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Hold On To Your Faith

Updated on August 4, 2017

Faith- Hope- Charity

 I always knew that I had a very strong connection to the Lord. Many strange things have happened in my life that would have no earthly explanation. Sometimes, we question our direction because we do not understand where we are going. I have figured out that it is not up to us to know why, or where we will be in life. When you really think about the direction that you have been brought to, it is comforting to know that Jesus has taken you there.


I have heard these words, many times over and over. It is only now that I understand what their meaning is. Hope is your dreams, Faith means never stop believing in the Lord. Charity is the help of others for food and shelter, until you rise above the present situation.

A Lesson

I was suffering for many years, with two bad knees. I never had enough money, even when I had insurance, I still could not pay the required twenty percent. I had found a job, last year which was 3 1/2 hours from my home. I was hired, and waiting for the recruiter to come from back from vacation. I was looking online and I saw that the same company had the same job 40 minutes from where I lived. If the recruiter would have returned from his vacation on time, I would not have had the job closer to my home. I was given insurance papers to pick a plan, I just picked the one that stood out.

During the time of my employment, my knees were so bad, I could not walk without pain and limping. I was laying in bed one night, and something said to me, which would you want, the knees or money? I thought about it, and answered that I would take the knees. I went back to work to find out that the company was closing in 2 months. I called the insurance company to check and see how much I would have to pay for a operation and I was told that it would be covered 100 percent.  Freaky, I took the knees and lost the money, and the company closed.

The Dentist

I had been seeing this Dentist for about a year. One day I had an appointment, and I was sitting in his chair. The Dentist was rambling about religion, or something, then he made a very cruel remark about The Virgin Mary. Since he was Jewish, I could not understand why he would say what he had said in the first place. I just looked at him, and told him that I did not appreciate what he had said. All of a sudden, he looks at me, drops his instruments on the floor, and is bolting out of his office. He is gone,  I get up and see the receptionist, who was his wife, and I asked her where did he go? She does not know, I see patients in the waiting room. So I leave and go home.

 The next day I call the Dentists wife, and she tells me that all she knows is that her husband told her that he had seen something come out of me that scared him so bad, that he left the office, and the building and was running down the street. I never went back to his office again.

Our Present Situation

I have heard that when you have too many problems to handle, give them to the Lord. I did that, and I ended up moving back to where I started. I heard that in California,because so many people lost their homes and were living in their cars on the street,  they made a special parking lot with assigned numbers. Is that a solution to the problem? It appears to me that the hard working class just gets a small band-aid to try and cover a deeper wound.


I will never give up, I will sign for all the summons that knock on my door. I find it funny that the banks have inflated the charges, they are not the same creditors, they have no documentation or account numbers, and they want money. The hand of greed mongers has taken over the earth. There appears to be a lack of jobs anywhere in the country. People, including myself have lost everything, we had perfect credit for 20 years, so we are not paying on purpose. The people that needed the help, received nothing. The cash for clunker program, is a joke. Who can afford a car loan? The Home For Recovery Act, served no purpose.

The reality is that we are drowning and I do not swim. They raise the cigarette tax to increase revenue  they will not receive because no one can afford to buy the cigarettes to smoke.Perhaps I can attach my bill to the summons for my time to answer it. I had to research and find my legal rights. Guess what, being broke insulates you from the execution of collecting a judgement. I doubt that the Banks are going after people that have money, but the ones that do not.

My faith remains strong, and I know that I will find what I am suppose to do, and where I am going.





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  • Rainbow777 profile image

    Rainbow777 3 years ago from Florida

    I am and still here!

  • Guanta profile image

    Guanta 6 years ago from New York City

    Rainbow777, you strike me as one dynamic woman. You have an incredible ability to 'live' by faith not just to talk about it. Many blessings to you!!

  • Rainbow777 profile image

    Rainbow777 8 years ago from Florida


    I think we should have truth day, I always tell the truth, but people should try it for 1 day, it is very effective!