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Heaven is for Real. Life after Life What happened to Colton

Updated on April 10, 2012

Heaven is for Real

I read this book the other day and "Hands Down" is one of the best I've read yet. This is an amazing story of a little boy named Colton Burpo and his experience visiting Heaven.

This little boy will grab your heart and take you on his journey. This book was written by his dad, Todd Burpo. So you get to go through the heartache, pain, and joy that his parents went through.

A little about the story

At first they think Colton has the flu. After several days of fever, stomach pain, and vomiting, misdiagnosis from the first set of doctor's they come to find that his appendix had ruptured. Poison had been seeping into his little body for days. When they get him to another hospital they set him up for an emergency surgery to clean out all of the abscesses. After several more days, they have to open him up again to clean out another abscess. During one of the surgeries Colton gets to visit Heaven.

Over following weeks and months of Colton's recovery Todd and Sonja (Colton's mother) start to put the pieces together and discover Colton's visit. See he wasn't quite four years old when this happened, so Colton didn't come out of surgery telling everyone of his experience. Only after comments about Todd's grandfather being "really nice" and others like this did they start asking him questions.

Colton describes being in Heaven and how there are so many more colors than we have here on earth. He tells about him sitting in Jesus's lap. He tells us that Jesus has a rainbow colored horse. He is also very adamant in telling his mom and dad how much Jesus loves us and loves the children.

One of the things that got to me was when Colton told his mom about his little sister that he had in Heaven. Of course no one had told Colton about Sonja's miscarriage.

Another shocker was when they asked Colton if there were any swords in Heaven. He exclaimed "yes, there are too swords in Heaven!" He said that Satan was not in Hell yet and the Angels needed the swords to keep him out of Heaven. He even claimed to have seen Satan while he was there. He was uncomfortable talking about Satan so his parents didn't push the issue.

What gave me goosebumps was when Colton told about the up and coming war. He said that there was a war coming and his dad would be fighting in this war using a sword or a bow and arrow, Colton couldn't remember which one he saw his dad using. His dad asked him who was he fighting. Colton said "dragons and stuff." Todd said that when he was telling him this, Colton didn't seem to be bother by the vision. When Todd asked Colton. "You mean I have to fight monsters with a sword?" Colton simply excaimed "Yeah, Dad, but it's okay." "Jesus wins. He throws Satan into hell. I saw it."

God Answers All Prayers

I also received a personal blessing from reading this book. I had a question answered that I have had for years, but I think I'm supposed to keep it to myself for now. I'll update if the spirit moves me to do so.

What does Jesus look like?

Also, throughout the aftermath of the vision to Heaven Colton's parents would point out pictures or paintings of Jesus and ask him if this was what Jesus looked like. None of them were quite right except for the painting by Akiane. Her painting was "right". Akiane also has an amazing story so I linked her CNN interview to this page.


This photo I took one morning in Texas
This photo I took one morning in Texas

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  • Jewelz1313 profile image

    Jewelz1313 5 years ago from Branson, Missouri

    Thank you for your comment sunasia22. I hadn't heard of this story before. My mother had given me the book when I went to Texas for a visit. I read half of the book on my trip back to Missouri. I probably would've finished it that day but it was my turn to drive. It was hard to put it down. Have you read the book or just watched the interview? If not you might want to consider it. The book is so much more detailed. It'll make you laugh, cry, cry from joy too. I truly have a different outlook on life from reading this book.

  • sunasia22 profile image

    sunasia22 5 years ago from Philippines

    Amazing story! I believe in Heaven and I know what the boy was saying is really true...I like the part when he said that "Jesus loves us and the children". Let's all continue to believe for the second coming of Jesus. Voted up! Marked awesome, beautiful and interesting!