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Heavenly Dwellings

Updated on January 10, 2013

"There will be a perfect harmony in that society; those that are most happy will also be most holy, and all will be both perfectly holy and perfectly happy. But yet there will be different degrees of both holiness and happiness according to the measure of each one’s capacity, and therefore those that are lowest in glory will have the greatest love to those that are highest in happiness, because they will see most of the image of God in them." --Jonathan Edwards

This is one of my favorite passages from Jonathan Edwards. He beautifully put our standing in glory. I believe as the stars differ from one another in glory so will the Saints. I honestly believe our brothers and sisters in most other countries will be able to hold more of God's glory for they have been persecuted and tried more than most Christians in America. As right now we enjoy freedom of worship and fear not torture from the government. Though sad to say (if anyone is familiar with the Hobby Lobby case) we headed in a dangerous direction soon in America. I pray for and love our president but I do not agree with his anti-christian politics. Still non-the-less as of right now I have access to a loving Christian family, medical needs taken care of and access to local loving congregation. I can freely worship and love God openly every weekend. Many Christians in other countries do not have that and it's unspeakable what they endure for the kingdom's sake. I'm not saying Americans don't suffer (in other ways) and don't have the ability to hold large capacity of god's grace as well as our suffering brothers and Christ in other countries, but it all comes down to we are the pots, God forms and molds as he wishes. In heaven whether we have a large or little capacity to hold God's glory we we all be overflowing. Unspeakable happiness is the lot of least as well as of the greatest in heaven and i believe Johnathan Edwards (the Godly genius of a man he was) couldn't have put it better. I highly recommend all his works!


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