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History of the Martial Arts P1 - In the Beginning, God . . .

Updated on December 6, 2012

In the Beginning, God. . .

If its in the world, it was created by God. If God is not the author, it was corrupted by the devil. It’s that simple. And the martial arts are an example of this corruption.

God created everything for His purpose, Colossians 1:16. Once it was created, whatever "it" might be, the devil tried to copy, Isaiah 14:14. In doing so, the corruption began. Our subject of corruption is the martial arts. We will be looking at this in depth in the study title "Martial Arts and the Bible" here on Hubpages.

As a lead series, we will first present "History of the Martial Arts" which are several pages of Biblical history tracing the martial arts from the Middle East to their present store houses in Far East Asia. Then, beginning with Japan, and moving backward, returning to the Middle East where the martial arts had there beginning.

At this point some may scoff and move to other pages. This is their right, but it does not change the facts of Biblical or secular history.

The Christian Martial Arts Fellowship (CMAF) was begun as a karate system designed to bring Christians back to the art of self-defense and Christianity back to the martial arts, and to honor God in do so.

As we have fellow shipped with other Christian martial arts programs over the years, we have found their purpose was originally the same, but they have failed to separate themselves from the occult factors prevalent in most traditional programs. If a program is to take the title of "Christian," then it must have a Biblical foundation in all aspects.

Christian martial arts schools and systems, for the most part, have failed to correct this most important issue. We cannot believe this is by design, but we do believe that, for the most part, it is due to ignorance. Ignorance has become an "cuss" word to a large degree in American and Christian society, as it is presumed a condemning word, but it need not be.

Ignorance, as we are expressing it, is nothing more than a lack of knowledge, knowledge that is readily available but never sought. Most instructors teach a style of martial arts in the manner in which they were taught. However, they have never investigated or challenged the propositions associated with the style taught. There are many excellent Christian martial artists who execute technique in a near flawless manner. They are able to teach the seemingly unteachable. But they have never questioned, for instance, the meaning of the Korean flag which still hangs on the wall. And here is the problem.

The instructor might have a good Christian foundation, but what about the students? If an aspect of training has an occult relationship, it should be removed. Why a is belt tied the way it is tied? If you can’t give a good answer to this question, it is only do to lack of study, ignorance. We instructors are responsible for everything the students learn in the training hall. We will ultimately be held responsible, by the authorities for misuse and by God for allowing unscriptural teachings, 2 Timothy 3:15.

Some instructors have pulled away from traditional philosophical teachings but have kept the discipline the same. If, and we emphasize "if", if the instructor does not investigate and school himself in the history of the martial arts, in all probability, they will unknowingly keep or allow in or fall back into certain occult factors associated with the discipline they teach.

CMAF believes that a traditional styled discipline may be taught from a Christian perspective if the leadership of that organization schools themselves in the history and traditions of the traditional arts. It will mean they will have to go back to the beginnings of the arts, using the secular information available, and clean out all things that do not honor God.

This short history of the martial arts is for everyone, but in particular we hope to spur an interest in study and help other Christian instructors. It is not our intent to be "better than you" in our format, but to express a "can we help you" attitude.


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