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Heaven and the Omniscient Man: A Theory

Updated on August 16, 2015

Wonder and soften and open.

God alone is omniscient.

That’s what they say. That’s what Randy Alcorn’s book says too. It must have been from reading the short book on the eve of Christmas that an idea for this article came as I did my silent sitting meditation.

Anyway, I’m supposed to say “thinking” as a thought arises while seated lotus position but there it was, an opposite: if computers can multitask, then why not heavenly man?

On earth, we are bound by our limited intellect that thinks in a linear fashion, capable of processing only one idea at a time. Nonetheless, we have all experienced the workings of our intuition, when we seemed to know the answer ahead of the facts!


My daughters tell me of experiences in school exams when they knew the final answer, but had to work their solution backwards just so the teacher wouldn’t think they copied their seat mate’s answer. You’ve probably had the experience of not having been to a particular place before, yet somehow finding your way despite the lack of empirical clues. These are a minute sample of the ways our intuition guides us. That is why many more are coming to believe that we should be using more and more of our intuition.

Yet, we are in the physical plane and need to keep our feet on the ground. So we still go by the rule: investigate the facts when available, and then factor in your gut feeling before making the decision.

A major project to implement a company-wide application and database, involving a substantial amount of budget, we once had in the office included “gut feel” as a deciding factor in the system vendor selection. If I’m not mistaken, it was about 20% of the weight.

I guess it’s all to say that intuition is powerful and important and we are already, while on earth, in touch with that powerful capability.

In Heaven Now: Past, Future Everywhere

Now, once in heaven, since we would be more in touch with our true Self, I believe, we will be able to have a more conscious control of our intuition. It then being an intelligence that can remember the past and see the future easily. Since on earth, through our experiences with our intuition, we seemed to have glimpsed being more than one place at a time, for example seemingly knowing that your loved one would be the one to ring on the phone, the event should be much easier to come about in heaven.

Computers and Multitasking

Did you know that what we call as multitasking on the computer is actually only a virtual thing? The CPU can only perform one task at a time. What happens is that it performs several tasks within a second, dividing the second into hundredths of seconds, grouping these hundredths into groups called cycles.

I’m not sure I get the facts correctly, but these are all based on what I remember from a computer design subject of a couple of decades ago, when CPU clock times were much slower than today’s.

The table below illustrates a clock that divides the second into hundredths, to simplify approximation. Our notebooks and laptops nowadays are much faster in the GigaHertz (1 billion divisions within a second).

Based on the table, the CPU, aka computer, has cycled 20 times among five devices. The mere 20 cycles within a second look like it has multitasked, from the human perspective. As we saw technology evolve, the speeds have continuously increased. Your hypothetical 1/100 increment in clock time of 6 months ago has given way to newer models with as much speed 1/1000 increment of clock time.

If man is capable of designing machines with such speed, what more with God? And what more with the highest of his earthly creations, man who is much more than a mere machine?

No Limits

There are no limits it seems to what man is capable of inventing.

But you would say it continues to be virtual multitasking.

Correct. With that, we could imagine that once in heaven, using our intuition we may look like we are omniscient like God. So it turns out to be virtual omniscience?

Of course, these are all a play in the imagination, because no one can say for sure what it is really like in heaven. So let’s stretch that a bit further: the soul and infinity. Is there a possibility that man’s soul is capable of splitting consciousness into 1/1,000,000 seconds, being aware of events at GigaHertz speeds?

In heaven, is there a limit to how short our soul’s split-second can be?

On the earthly plane, we have seen how our intuition works, arriving at knowledge several steps ahead of time, in a non-linear fashion. Assuming that we will continue to have our intuition once in heaven and having use of it on a more controlled basis, there’s sufficient reason for us to think that it would be much powerful than it is here on earth.

Intuition and Omnipresence

Then maybe using our intuition in our perfected forms in heaven, we can step a bit further into omnipresence. Whenever a loved one thinks of us, virtually immediately, we will intuit their call to be with us and be present to that loved one, wherever he or she may be. In whatever age, he or she perceives us to be.

How did omnipresence come into the picture then? Jesus gave us a prototype during his resurrection, when he was able to be present to his loved ones at different places all at the same time. He promised us that we will follow in his footsteps someday, in our perfected form.

So everything is then just virtual? Human soul cannot really be omniscient?

Ye Are Gods

It has been written and, by Jesus, reiterated.

We do not know exactly what faculties and capabilities we will be consciously aware of once we’re in heaven, but we do know that these will certainly be endowed to fulfill the promise of infinite peace, love and joy, beyond our human imagination.

Having seen evidence of powerful human ability and experienced blessings from God that seemed impossible to happen in the first place, I believe it shouldn’t be hard for us to think that even in heaven nothing is impossible to God.

Alcorn also said that “When we enter Heaven, we will presumably begin with the knowledge we had at the time of our death.” I can imagine now would then be one of the most opportune times to open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities stemming from the love and power of God.

He has shared his divinity with us, even before the beginning of earthly time (see Aspects of Time: A Single Destiny).

If it further perfects His Master plan, where love is always of supreme importance, He will so will for omniscience in the human soul.


“Of all the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul that have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening or fruitful of divine promise than this---that you are the master of your thought, the molder of your character, and the maker and shaper of your condition, environment and destiny.” – James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh”, 1902

CPU Clock Cycles

I/O Device
Hard Disk
Hard Disk
Hard Disk
Hard Disk
The Power of the Imagination according to Albert Einstein
The Power of the Imagination according to Albert Einstein | Source


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    • Quirinus profile imageAUTHOR

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 

      7 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Thanks for the encouraging comment, Mindy! I try not to be critical with my writing when I notice that there's not much science in it, at the same time that I try not to edit so I can present the ideas the way they came to my mind.

      So nice meeting you during the Holiday!

    • mindyjgirl profile image

      Mindy Bench 

      7 years ago from Oregon

      wow interesting insights.


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