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Heaven on Earth Forum

Updated on May 27, 2013

Sharing the Light

Our first group meeting

Sunday, May 26th was the first meeting of our Heaven on Earth Forum, which met at 1:00 P.M. in the Unity Church at Grants Pass, Oregon. We had six members that attended including me.

The meeting began with the reading of our Opening Statement: “Heaven on Earth Forum is a nondenominational discussion group where we can share spiritual experiences.” Then Kat read our five positive beliefs; such as, “We have the capacity to heal and change when we connect and feel the presence of our Higher Power in our daily lives.” (Oh by the way, I changed the names of our group members in this article to protect confidentiality.)

Next, we used the six point format, which I have described in my previous article, “Heaven on Earth Campaign” to serve as guide for discussion. Each member introduced themselves and shared what they hoped to get from the group experience.

Kat asked for information about positive thinking. Dee was open to learning more about spirituality. Nate seemed excited about our five positive beliefs, and was looking for ways to get the word out to the rest of the community. Debbie wanted further reinforcement of positive beliefs, and additional ways to let go of all that is negative. Greg is the Ministerial Director of the Unity Church. He was open to finding out what spiritual needs could be further addressed in our group. And I emphasized the importance of being able to define the term ‘heaven’, and use this understanding to actually feel a personal connection to Spirit.

To further charge the group with uplifting energy, I encouraged all our members to share something good or positive that had occurred in one’s recent life. Kat talked about using some techniques to distance herself from the influence of a negative person. Dee was grateful for the momentum building for reform and change at the Unity Church. Nate was enthusiastic about an online program called “Healing with the Masters.” Debbie talked about finding the courage to actually make some physical changes in her lifestyle. Greg was grateful for the opportunity to design and implement a rotating speakers program at the Unity Church. I mentioned my joy over participating in and playing the piano at the recent World Peace Concert.

In addition, I also explained that I started an online Heaven on Earth Study Group so we can connect through love-in-action with people all over the world. I provided a hand-out to the group members with my email address, And I promised to send them an invitation to this group if they would email me.

The last portion of our meeting was devoted to discussing the following question: “Would anybody like to share a spiritual transformation experience?” I further explained that this could cover a wide range of possibilities like: near death encounters, visions, contact with deceased relatives, sighting of angels, spiritual healings, or feeling the presence of God via prayer and meditation.

Debbie wowed us by sharing her almost daily contact with angels, including a male angel with golden-tipped, white wings, who carried a huge sword. Kat mentioned making contact with her deceased husband through the assistance of a spiritual counselor. I explained that these encounters with the spiritual realm need not be so rare or unusual. In fact, I suggested that the term ‘heaven’ is all about becoming more aware and conscious about our true connection to the Divine. In this regard, I went on to further elaborate on some points made by Dr. Alexander in his book, Proof of Heaven.

We ended our discussion with my suggestion that everybody read some material that might inspire spiritual insight and share this with the group next time. Then we joined hands in a circle, and Greg shared the following prayer: “May the Light of God surround us; may the Love of God enfold us; may the power of God watch over our; wherever we are, whatever we do, God is there, and all is well.”

For me, even this first meeting points to the realization that we are all One.


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