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Natural Magick Guide: Beauty

Updated on June 26, 2014


Ruler: Venus

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: skin, meat, pit

One of the most commonly known natural health and beauty products as both a skin-care product and as a food.

Avocado is a nutrient-dense fruit that contains 13 vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C and B which are good for your skin, and all others contributing to the many various systems of your body, which contributes to your health, which will reflect then to your outer beauty.

To obtain the benefits of this super-fruit, eat it, or spread it on your skin as a rejuvenating mask. Dry the skin for easy use in magickal spell work, including making your own incenses for beauty or love-related rituals or in ritual baths.

You can also grow an avocado from its pit to ensure a child grows up with both the long, healthy life of a tree and the beauty that comes with avocados.

Alternatively, grow one yourself to keep yourself beautiful over time as you age.

Avocados are frequently used as the base of skin-rejuvenating masks, but they can also be used to hydrate hair. If your concern about beauty is related to dry skin or hair, this would be an ideal herb to use, magickally and practically.

Evening Primrose

Ruler: Venus

Energy: Feminine

Magickal form: flower, oil, powder

Can be used in any of its forms as a viable spell component.

Evening primrose oil is sold as a vitamin supplement to help the treatment of many skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It has been linked to help other health conditions as well, though sufficient scientific evidence is lacking.

Add a few drops of oil to a beauty ritual bath or decorate an altar, or use the dried flower or powdered form for other spellwork.

Evening primrose is a feminine plant and as such, you may also use it magickally or medicinally for feminine-related pains, especially in the breasts.

If your concern for beauty is related to your body and its figure, incorporating Evening primrose to your rituals will be effective.


Ruler: Venus

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: flower, oil, dried

Another magickal use of this flower is to attract love. It was traditionally used by Hawaiian women to indicate readiness for marriage.

If your intentions for beauty are also closely related to a desire for committed love, use hibiscus in your rituals.


Ruler: Moon

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: all

Myth holds that Cleopatra used lemon wedges to prevent wrinkles. Other common uses of the lemon are purification and cleansing.

Add lemon juice or oils to anti-aging based rituals and spells.


Ruler: Neptune/Poseidon

Energy: Masculine

Magical Form: raw, cooked

All mushrooms are representative and hold illusionary properties. If your focus for beauty is to make yourself more alluring to a particular individual, mushroom is a good choice for rituals and spells.


Ruler: Ocean Gods and Goddesses

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: cooked

Before you crinkle your nose in disbelief, let me tell you that it was once thought that sardines made up the hair of the most beautiful mermaids.

Though you may not be a fan of the way they taste, sardines are over-loaded with vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus and omega-3 fats, all of which are good for your health, and so by extension, your beauty.

I don't recommend putting live sardines in your ritual bath. But you could eat them with some mustard sauce to increase the beauty of your strongest characteristics.


Ruler: Venus

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Forms: plant, oil

Palmarosa oil is extracted from the Cymbopogon martini plant, which is a green and straw-colored grass.

Therapeutically, palmarosa oil is used to soothe exhaustion, physical and nervous, and other stress-related problems.

It is also used physically as a cure for balancing the secretions of the skin, which is necessary for acne, mitigating scarring and skin cell regeneration.

Add the oil to a ritual bath or some of the dried grass or flower forms to a beauty altar.


Ruler: Diana, other fertility-based goddesses/gods

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: fruit, flower, leaves, food

This fruit, along with being incredibly tasty, has many beauty-related properties that you might not have known about!

Strawberries contain salicylic acid, so you might choose to add some to a face mask or another body scrub. Along with that it contains ellagic acid for ultra-violet ray protection, and when consumed reduces blood pressure as well. For undereye puffiness, sit with thin slices of strawberry under your lids for 10-12 minutes.

Magickally, strawberry is most often used for love and lust-based spells.


Ruler: Venus/Aphrodite, Benten

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: Color

Pink candles are sacred to Venus/Aphrodite's beauty associations as well as her Japanese equivalent, Benten.

Though it is not limited as a candle. Any pink item- altar cloth, decoration- will add the energy of beauty to a ritual or atmosphere.


Ruler: Hathor, Nuit, Aditi, Ocean deities

Energy: Feminine

Magickal Form: Color

Blue candles are sacred to the Egyptian beauty goddess Hathor and Sky goddess Nuit, and the Hindu goddess Aditi.

Blue is also the representative color of the element water, of which Aphrodite was born, and so has ties to beauty and love-related magick as well.


A wonderful stone with many uses, beauty being one of them. Alongside beauty, amethyst is also used for transformation.

If your beauty ritual is more particular to an evolution of self or transforming yourself, amethyst is the perfect gemstone for your bathwater, altar, the edges or side of your tub or in any other beauty-related setup you create.

Tumbled stones are cheap and found almost anywhere and still harness all of the power of its raw or cut form. I prefer the raw specimens (as pictured), though they are usually a little more expensive.

abalone shell
abalone shell

Sea Shells

Ruler: Aphrodite

Energy: Feminine

Magical form: any

Mostly scallop and clam shells for the purpose of beauty. Scallop shells are especially sacred to Aphrodite and are a symbol of beauty. Clam shell symbolism leans more towards love (especially when you have to clam shells stuck together).

Abalone is the most beauty-related of all the shells. Meditating upon one will help you come to peace with your beauty and also realize your inner beauty.

Avocado Mask & Hair Mask


1/2 ripe avocado

1/4 cup honey

Mash the avocado until it is creamy, then stir in the honey. Let sit on your face for 15-20 minutes.

Hair Mask

1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon honey

1/2 avocado

Mix everything but the avocado together, add the avocado last. Apply to your hair and let sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Shampoo after rinsing to let your hair re-regulate itself so it isn't too oily.

For more face masks and scrubs, check out my Face Masks & Scrubs article!

Beauty Ritual Bath

If you can't come up with your own beauty ritual, fear not! Here are a few ideas for a beauty ritual bath that you're welcome to build on or tweak to your personal path and beliefs.


Pink candles

Blue candles

Hibiscus incense

Any flowers, symbols or statues you'd like to use that are in dedication to your goddess or god of beauty and success. Perhaps a photo of the man or woman you're aiming to attract with your beauty. Also if you'd like to combine some elements for lust, love, luck, etc.

Beauty Bath Recipes

Lemon-Strawberry bath

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tbsp crushed strawberry juice

a pinch of salt

Add the salt first to warm water and then the lemon and strawberry as the tub fills.

Floral beauty bath

1 drop palmarosa oil

1 drop evening primrose oil

hibiscus flowers (whole or petal form)

a pinch of salt

Add the salt first to warm water. As the tub fills add the oils and after the tub is filled add the petal or whole flowers to the water.

I always add salt to bath rituals for purification, you may choose to add another herb, such as rosemary or sage, in its place, though be aware of conflicting scents if you choose to use herbs and incense or many oils.

When used alongside an avocado facial and/or hair mask, these rituals will be very effective.

Also making a dish to eat before or after your ritual bath will also amplify the spell and your intentions.

Is this to stir things up in the romance department? Check out my list of love ingredients as well to perfect your ritual!


Use the information provided at your own risk. While I did extensive research for this article, its intentions are for spiritual use, not medical. Do your own research or talk to your doctor for medical advice.


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