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Here is your weekly Horoscope for April 28th to May 4th!

Updated on April 27, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

A Message to all signs

This week's lunar cycle is going to be a bit difficult, it is a time to resolve, rest and attain closure in your life. Remember for the most accurate horoscope be sure to check out your Moon sign and Rising sign as well as your Sun sign.


▪This week Venus and Mercury are working together to bring love and learning to your inner self. This may translate to a general confidence, or a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.

▪The Sun and Uranus will be working with your ideals or values, even monetary. This week you may find that there is a sudden, unexpected change in the things you value.

▪Mars will be influencing your communications, this may make you short tempered or irritable. This also may cause you to feel passionately about new information, you receive.

▪Caring and expanding may take over your house of philosophy, it may lead you to be more kind, or compassionate towards others.

▪Pluto and Saturn will be affecting your public image, it may feel as though you are not quite who you want to be. There may be a mental block or a physical one, everything may seem up in the air, right now.

▪The moon being in your friendship sector, will make you more emotional when dealing, with friends and casual contacts. The moon this week tells us it is time to let go, retire, and make closings.

▪Neptune is in your subconscious part of life, this may make you rethink plenty of things, such as your goals, dreams or aspirations.


▪The Sun and Uranus fall in your sector of self, this week. This should give you a sudden change in the way you view things. It may even come close to an epiphany.

▪Mars in your money or values sector means you are more driven to make money, this week.

▪Your deep bonding sector will also receive some expansion and some nurturing. You may be truly connecting with your significant other or if you are single, you may meet someone who “just gets” you.

▪There may be a bit of restriction in your travel this week, making you not want to venture too far from home.

▪There is love and thoughts coming from your subconscious mind, maybe in the form of dream. Keep an eye out for any divine messages, in your dreams.


▪This week you may feel very energetic and confident. You may feel you are exactly where you belong, due to Mars being in your sector of self.

▪You may find that there is an expansion in your relationships or business contracts this week, due to Jupiter being in your sector of relationships and contacts.

▪You may find restriction in the depth of these bonds, but they will still have a good foundation for a relationship of any form.

▪The moon for this week is telling you to take a rest from giving, have you been giving too much of yourself, lately?

▪Neptune in your public image sector may have a softening affect, almost in a way of disbelief.

▪The placement of the Sun and Uranus in your sector of secrets, tells that there may be a sudden revelation. This may be shocking at first but as time goes by, it will be less and less surprising.


▪Your house of health and daily routine may see an increase this week. You may feel better than you usually do, but in turn may need all the energy you have to be productive.

▪There may be a change in your love life. It may come as a changing of people, how you relate to them or how they relate to you.

▪The moon this week may have an influence on some of your decision making. It may make your decisions a bit more emotional.

▪Neptune may make you feel a bit confused this week. If you are not sure what to do, or where to go next, that would be this influence. No worries there will be clarity soon.

▪Venus and Mercury are improving how others speak of you and how your reputation is viewed this week.

▪Mars may cause you to make rash decisions this week, it may cause, impulsiveness. This energy should balance itself out, mid week.


▪This week you may see a creative spark, due to Jupiter entering your play, leisure house.

▪There may be a restriction on the daily grind, giving you time to embrace that creative energy.

▪The moon this week may cause you to be emotional in relationships, or business contracts. Try not to take things emotions too seriously.

▪Mars is transiting your house of friendship, this may cause you to be a bit more compassionate with your friends and protective of them.


▪There may be an expansion from Jupiter in your stability, this week. You may feel more comfortable staying home than going out.

▪You may come across a sort of writer's block in your creativity, due to Pluto and Saturn being in your fun sector. No worries this will be cleared soon.

▪The moon this week is stressing that you take a rest from life, take some time to yourself.

▪While Neptune is making your dreams more loving and relaxing this week.

▪Mars will give your reputation a boost, others may think highly of you. Causing you to be able to relax, which is needed.


▪There will be an increase in communication this week, you may find yourself talking much more than usual.

▪There may be an area of your childhood that comes to light, it may be something you never understood before but are able to accept it now.

▪The moon is going to make your creativity emotional this week, it may make you a bit frustrated due to things not coming out the way you wanted.

▪The effect of Mercury and Venus in your relationship sector may cause you to learn about your partner, or just want to communicate with them more. If you are looking for the perfect partner, you may only settle for those that are balanced.

▪Mars may cause a desire to dive in head first into a new or emerging philosophy, it may cause you to binge watch an educational show or read as much as you can about life and your place in it.


▪Jupiter in your house of values could mean an increase in money, how you make it, or how you relate to it.

▪Pluto and Saturn in your house of communication may cause you to be a bit more tight lipped than you are accustomed to. You may hear secrets of others, or you just may not feel like sharing your mind this week.

▪The moon will bring emotion to your home front, it may come in the form of drama.

▪Neptune in your creativity and leisure sector may cause a more surreal artistic experience for you.

▪The only thing you may feel like talking about this week is your ability to feel good, this stems from Mercury and Venus being in your health and daily life sector.

▪You may feel a bit of a karmic connection this week, due to Mars in your house of mysteries and Karma. You may meet someone or find out something important or even have an increase in innate talents or gifts.


▪This week you may feel larger than the world, with Jupiter being in your house of self.

▪You may feel a bit of financial strife, or restraint. This is due to Saturn and Pluto being in your sector of values.

▪The moon will cause emotions to come forward in conversations, it may not be a good week to talk about important topics, as to not let your feelings cloud your judgment.

▪You may find that your dreams are a bit more peaceful this week, calming and sleep may really replenish you.

▪Mercury and Venus in the sector of creativity and play, may cause a desire to be all fun. You may not want to work this week, you may just want to relax and do things you enjoy.

▪The effect of Mars on your relationships sector may cause you to have more passion than usual with your significant other, or if you are single, this week may be filled with a deep desire to not be alone.


▪This week you may find it difficult to express yourself. You may find that you want things to change but do not have any ideas on how to create that change.

▪You may feel very strongly about values and be a bit emotional when they are questioned. That would be a Lunar influence, stay strong it is a very short transit.

▪You may find those around you deceiving you or you are lying yourself.

▪Due to this locking yourself away from others may seem to be an attractive idea.

▪Mars in your health or daily life sector may cause you to not feel well, physically. It is nothing serious either being worn down by stress, or you may have a change of weather cold, or even allergies.


▪With the moon in your house of self this week, you may find yourself showing a more tender side of your normally aloof personality.

▪Mercury and Venus in your sector of communication may cause you to be a bit more talkative this week as well.

▪Mars in your sector of creativity and fun will be beneficial to any endeavors requiring logic, or you may find yourself thinking outside the box. You also may find that you are a bit more passionate about your hobbies.

▪This passion compounded with the influence of Jupiter in your house of friendship, could cause you to meet and interact with like minded people.


▪You may enjoy the enhancement in your dreamy nature this week from Neptune in your house of self.

▪You also may find a balance in values or money, this is not the week to get ahead financially, but you will not fall behind either.

▪You may experience a spike in your communication, finding an interest in conversations of freedom, and breaking away from the world.

▪Mars is encouraging you to visit family or spend time at home this week, it may cause you to feel in a rush to get home, whenever you leave.

▪The moon this week may cause you to search your inner self, this may be an emotional search of your subconscious. It is simply an effort to put the past behind you.

Thank you for joining me for another week of horoscopes. Blessed be.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      11 months ago from Sri lanka

      Thank you !!!


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