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Hello, God? It's Me Again!

Updated on June 30, 2011
I often look to the Heavens and ask God for a sign; some kind of sign that I will know I will be successful in my ventures to improve myself; body and soul. Alas, there are no visible signs. I do believe I am not asking the right questions. Right now, my questions are self-serving. I don't assume that God answers prayers such as these. I do believe that when I find the right question, I will have my sign.

The wait is silent...only my beating heart fills the room.

I believe I know the answer-

it's goodbye to my self pity; my sorrows.

For how long, I know not.

My mind has resolved itself for the end but my heart refuses to accept this verdict.

As I stand in the rain this morn with my eyes closed, my arms spread open

and my feet planted firmly to the ground..

I am ready.

I will accept my fate.

The rain will wash away my tears and attempt to clear my soul.

The rest is up to God and me.

I pray for the courage to accept obstacles that cross my path.

To embrace them as stepping stones toward my journey of "self".

I know not what I want from myself at this time.

I do know that I can no longer sit and stagnate, waiting for a miracle to jump in my way.

I will bow down and accept all forthcoming...

I feel your hand guiding me and your arms around me.

For now, I feel calm.


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