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His name is Truth, He wears a robe resembling the color of blood!

Updated on April 17, 2013

Saibaba and pillar of Unity of all Religions!

The prophesies of His birth!

These are all prophesies contained in most of the scriptures of the world. Like a flash of Light, he occupied the human form. Before the world could completely recognize him, he left his physical form to remain in Cosmic form. You are right if you think that I am talking about a very recent incarnation who adored the name "Sathya Sai". His life is his message. He has shown practically how people should live in this world and help each other in times of need. He knew that the people suffer due to the apathy of the government. Hence he founded free education and free health care to the deprived sections of the society. He provided potable drinking water to all the people in an entire District. He has enabled renovation of more than 200 kilometre of channel with concrete and covered the sides with polythene fibers to prevent leakages. All these, he has provided only for the benefit of all and not for himself. Today, his name reverberates around the globe. There may be no town which has not heard about him.

Sai centers throughout the world serves the poor and downtrodden.They silently perform many activities in weekly basis to provide food, health care and to lead life in a dignified manner. Even in the refugee camps in several places, Sai volunteers undertake providing bread and other eatables, providing blankets etc. The very idea of founding Sathya Sai Organization is to emphasize the Unity of all individuals of the world, though they may follow different religions, talk different languages and belong to different strata of society. Saibaba has clearly emphasized that "All are One, Be alike to every one". Help Ever, Hurt Never. The service to man is service to God. He never differentiated any based on region or religion or language. In fact, his emblem contains all the symbols of major religions of the world. Hence, it is no wonder, that people around the globe visits the place where Saibaba lived and preached for the past 85 years. He wants every one to abandon the diversity and seek the unity behind the human race. He has promised that the world will witness a glorified time, a golden age very shortly. Of course, he has promised to come once again in a different form in Karnataka region of India. He left his physical form on 24 th April 2011. Those who could visit his place when he was in physical form are fortunate. But those who could not see him physically, he satisfies them if their yearning is sincere by coming in their dreams and showing his presence by some miraculous manifestation of holy ash or some other blessings.

Though he was living in India, he has shown himself in different part of the globe and he has saved many from catastrophic situations. Many books have been written on His glory in almost all the languages of the world for the benefit of devotees staying in different countries. His Divine birth has been predicted more than 5000 years ago and a detailed description of him is contained in many religious scriptures in India. There is mention about him in the Bible as well as in some Islamic books. People who researched about the prophesies have collected those manuscripts which contain about his birth and placed it in a museum at Prasanthi Nilayam where He gave his Dharsan almost every day. One famous astrologer has collected many palm readings of Sathya Sai and preserved it in Delhi. In South India, in many different places, his birth and life written in palm leaves are preserved and they date back to 500 years. Many ancient sages who could delve into the future has recorded those events like Nostradamus. Even in the centuries written by Nostradamus, there is mention about him.

Shri Aurobindo, the founder of Aravinda Ashram in Pondicherry has broken his long silence and appeared in public, revealed that Krishna conscious has descended on earth. This announcement was made on 24th November 1926, just one day after the birth of Sathya Sai.

Saibaba has not come to start a new religion or cult. He had come to show the world, the ancient highway of "Sanathana Dharma"-the ancient pathway of Righteousness which is applicable to the entire humanity. His teachings contain the Truths of all Religions. He advises us to cultivate Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence!


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