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His charming Miracles!

Updated on March 21, 2013

The mischievous Lord!

His early manifestations at a different place!

Once Saibaba was staying with a recluse and they were conversing. Suddenly Saibaba jumped holding his chest and said; “Don’t shoot” and he swooned. Only after few hours he came to his senses and told the devotee to send a telegram to an address in Bhopal stating that ‘the revolver is with me’. But the devotee objected to the message and said that the Postal authorities won’t accept such telegrams for transmission. Then Saibaba has agreed to substitute the word, ‘revolver with instrument’. Accordingly the telegram was sent to the address mentioned by Saibaba.

The devotees then pestered Saibaba for further details about his swoon and his utterance ‘don’t shoot’. Saibaba explained the entire episode as below:

In Bhopal, there lived a senior Army Officer with his wife. Due to reorganization of the armed forces, several of youngsters got their promotion neglecting the seniority of this officer. He had worked sincerely and efficiently all through the years but the Government has overlooked his credentials and gave promotions to younger Officers! This made him much dejected. His wife was at that time left him for a short visit to her native. He was upset and decided to end his life with his office revolver. He tried once to check whether it works properly. When he tried to pull the trigger second time, there was some call at the main door. The Officer has slid the revolver below a pillow and rushed to the door to attend the call. When he opened the door, he found to his surprise his old friend, his wife and a porter carrying their luggage were standing. Welcoming them inside, they started chit chatting about the good olden days when they spent together in Army. This conversation with his friend removed the dejection from him. Finding that his wife is not present, they excused themselves and said they will visit him later. They have given another friend’s address where they may stay. Bidding good bye, they left. The Officer rushed to the bed room to take back the revolver below the pillow. To his utter astonishment, the revolver vanished from there. Again he wanted to verify his friends stay in some other address as told by him. To his surprise, the other friend told him that none has visited him so far.

The Officer was very much confused. The revolver needs to be found at once. Otherwise he will be in great trouble. Then he thought that it may be a miracle of Saibaba whom his wife used to visit at times. While he was ruminating thus, the doorbell rang and there was the telegraph messenger carrying a telegram from Saibaba which stated clearly “The Instrument is with Me-Baba” Now I would like to clarify certain points. While the shooting incident took place, Saibaba was in Andhra Pradesh in a remote village which is roughly 300 miles away from Bhopal. How Baba could react instantly the moment the Army Officer start to shoot? Instantaneously he appeared as his old friend, his wife and a porter too. Now we can surmise that Saibaba was ‘all knowing and aware of the innermost thoughts of the devotees. He saves the devotees at the neck of the time even if they don’t remember him at that time. He could assume any number of forms and manifest himself instantaneously at will. The above episode prove the love Baba shares with his devotees anywhere!


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