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Hinduism different Colors Significance

Updated on May 6, 2011

In Hinduism, colours have very important role in the religion and culture and shows a very deep significance. This transcends purely decorative values of these colors. Let's find the significance or values of these colors.

Colors of Hinduism
Colors of Hinduism

Hindu artistes always use colour on the deities and their costumes signifying their qualities. Proper use of colours create a look which keeps a person cheerful. Some of the main colours used in Hindu religious ceremonies are :  saffron , red, yellow , green , white.

In Hinduism red has more significance and the colour normally frequently used for auspicious occasions; like marriages, festivals , birth of a child etc. A red tika is put on the forehead during all hindu ceremonies and important occasions. This is a sign of knowledge. Marriage women put red "sindur" powder on their hair parting. They wear a red saari during marriage. Red "Gulal" is usually thrown on statues of deities and goddesses symbols during prayers. It is the colour of shakti (power). A red coloured costume is put on deities who are brave, protective and having the capacity tO destroy evil.

Saffron color represents fire and hence impurities are burnt by fire, This colour shows purity. It represents religious abstinence. It is the colour of saints and ascetics,These people have renounced the world. Wearing saffron colour symbolizes the quest for Knowledge of Godhead.

Yellow is the colour of knowledge and learning. It shows happiness, peace, meditation, and mental development. It is the colour that activates the mind. Lord Vishnu's pitaamber dress is yellow symbolizing his representation of knowledge. Lord Krishna, Ganesha, and rishis also
wear yellow pitaamber.

The God has given the maximum of blue in nature on earth We see the sky, the oceans, the rivers and lakes. The deity who has the qualities of determination and have the reach to the ultimate truth of being present in each living being, the ability to deal situations with stable mind and depth of character is represented as blue coloured. Lord Rama and Krishna are shown as blue. They spent their life protecting humanity and destroying bad. Shiva has Blue throat , who drunk the
poison to save the Devas or Gods hence they are coloured blue.

It is a combination of seven different colours of rainbow; hence it symbolizes a little bit of the quality of each color. It represents peace  , purity, cleanliness, and knowledge. The goddess of knowledge, Saraswati is shown in white saree, sitting on a white lotus flower. The other main deities would also have a little touch of white on their costume.

Green color symbolising peace , happiness and prosperity. It stabilises the mind. This colour is cool to our eyes and represents mother earth. A hindu puja or ritual have lot of green leaves in the process and use it as offering to god.

This is the multi-coloured view of Hinduism towards colors of Universe.


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      2 years ago

      Interesting information. I have read about the Significance of Saffron in Hinduism in an interesting blog and that was the first time i read about it. It is amazing to know that all of the symbols and colors associated with Hinduism has a deep meaning and significance with our daily life.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      this website really helps

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      why don't you make pages that kids understand


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