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Heliocentrism is Both Satanic and Absurd

Updated on October 28, 2014

Heliocentrism is Both Satanic and Absurd

Along with the false ideas of both Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory, we now also know that the Heliocentric Model is just one more Luciferian or Satanic lie used to diminish the power and majesty of God Almighty. The Heliocentric Model of the universe is the false idea that the earth spins around its axis, and the planets of our solar system revolve around our Sun, that our Sun revolves around a central point in our galaxy, The Milky Way, and that the Milky Way galaxy revolves around some central point in the universe.

Of course, as interesting as it may seem, it is all a magnificent lie. It is a magnificent lie because virtually everyone believes it to be true. We have all been brainwashed by a heavily manipulated system ruled by incredibly evil people.

Just how gullible must you be to believe in the Heliocentric model? You must believe that the earth is spinning around its axis at about 1,000 mph at the equator, that the earth is travelling about 67,000 miles per hour through space on its annual orbit around the Sun, that our Sun is travelling about 500,000 miles per hour on its orbit around a central point in the Milky Way Galaxy, and that the Milky Way Galaxy is travelling about 670,000,000 miles per hour through space on its orbit around a central point in the universe. Huh? Just check out the videos below to see how absurd Heliocentrism really is.

OK then, let's just suppose for a moment that the Heliocentric Model most folks believe in really is a lie and that some character called Lucifer (Satan) is ultimately responsible for it. Just who on earth, you ask, could he have possibly gotten to help him pull off such an elaborate global hoax? Whoever Lucifer (Satan) allegedly used must have been enormously wealthy and incredibly powerful. Just who, exactly, did Lucifer use to help him create and sell such an incredible lie? And, why on earth would Lucifer want to tell such a lie in the first place?

Before I tell you who Satan used and why he did it, let's take a look at the Geocentric Model of the Universe which is both Biblical and the accepted model of the universe for more than 1400 years. Plato, Aristotle, and Ptolemy all believed in the Geocentric model of the universe, based on their observations and experimentation.

The Geocentric Model places a motionless Earth in the center of the universe which shall never be moved. This is supported by the Holy Bible in 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalms 93:1, and Psalms 96:10. This means that the Sun, the stars, and everything else moves around the Earth. This makes the earth a truly extraordinary planet, a much more extraordinary planet than most of us have been led to believe it is.

According to the Bible, the Earth was created by God to be a very special and unique place for his children, you and me, to live joyfully and abundantly, worshipping and appreciating God. Lucifer, however, was jealous of God and wanted to diminish God's image while deceiving God's children, you and me, into worshipping him instead of God. Lucifer, symbolized by the Sun, needed to replace the Earth as the center of the Universe with the Sun so that we would worship him, not God.

Both Copernicus and Galileo worked for the Roman Catholic Church. Galileo came along after Copernicus to finish the job of selling the Heliocentric Model of the universe to the world. He joined forces with the most powerful Catholic in the world at that time, the top Jesuit, the Superior General, irreverently called The Black Pope, a man named Matius Vitelleschi who possessed the wealth, power, and influence necessary to make it happen.

So, you may be wondering, what does the top Catholic, the Jesuit General have to do with Lucifer? According to Biblical scholars, the Catholic Church is the Synagogue of Satan referenced in the Book of Revelation, and Satan's headquarters here on Earth. The Jesuit General, the top Jesuit, allegedly reports directly to Lucifer (Satan).

Of course, since the Society of Jesus was formed in 1540, the formal name of the Jesuits, who were created to serve as the military arm of the Catholic Church, there have been more than a thousand books written about their sinister role in starting wars and influencing politics around the world. Allegedly, they control the Vatican Treasury, have been the Rothschild's biggest customer since 1823, and essentially rule the world today in every way imaginable.

By replacing the Geocentric model with the Heliocentric Model, the Luciferians could make mankind, you and me, feel as if we are far less important to God than the special and precious children of God that we truly are. By creating this false idea that the earth was just one more of billions of planets, revolving around billions of Suns, in billions of galaxies, all possessing billions of other civilizations, we would be made to feel as if we were not nearly as important to God as we really are. Instead of feeling as if we are supremely important to God, we have been made to feel as if we are not very significant to God at all.

This lie of the Heliocentric model has led to the lies of Evolution and the Big Bang, all of which have been heavily funded by Lucifer's Synagogue of Satan. These lies have an enormously detrimental effect on virtually every aspect of our lives. Check out the videos below to see how they have continued to sell this absurd lie of the Heliocentric Model without even a shred of evidence to support it. Everything they have used to sell it is has been proven to be false.

Because they have such enormous wealth and totally control virtually every source of information, including education, organized religion, politics, and the media, the vast majority of people remain clueless. I just thank God for the internet and sites like HubPages where I still have an opportunity to tell the truth as I see it.

Make sure to check out the videos below because some of the logic and mathematical facts used to debunk the Heliocentric Model are absolutely convincing. You will see just how incredibly ignorant and gullible most of us are.

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