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Heaven's Gate ( what will you do when you get there?)

Updated on September 12, 2016

What would you do if you think you have reached heaven’s gate and knocked but the gate did not open? Won’t you wonder “am I actually at the right place (heaven’s gate)?” If there are other gates around or even far away won’t you feel like going to knock at those gates to see if they would open easily for you to enter? Few people may reach heaven’s gate and enter without knocking because it was already open for them. Some people may need to knock once or twice before the gate will open.

Many people turned back because the gate did not open as fast as they expected. Some of them even went to other gates which they did not truly love, and they ended up unhappy. Few people did not only reached heaven’s gate but they also stood there or even lay down knocking and waiting patiently for it to open, no matter how long it would take. They are certain it is the gate they dreamt of, desired, and would love to enter.
This is the situation of life because life achievements may seem easy to reach for some people while it would take much hard work for others to attain their goals, dreams, and sincere heart desires.

Truly like God said to Abraham, it has always been, “as far as you can see.” Yet many of us do not know it. Most of those people who had to wait at the gate did so because they could see beyond the closed gate. They are the class of people whose life’s achievement and success stories usually inspires others. This situation also concerns our marriages, relationship, professions, dreams, job among others because there are times we would wonder if we are in the right profession, in love with the right person, having the right dreams, and doing the right job. Truly what should matter is if what we do is for our own interest and the interest of others and if we sincerely love what we do be it job, dream, profession, or person because love is necessary for us to have patience to wait for the change we expect to see when the gate opens.
God said, “My thoughts for you are of good and not of evil to bring you to an expected end.” Therefore we can only reach the end we expect, if we can patiently hang on in our struggle no matter how well sealed the gate would look like. But lo!!! Fear not if you should have to wait for a life time or even die waiting at the gate which you truly love and strongly desire to enter. You should be happy for being faithful till the end. Most of the freedom humanity and Nations enjoy today were dreams that was started by some men. Most of these men did not live to see their dreams come true.
“All things work together for good to those who love God.” It would work for your good even if you die at that gate you sincerely love. Let us hold unto those desires that would benefit much humanity and not for our own selfish interest.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 19 months ago

      Thanks. We cannot inspire others without being inspired.

    • dolphme2000 profile image

      Oare Da Vinci 19 months ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Beyond the imagery and figurative, it is an inspiring article.

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 19 months ago

      Heaven's gate as used here has a different meaning. If the kingdom of God is within you (us) then we should agree that the gate is also within as you (us) said.

    • Joseph Ebedmelech profile image

      Joseph Ebedmelech 19 months ago from Nigeria

      The gate of heaven is in your heart. It is your ability to understand the wisdom of God thought to the Church throughout history. No one is prevented from entering. Those who couldn't enter were those who were either unwilling to learn the truth about God or thought that they were too intelligent to learn.