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God is BIG

Updated on March 1, 2013

Let's face it. God is BIG. He's not "big" like a Big Mac and He's not "big" like the mountains or the oceans or the plains. He's not "big" like the ocean liners, He's BIGGER. To put it into the superlative form, God is the BIGGEST THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. I mean, He made the universe after all.

It's actually scary how big God is, but then again, the fear of the Lord is something we all need before we can truly understand Him. Basically, He could smite you where you sit right this very second with a lighting bolt if He really wanted to. He won't, don't worry, He loves you too much to do that! No matter what you've done you don't need to fear that, but you do need to have a healthy fear of Him. Picture this: There is a girl lying on a bed in a room. Water begins to slowly creep in on the floor. It envelopes the things on the floor, wrapping it's ever reaching arms around everything, filling every crevice, every inch, every space. The level of the water slowly, but surely rises. It's reached the bottom of the bed frame by now. The girl on the bed is asleep and unaware of the looming power beneath her. The water continues to rise, still ominously submerging the furniture in the room. It's halfway up the bed. Then, it spills over the top of the bed. The girl feels the cold, clear water touch her, she wakes up, but lies still. The water continues to rise until only her face sticks out. The water starts rising faster and faster, filling up more and more of the room. The girl is completely submerged now. She's holding her breath but she won't be able to hold it for long. As the weight and pressure of the water increases around her, fear begins to show on her face: she's drowning. She's being crushed by the power of the water, she can't breath, she can't think, it's all too overwhelming. She's clinging to the sheets, holding on for dear life! Then, all she can do is simply let go. She releases the sheets and slowly begins floating upward. As she floats, it's like a dream. She's nowhere but everywhere all at once. Finally, she breaks the surface of the water and takes a deep, life bringing breath. She floats on top of the water and looks around. Could it be possible that the thing that was so overwhelmingly powerful just moments before be holding her up in this very moment, keeping her safely out of danger?

I got that illustration from a very good video that was part of a series of videos illustrating how big God is. God is like the water. He is incredibly powerful. To experience His full power would be so overwhelming it would crush us. When we cling to the ways of this world as the girl held on to the bed, we're resisting to acknowledge God and his power as something that could save us. Once we let go of the petty things of this life, Gods power will begin to support us, save us and bring us life, unbelievable, awe inspiring life. You just have to let go.

Although God's power is big and scary at times, it's so comforting knowing that He's on our side. No matter what you go through, no matter what happens to you, God is and always will be bigger than your situation. There is NOTHING that is too big or too much for my God! He's bigger than your drama, He's bigger than your stress, He's bigger than your mistakes, He's the biggest thing out there and He's on your side! He loves YOU! Yes, you! He made you and wants a relationship with you! He loves you so much that He sent His son, HIS SON, to die for YOU! That's a BIG thing! Jesus came and died for us so we wouldn't have to experience God's power or His wrath in a negative way. Before Jesus came the Israelites were held directly responsible for their actions. God would punish them with disease, famine and war. Jesus changed all that. When Jesus came all of God's wrath was poured upon Him. There was so much wrath that the sky went completely black, yet Jesus stayed up on that cross. Jesus is God, part of the Trinity, so He had enough power to have the option of getting off the cross and not dealing with our crap, but instead He stuck it out because He loves us THAT much! That much love is no small thing. It's a big thing.

In one of the videos in this hub it talks about God being the God of angel armies. It goes, "I know who stands before me, I know who goes behind, the God of angel armies is always by my side. I know who reigns forever, He is a friend of mine, the God of angel armies is always by my side." That's really encouraging to think about. An army is a pretty big and powerful thing in and of itself, but when you really stop and think about an angel army, that get's trippy. Angels are super powerful and even more powerful when you get so many together you can't even count them all and God's in charge of all of them. That's HUGE. And the fact that that same God, who is commander and chief of the universe's biggest and most powerful, undefeated and unbeatable army, is a friend of mine... That feeling is indescribable. It makes me cry when I think about it. That a God so big and powerful could love me, just another person in my town, just another face in my state, just another statistic to the country, just another number to the world, just a speck living on a slightly bigger speck found inside of a slightly larger speck floating around in the speck we call a galaxy and that speck of a galaxy is part of an INFINITELY gigantic universe that we can't even imagine, me, He loves me. He loves you that much too, even though you're in the same size situation that I am. It doesn't matter if you're Justin Bieber or Obama even. You're on the same scale as everybody else and God is bigger than you, but He loves you. Even if you were the only person who believed in Him in the history of the entire world, He still would have sent His son to die for you and Jesus still would have gone through with it. God is BIG. His power is BIG. His love is BIG. And it's a BIG deal.

That's My King!

The God of Angel Armies

How He Loves


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