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Higher Than Our Ways - 03

Updated on December 5, 2012



The stresses of the day often result in our minds and bodies becoming overwhelmed and short on useful function. In those moments, we can even find our attitude and behavior deteriorating. We might feel undervalued, rejected, or useless.

Some turn to exercise to buoy their spirits. Others turn to food or their favorite sitcom. Even facebook has been used in an attempt to recover from a tough day.

But these things are not a lasting source of strength. We know that because we’ve tried them. Our ways are not enough.

Do not despair. God’s ways are higher.

King David experienced the same stress and emotional fatigue that we do, although the particulars of David’s life were different than ours. David returned to his hometown to find it burned to the ground and his family taken captive. What did David do?

David turned to his creator. I Samuel 30:6 ends with this- “But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.” David’s next move was to seek God’s direction for the situation.

Take a lesson from David. Rather than seek relaxation or strength from man’s sources, strengthen yourself in the Lord and seek His will.


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