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Heaven and Reincarnation: Can they co-exist???

Updated on September 21, 2013

Yes, heaven and reincarnation correspond.

I was recently asked whether we would be with our loved ones once we transitioned to the other side---when we crossed over via our spirit and soul. My answer was a resounding, "Yes!" From my perspective, the bottom line is that despite the fact that we reincarnate, there is also a heaven.

Heaven is the place of perfect, unconditional love. Heaven is in the center of God's/Source's everlasting heart.

There is no actual time and space in the universe. Time and space are man made elements to help humanity tolerate infinity. The movie What the Bleep Do We Know defined a world---a universe---very different than the static earth and planetary system our forefathers subscribed to. The film introduced quantum physics and consciousness. All that we are is energy. Matter is condensed vibration and thus appears solid. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual landscapes of our lives can be shifted and changed if one understands energy work.

Reincarnation is part of multidimensionality. Once a person begins to perceive the realm that lies beyond the 3rd dimension, differing incarnational information becomes more and more available. Meaningful symbolism readily presents itself daily. Internal images, similar to slides or film clips, download into a person's mind. Life connections form between peoples that are almost eery or strange at their point of origin. Energies feel strong and resonate. Spontaneous memories erupt. Etc., etc., etc.

The soul of each human being in conjunction with the Divine designs a path or an educational "curriculum", for itself. This development creates growth and passion. It enables individuation and One Love to occur simultaneously. The earth plane is a level of experience for a soul. There are others such as the Bardo. "Used loosely, the term "bardo" refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before one's next birth, when one's consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena."

We often do not remember other lifes because we have to learn to remember---through our free will and the choices that come from that will. Furthermore on the other side of the "coin," children are quite frequently connected to their previous lifes but adults around them discount their childrens' experiences and thoughts. Foreign cultures such as India believe the memories can even cause mental illness in their children so they implement abusive practices to make the children forget.

Reincarnation is immersed in the profound deepness of One Love. Without an ariel view, it is hard to discern the exact "tapestry weave" of each life thread. I have experienced things and then I have been totally shocked by the overall outcome. What is already written is that people have built-in compassion systems. Source determined that humanity would be given free will. But, Source also recognized that such free will could result in total chaos and outright rebellion; so Source placed a compassion system inherent in the soul. The laws of Karma. What people do to others, they ultimately do to themselves...even if the turn-around time is a lifetime or two.

Karma is not retributive justice. Karma is enlightenment. It teaches love. Consequence is never missing from our lives. We all make mistakes. We all seek forgiveness. We all made sacred contracts with our Source which are being fulfilled. The people in our lives---every one of them---are here to mirror our actions to us and to help us to rise in self-love and finally LOVE period.

It is difficult to explain to people who have never conceived of reincarnation, especially when those people are locked into a stationary concept of heaven. Heaven is far from stationary. It is infinite and active. It is multi-layered and multidimensional. It is absolute LOVE, the verb and the noun.

Source is the Divine Matrix and so much more. Heaven is One Love manifest. And the depth of this One Love is the complete envelopment of every individuated being ever created. Every soul and their subsequent sacred contracts achieved. Family, lovers, enemies resolved, light workers, soul groups and any other factor known as life are all unified in total and perfect love.

There is a complete absence of division. We are reborn as Divine sparks made into one perfect light and serenity.

By the time we all remember who we have always been (minus the maya---the illusion), there will no longer be a need for darkness, emptiness, bad, evil and what not. Love will have penetrated each core. Love will have transformed each bodymind. Love will have transcended pain and suffering. Love and Light will be inseperable.

So, yes, heaven and reincarnation are not separate, irreconcilable entities. They are perfectly intertwined. There is just a different implementation than the Christian context of heaven. There is soul growth involved. Life isn't about grabbing the name of Jesus and exclusively receiving God's divine grace thereby landing in paraside. Life is about development. Each soul must find his/her way back to Source. The early pathways are often quite treacherous and/or painful. Later lifes may be more gentle. And finally...there is pure love. It is an eternal place, an infinite zone of perfection and joy.

The blood of Christ is the "instant" link to heaven---to God the Father, to the wholeness of the Body of Christ; but one must ask---outside of a Christian's concept of sin---is there not additional soul growth to be had?

I believe the blood of Christ smooths out the edges of a Christian's life. I believe it allows Christians to enter into a state of love and forgiveness where there is rest. But what happens beyond that entry? Is there not more? Are there no longer more dynamic experiences? Is there no further development?

What I do accept as truth is that the earth plane is not the only place we feel life everlasting. Scientists speculate that there are multiple universes. Evidence suggests that extra terrestrials do indeed exist.

My perception is that creation is vast and complex. Beings live not only in the 3rd dimension but also in the higher dimensions such as the 4th and 5th and on. Heaven is LOVE. Heaven IS God/Source. Heaven is taking our imaginations and multiplying those by eternity and filling them with absolute love and heart.

Yes, we shall all be together beyond the illusion. We shall all rejoice in our oneness. And so it is...


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