. Without It you are Naked and found wanting.

The Biggest Victory in this great debate or war between The Father and The Fallen one Or the one who continues to fall; is that this son has deceived the world in which we live into believing he doesn't exist. He causes everyone to question or doubt their own beliefs.

Todays Churches and religions don't tell the complete story. You would be hard pressed to find a church that even reads the Good book through out the year let alone discerns It, or discerns it Correctly! There for you will have many doubts how could you not?

These people who believe that all roads lead to heaven are in for a very rood awakening. They have either discounted or disregarded the Fathers instructions to seek and to knock. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.

The Prophets and their students were to be Feeding the Children the Meal that was instructed to them to feed the children of this world. The world which was in darkness and now has entered the LIIGHT. Instead they will teach the very lies of Satan as the gospel truth and are unaware that this is what they are doing.

Another big Victory for this Fallen son is that he destroyed the Union between Man and Wife and this was his very first Victory over man. This took place in the Garden of Eden. One of Satan's first chances at repentance. Just thrown away at the seduction of Adam and Eve.

Satan has come to the belief If He can't be God then he will destroy the whole of existence. God states that Satan has no truth left in Him; None!

For it to be true to God it must be totally and completely true. Not one bit of Falseness within, but pure and undeniable truth. Which does not exist here in our prison.

When Satan received his new name or title; he was lost from GOD separated from everything of God. This is "Hell" a new state of being.

Satan's personal world; all of his own, which he is bound and determined to force upon as many as he can. To claim a world of his own separate from that of the Creator's, The Father, Our God.

Heaven is Life in truth. Hell is death for God sustains and corrects All Things Seen and Un Seen. Correction sometimes causes things to be removed or eliminated from the Whole or from part of the Body of Work that Father has and continues to Create.

It is True If you believe the Father, His Son, the Prophet's and their scriptures. Heaven is an actual place within the embodiment of God.

Hell is a fictional place in ones own mind who is trying to be separate from the Body of God's Work. Satan's wish and very hope is to be god of/in his own world or his own body of work; and with his own godhead or governing body. His own powers, principalities, and pleasures; to do as he will.

A Liars Only Hope and Dream

Hell is a dream of Satan's, It is his own world separate from GOD. To do as he will, but Satan as Lucifer was given a gift to instruct and to teach and to enlighten the other children, but instead he has chosen to steal them away, to cheat them out of the truth, and to lie to them about the Creator.

To gain his own world, where he will be the god of IT. And GOD has said No! These are MY children I did not create them for you! And has told Satan to repent! And Satan has chosen to disregard the Father/ The Creator, and still dares to deify GOD! Which got him his sentence of Death or Non existence. But not until the gift is completed. GOD doesn't repent from his gifts.

God is in the process of rectifying, this "willful act" of a fallen child; a good son, who has gone bad! And He is putting enforce a "Prime Directive". God is reinforcing the fact that without GOD there is Nothing! Nor can anything exist without, or out side of Him. And that to exist here, with Him it must and will be done His way. Or under His Care and instruction.

Heaven Is truth and is forever! And Hell is a Lie and is only allowed to cause an instruction or a teaching to come to a completion. The Gift Satan tried to use to become as GOD. Because of the gift that was given to him when he was called Lucifer; now Satan, to do.

It is the whole of creation that is watching this little parcel we call Earth. The 1/3 of heaven which has Fallen away or was swept away by the Dragon's (Satan's) Tale not Tail. Notice the subtleness of the Deceiver.

Here where we now are! This planet we call Earth. Our nursery will be where Father returns to us and will never depart or forsake us.

And when the time is up. God will forever be with Us all! Here on this Parcel of Heaven. Why? Because this Parcel this 1/3 is the piece that reunites the former with the present; healing a wound, in Gods Side.

Hell exist today, but it shall pass away as will this current Earth our prison. And It will never again ever be for us.

This Hell is only realized when we fall so far away from God and then Satan comes so near unto us, as to try and claim Us for his own. Basically blocking out the Light of GOD as he nears. So he (Satan) can play at being our god. To do as he will. And to do so without love, but with an imitation love for to cause and maintain this separation from GOD.

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

Where is this Heaven? Where is this Hell?

As to Where It Is In the Universe

Today Satan spirit still is here upon the earth, as are his children and followers. But soon Satan shall be here in his physical God given body or incarnate.

Both Satan and God are in the same place as of today, within the other 2/3 of Heaven. Wherever God is in His full Glory is where Heaven is. This is why on the Lords Day after the anti-Christ has come and pulled as many as he can from God.

GOD pulls back the Vail separating Heaven from earth. Revealing the true Heaven and Satan's false one our earth. And GOD's full Glory is seen for the first time since the Fall and the reformation of the Earth.

There is no Damning, Forever Torture, that last for all of eternity; for or of any of GOD's Children.

No; not even Satan! But there is an eternal separation. Which is as a Spot of fat that drips from off a roasting lamb into a fire. POOF! Up in smoke gone forever and ever, never to be remembered.

These that choose this, (and make no mistake It is a choice that they will make) will Forever be removed from GOD the Father's Presence. And for this to Happen. They Must be consumed by His Fire. For GOD is a Consuming Fire. They were and now they were never.

I hope this clears it up some for those who were in question of Why a loving GOD would create a Hell for HIS Children. Believe me HE would NOT!.


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      7 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      There is a belief among many that there are three who bare witness in Heaven and that they are the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit.

      I on the other Hand Believe fully that it is The Holy Spirit, Satan, and Man.

      Remember Heaven is where ever God is in His Full Glory and that will be here on Earth At the Judgment of Satan and Man.

      Your Mom has a very sound belief. For those with God's Son are in the spiritual realm and those with out Him are in the Physical realm. Spiritual being of Heaven and the Physical being of Hell.

      Thank you for the read and the comment ALL4JESUS, Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • ALL4JESUS profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      My Mother believed hell and heaven are both here on earth. As I age, see more, feel more, I understand her view.

      You are right - Satan wants us apart from God and that is truly hell - not to feel God's love.

      Open your heart, ask for God to be with you and he will be. Seek and ye shall find. He is a loving Father. Call upon him and he will answer.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      7 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank you Chatkath, for the read and comment I hate moving but seem to have to do a lot of it. Hey I have place you and a few others at my blogger blog your at the bottom of the blog, but your in good company there. I have an Amazon widget that people seem to like right above you and some of my Gravatars in a slide show to the right of you I am hoping it helps with all our traffic well see. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

      Poetry Writes & Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Chatkath profile image


      7 years ago from California

      Interesting Sinbad, I have been busy moving - so nice to be back and see what everyone has been up to!! Good Job!


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