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Heaven, why you should believe in it

Updated on August 10, 2014

Is this how you see Heaven and Hell?


What truly is heaven? Why do people believe in it? I will try to answer the second of those questions in this hub, I have supplied an answer the other question in an earlier hub. So why do people believe in heaven? Well I can tell you why I do, it's because I was raised as a christian and my grandparents were highly religious and as was my great grandma but I however do not believe totally in the christian faith, I have created my own set of beliefs since childhood. I believe that others may believe in heaven due to their up bringing or maybe they were converted to a faith or maybe they wanted a way to redeem them selves or just possibly they thought "why not?" and that is a very important question why shouldn't you believe in heaven? Is it because you believe that the universe depends on pure logic alone? I have created this hub to question the beliefs of its readers and letting them decide if they should believe in heaven.

Why do you believe in Heaven?

Why do you believe in Heaven

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So why believe in heaven?

We all at some point in our lives wonder about heaven but it can not be cast away as people think, the idea of heaven goes back thousands of years and so therefore is automatically built into any modern or historic cultures. Some of the readers of this hub may be reading it to learn why they should believe in heaven or maybe they're reading it to learn about my beliefs or maybe just laugh at me? Who knows. People believe in heaven for all different reasons and o list them all would take an eternity but if you believe in heaven please state why in the comments.

Earth Heaven

Maybe you believe that heaven is like Earth so you believe in it because it will be no different to the world we are living in
Maybe you believe that heaven is like Earth so you believe in it because it will be no different to the world we are living in


I have already said why I believe in heaven but why do you (if you do), is it because you have had a religious background/up bringing and (or) you are religious. If you do believe in heaven please say and I will add to this hub due to the more reasons I get, so in a way this hub will be never ending (amusing people read it).


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    • Skulduggery Jones profile image

      Nathaniel Plumtree 3 years ago from Basingstoke

      Yes that may be true but I like to believe that as humans we have some sort of belief in heaven to comfort us in the death of family.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

      I think we all believe in heaven purely because of genetic memory, going back in time we must have had some sort of proof that has come down through the years in our minds, nell