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Heaven, what is it-theories on heaven

Updated on July 15, 2014

Heaven and Hell

Is this how you see Heaven and Hell?
Is this how you see Heaven and Hell?

Stereotype Heaven

A stereotypical heaven of clouds, angels and Jesus
A stereotypical heaven of clouds, angels and Jesus


What truly is heaven? Why do people believe in it? I will try to answer the first of those questions in this hub, I will answer the other question in a later hub. So what truly is heaven? Is it up in the sky among the clouds, is it another world, is it another dimension, is it the after-life or is it just not real? I personally believe in heaven and will be sharing my view on heaven later in this hub. The sub-title to this paragraph is, Heaven? I put that question as something that some of you may be stupid, surely if I believe/don't believe in heaven then I'd try to persuade you into my way of thinking, no. I would like you to make your own deductions.

Do you believe in heaven?

Well do you believe in heaven?

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Why should you believe in heaven?

This is a question that no one can answer and use the same answer again. I can not answer it but I will say this, heaven is paradise so why should you not? Maybe you think people will use your belief in heaven against you but if you are being forced to do something that you feel is wrong then don't do it. Of course some might just say heaven is the after-life.

But is it?

Heaven-Another Perspective

This is another theory on heaven and is, I think, connected to the other dimension theory.
This is another theory on heaven and is, I think, connected to the other dimension theory.

Theories on heaven

Many people think of heaven in different ways, I have already listed some theories on heaven. People think of heaven as a brilliant place but I believe that heaven will be just as you expect it to be, so for example if you love golf then heaven through your eyes will be a luxury golf course but maybe you like art, then through your eyes heaven will be you painting,drawing, cutting, etc... This is my introductory heaven theory paragraph I will move on to explain five theories in detail.

A Better Earth

This is what heaven theory number 4 might look like.
This is what heaven theory number 4 might look like.

5 Theories on heaven

There are probably more theories on heaven so if you know another one then please tell me in the comments below.

1) Stereotypical Heaven: As you will have seen in an earlier picture but some people do believe that when they die and go to heaven that they will be met with clouds, big, pure white, fluffy clouds. If you have seen the Simpsons episode when Homer dies and goes to heaven you will see this heave in a sort of joking fashion. This version of heaven usually, but not always, will have signing angels in them, weather it's greeting you at the gates, which are usually golden, or just singing in this fluffy world. Jesus is also thought to be in this realm of clouds and he to will greet you at the gates and give you his blessing and then he will be seen walking around heaven. In summery this stereotypical heaven is a world of clouds were Jesus and angels live.

2) Another Planet: Recently we have discovered just how large our universe really is and there for people have been conspiring that heaven is another world. However there are a few floors in this version of heaven and that is:

1-Over the centuries it would be full up and if intelligent alien life exists then there could be other races on this "heaven planet" as well.

2-The idea of heaven is that it is an eternal paradise, planets do not last for ever.

3-Assuming alien life does exist, aliens could have destroyed this planet or just invaded it for its riches.

So I think you'll agree this theory is unlikely but not completely impossible, as I said at the beginning I want you to form your own ideas.

3) Another Dimension: This you might say is the same theory as number 2 but if I explain dimensions a little you should understand why this is a different theory. Right so we're 3 dimensional creatures, what that means is that we live in the third dimension so there for we can see dimensions lower than us (2D and 1D) but we can't theoretically live in them due to he fact that we have depth as the as height and length. Plus if 4D, 5D, 6D, etc exist we would not be able to see the other dimensional factors higher than our own. Hopefully you understood that little lecture in dimensions and now understand why this theory is different.

4) Better Earth: Some people say heaven is a better version of Earth, this may seem odd but people who have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) have claimed to have seen bright rainbows and colors that they hadn't even seen before! Most people didn't believe them, scientists of course denying any possible thought of such a thing on official record. Until a Neurosurgeon fell in a coma for three days, when he awoke he claimed the same thing but he knew that it could have been a hallucination and that part of his brain was failing at the time of coma but he was convinced that what he saw was completely true!

5) My Theory: My theory is that when you die your mental self (which looks like your true self) will go to either heaven,limbo or hell. Heaven is another universe in the highest dimension and once there it will look like what ever you expect it to be, well that is for where you live in heaven. So if you went to visit a friend that had also died then their living space would look different and once in heaven you could do what ever you want and it would not harm anyone.

So if you enjoyed this hub please do say and I ask yet again for you to say if you believe in heaven or not and if you do what do you think it is. Thank You


If you believe in heaven, why?

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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      No one said school was going to be easy!

    • Skulduggery Jones profile image

      Nathaniel Plumtree 3 years ago from Basingstoke

      This is true but to have a true peaceful world you must achieve to get it peacefully and with the current state of politics, I find it hard to believe that will happen any time soon.

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Peace on Earth is possible as it is in heaven. Only it requires peaceful people.