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Here is your weekly Horoscope for May 12th to May 18th!

Updated on May 12, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

A Message to all signs

▪This week's Waxing Gibbous Moon is a time to build up and put finishing touches on all projects that were started. It is very close to the end of the cycle, where you implement your desires and manifest what is most important.

▪As always do not forget to read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) sign. This gives the best results to your horoscope.


▪This week is all about communication and home. You may find that you speak your truth a bit easier. You may talk to people who help you or just be in the right place at the right time. You may feel like a “chatty Cathy”, talking to anyone and everyone.

▪You may have some unexpected changes at home this week. You may feel the need to stay home more, it may need some transforming, or realigning. You may feel like your purpose is there, and you are meant to do this.


▪This week is all about your home and fun. You may find that you talk about being home more. You may strongly desire to be home. This may be to the point of believing you have a purpose of significant task to do at home. This may be unusual to you but this is a week to just chill at home. You may even find some luck in staying home. Like the $20 that you tucked in your slippers and forgot was there.

▪You may feel a change in what you find fun. You may discover a new sport, or hobby. This new hobby may be very important to you, it is your new way to draw creative inspiration.


▪This week is going to be all about taking an initiative, asserting yourself, ambition and social status. There may be balance brought to how you assert yourself. In other words you will not sound arrogant or modest. Just like you found yourself. This could be brought on by a sudden change in perception.

▪You may find that the goals you set for yourself, are just perfect. For once you will not be sitting on the fence about anything. You may find a steady pace to work on them goals. There may be a unplanned for change in how others view you. Others may begin to realize that you are living up to your potential. They may see that you are meant to be where you are.


▪This week may cause you to be stuck in your own mind quite often. You may see a change in finances or values as well. Your unconscious mind is in overdrive, thinking on how to attract luck, or why you have had bad luck. There is some emotion heading into your higher mind, and is giving you the ability to vent to those you trust. Even though you feel like you can tell some things don't be surprised if there are things you are not ready to talk about yet.

▪You may go through an emotional situation that increases your monetary assets. You may speak about increasing your assets. There may be an unexpected change to your assets. Like someone tipped the scales in your favor. Whatever the situation, it is meant to happen.


▪Well this week poor Leo you may feel as if being pulled in multiple directions. There are contacts to your way of taking initiative, your deep bonding, your subconscious thought and creativity.

▪You may be driven to do something to change your appearance. You may find extra balance in your appearance. Getting closer to being comfortable in your own skin.

▪You may take a short trip to someplace new. This new place may resonate deeply with you.

▪There may be a sudden change in finances. You may even be okay with talking about this financial change.▪Your inner thoughts may be racing, they may be restricting how you feel. Almost trying to be sure that all is what it seems.

▪You may find yourself feeling a bit more moody than usual, especially when relaxing. You may find that you get cranky. Take some time to rest, it is a taxing week.


▪The planetary alignment suggests one word to you this week... home. You may find that you want to stay home more than usual. You may be reminiscing of the past, maybe when times were easier.

▪You may find yourself constantly thinking of a change. It's like that you know something but just can't put your finger on it feeling. In time all will be revealed.

▪There is also a change to your ability to bond with others. This change will put you closer to who you are meant to be.


▪Well this week the main concerns may be friendships and higher knowledge. You may find an attraction to being with your friends. There may have been a change in who you consider your circle of friends. You may find more balance among your friends. You may be driven to be with your friends. Your friends may find a way of showing you the power you have, and never knew was there.

▪You may learn something that makes you emotional. You may fall in love with a new idea. You may change your feelings about something based on new information. This new information may be lucky in a way as to safeguard your emotions.


▪This week is all mostly about you, and a little influence on your friendship circle. You may really appreciate the person you have become. You may feel confident that you are doing the right things in life. You may look at yourself and realize how well balanced you are. You may see that some hard work has paid off, and yes you made the right choice.

▪Do to this new self assurance you may notice changes in your friends' behaviors. Happiness and confidence are going to be contagious.


▪This week is going to involve a lot of work, towards your goals. This may have an impact on your subconscious mind. You may talk about your goal more positively. You may have an extra attraction to your goal. You may find that the path to attaining your goal is easier than you originally thought.

▪You may feel a bit more emotional than usual. You may find that you speak what is on your mind more. You may find more balance between what you think and reality. You may feel the need to stay stable and on your current course. This stability will give you the power you need to feel like you are achieving your goal.


▪This week is all about public image and your inner thoughts. You should get driven feelings to enhance your public image. You may become more popular, and that may elicit some odd feelings from you. Almost a feeling of not knowing whether you like it or not.

▪Your inner thoughts this week will be driven by self expansion. You want to share who you are and what you think. You may want to give advice or help to others, just don't give too much. You may remember dreams this week, as being some of the happiest you can remember.


▪This week is all about friends and your connection to them. You may find an increase in emotion around your


▪This is going to be a very questionable week for you. You may feel confident, but also cautious. You may be healing some old wounds. You may find that you need to change some values. You may develop a powerful drive towards self improvement.

▪You may develop a curiosity of how to heal more. You may wonder where your luck went. You may feel that you somehow got skipped in the luck area. Like that saying “If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all”. Hang in there luck is always changing, the Arabic part of Fortune moves very quickly by next week, luck will be someplace else. friends. You may welcome a new friend to your life. You may really just want to be around your friends in an effort to forget your stresses. You may want to give to your friends, in any way you can whether it be monetarily, advice, help or anything else. You will be very warm towards your friends this week.

Thank you

Thank you for joining us through another week of planetary transits. Blessed be

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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    • Occult Spirits profile imageAUTHOR

      Occult Spirits 

      10 months ago

      I have noticed that you have read and commented on more than one of my horoscopes. First off, Thank you. In addition I am working to improve accuracy, so if you feel so inclined any input about the post is more than welcome. Again, Thank you!

    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      10 months ago from Sri lanka

      Thank you !!!


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