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God's Hands Let's Give a Thumbs Up

Updated on July 25, 2019
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

His Hands

His Hands Are So Worth It

It glimmered in the distance a large object that was drawing me close to its shine as bold shimmers spewed in an array that was enticing while intimidating. Turning away an option, but not one that I desired.

The warmth was unfamiliar and still all that I ever needed creating an alluring sense desiring closeness while maintaining a Cautious curiosity. At last in a seductive mist; an immense presence and a beautiful hand are reaching out, appearing to point in the haze, yet with a sweet greeting of acceptance.

A racing heart of confusion wants to trust what lay beneath the shadow. My eyes attempt to fixate on the enormity of this figure when I noticed a droplet of blood that appears hardened on the backside of the hand, leaving a stain where it has trickled.

In the center of this hand is a distinct hole from a piercing, which left a large opening that I can see straight through. The light radiates from it and then bounces right back to my face allowing incredible warmth upon my cheeks. This giant hand nudges me in a quiet invitation.

Grabbing hold, I nestle into the comfort of His hands as shelter. I raise my hand toward the sky a sign of my submission in limp agreement, and I am His forever, I always was.

Giving a Thumbs up Is Easy Right?

Giving God thumbs up is saying, “Sure I’ll follow You,” coming to know Him we put our hand in His. We say something like, “Hey God, I’m a mess, help me, forgive me, I want to walk with you through this deconstructing world.

Why then do we let go when we should hold on as tight as we can?

Do you notice it; are you doing it yourself? Just like toddlers, we wiggle away, eager to do things our way. Sometimes letting go of the storms is understandable. The wind is blowing; we are under attack. Don’t worry. He holds you closer during those times.

Though in the chaos of corruption, we’re pushing Him away, placing Him on the proverbial shelf, spitting in His beautiful face, even with this abuse it’s not Him that is letting go. We are misconstruing His message of trying to take the law into our own hands. Grasping for knowledge to puff up self rather than submitting to His word is dangerous.

Looking to the faults of others, we lose sight of the heart within that requires its tune-up. Is it our pride that limits us from the realization that none of us worthy? No matter the sin of another, our sin is just as great. In the eyes of God, no crime is less offensive, and yet God loves us so without condition.

Our Lord's Prayer deserves respect

He’s our Father, in heaven, hallowed be His name, His kingdom comes; His will done on earth as in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Your kingdom, we live, therefore, regardless of His disappointment; He wants your hand in His. If you gave Him the thumbs up, then He has chosen you and adopted you as His own.

The words of Our Lord’s Prayer, the words of our respect and glory, become just words if not put into action how we fall victim to the superficiality of works that glorify ourselves. Do we feel the pain of our sins against God, or are we more concerned with how that sin looks amongst our friends, family, even mentors, and teachers? Why do appearances cloud the genuine conviction of our heart as we deny our wrongs against God?

None of this makes sense if you do not understand or believe in Christ, and that is okay. However, He will present Himself to you, and it’s up to you after that, you always have a choice. I suppose this article is more for the acclaimed, Christ believer. If we claim Christianity, then we should love God with our whole heart and love others for their souls as we find them. To love everyone, we meet without condition loving him or her where they are, for who they are, how they are, as He loves us.

Don't give up on God

What stops us? What keeps us from in persistent worry about the wrongs of others as opposed to seeing what is inside each of us? We all live in a place of hope; hope that every time we screw up with someone or something, we can re-visit it and make it right. We can break things down deconstruct them then rebuild, without breaking one another.

How ridiculously we make this world and our lives about ourselves. Why aren’t we trying to understand the struggles of wrongs we see in others, are the very things we battle within ourselves? Why aren’t we more forgiving? It’s not our job to decide the wrongs of others but to love them. We can’t keep walking away from people we believe to be the problem, because we will all be standing alone, and then, at last, we will have to look into the broken mirror that remains.

If we listen to the broken mirrors around, fine, as long as we try putting some pieces back together. The picking up of parts goes well only when we have God’s word at the center of our conversations. We need to have boundaries for using His word as opposed to using human-made explanations to repair the damage.

We must also beware not to use mirrors more broken than ourselves to repair our own. It’s essential to be pliable in our application of understanding the root of another’s brokenness. It takes time, to listen and to process, reflecting what we think we see, so the other can say what’s there.

Then when we’re sure it will restore a piece of brokenness, we can apply the glue together and let it set. Take it slow, one bite at a time sharing the glue and helping to see where the pieces fit in before applying assumption. Perhaps if we do the work of healing, we can see again the glow of our faces. Then we can share this glow with others broken and separated from God.

When we stop seeing Christ in others, it’s likely we’ve separated either in small or huge ways ourselves. Depending on the work we will do in our walk will decide how we love Christ. We need to care for the hearts of those around us. The information age of communication is shutting down the fact that we are not communicating. We’re not staying in the battles together. Do we throw away friendships, marriages, and commitments of all kinds to please ourselves? Are we looking in the mirror and not seeing our cracks spitting in the face of the God who created all of us, every time we do this.

We are not giving thumbs up; we are giving up on God.

Shattered mirrors are but broken glass unless glued back together to see His image!

Glass or Mirrors it's still "shattered"
Glass or Mirrors it's still "shattered" | Source

Start picking up the peices

Start picking up the pieces. Start going to God and listening to what He has to say right where you are. Work on yourself so you can love those around you. Maybe then others can see your thumb’s up, and they will want to hold your hand and lift it higher with you.

If we keep doing what we’re doing breaking others apart and picking away at their “SIN,” then we are picking away at the very one who took the cross, Jesus who lives in the heart of every believer. By hurting one another, we deny the spirit of Christ within them. If we don’t stop the stupid, we will see God the way we see ourselves, “SHATTERED” with too many pieces to put back together even with His help. We should get busy forgiving. Trusting that if He put people on our walk, they’re worth it. If we throw them away when it gets tough, rather than picking up the pieces, we put holes in our Christ-centered lives. It is hard to be a marching saint when fellow Christians pick at your armor rather than help you put it back together.

Hopeless, Christians sat on a wall.

All at once, they started to fall.

All the King’s Children

And all the King’s friends,

Prayed hard to put them together again!

Be careful with your brokenness

The most important thing to remember when we wiggle away from His Hand is that He never let’s go. Just give a “Thumb’s up” in agreement. We may need to break through a few walls, but we can do it. We don’t want to end up like this!

Stop putting holes in one another

His Hands

Are you picking apart or putting together?

Are you a person who makes mistakes can you be part of a solution rather than remaining part of the problem

See results

© 2014 Kathy Henderson


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