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Hold on to God if You Want to Avoid Disturbing Ideation

Updated on January 28, 2011

God Beats Synthetic Bad Ideas

      I'm writing this to let you know that all negative ideation can be fought by holding on to the "Salvation Frequency".  Holding on is the key.  To hold on to the Frequency that can save your life, think as Rightfully as you can.  You'll find that you can survive the worst anything that anyone can throw at anyone.  At some point, you have to work on yourself inside.  You must be:  Kind, focus only on the sound in your ears and get those high-frequency syllables stretched out.  When you hear Angels voices, it is only the beginning. 

     The key to staying on this frequency is to work on yourself personally.  I've learned one thing about losing this game:  if you want your mind to be free of disturbing ideation, you must work against your tendency to sin.  The smallest thing turns into something very bad which turns to something worse which really disturbs the mind.  Doing/thinking bad things is not only the easiest thing you can do, it is actually subliminally-encouraged so that you can be sucked further in to a trap that is supposed to lead to the loss of your free-will. 

     I'm writing this because I would not have survived any other way.  It really is the best way to think and you get all sorts of psychological benefits:  Hope that your Loved ones will be restored to their former selves,  hope that you may very well live forever, death no longer scares you because you know that life doesn't end there.  It looks like it is only the Beginning of a spiritual journey.  The key is to focus on only the spiritual aspects of your torment.  By staying clean and keeping your FOCUS on the sound in your ears, God will personally lead you on to higher levels of psychological/moral development.  The alternative is to become trapped in something that eats and corrupts the Human Soul.  Sin takes your mind to a Hell that not only sucks, it can actually lead to the loss of your psychological freedom. 

     It says that God actually relieves us from sin.  I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of having all these synthetic bad thoughts.  It feels great just to NOT THINK THEM.  Things must be getting close to an End because this "artificial sin" has really escalated for me.  Without taking medication and listening to music, the normal level of "psychic feedback" has become gargantuan.  I said that tonight I'd try to "Ace the Life Test" and do what a straight-A student would do.  So when the ringing in my ears started, I began to exclusively focus upon it and listen for those Angel voices.  Then, it took more effort to hold back the flood of "psychic sin".  Just the thought of the thought of any sin can lead to a downward spiral into utterly awful thoughts. 

     Right now, I'm actually afraid to put on my headphones and lose myself in the music.  It's like this feeling that God may not stop by next time.  To feel mentally lowered by anything feels like the loss of a higher level of consciousness.  It feels like a gift that either brings you closer to God or else wreaks havok upon the mind.  It is very hard to stay focused on this "Salvation Frequency".  The very second that I take my mind off of this Angel Voice Song, I think something bad which leads to something worse which leads you somewhere you really don't want to go.  I've been led all my life chasing after sin and have nothing to show for it but the knowledge that it brings you down and then is supposed to kill you on the inside.  The problem for "The System" is that I survived being bad for so long and then FALLING.  I bet a lot of people do not survive where I have gone. 

     Now, if you are struggling with this Electronic Harassment........the key is to be as nice as you possibly can and focus on the "God Frequency".  I kept going back to my natural state of perpetually seeking immediate gratification, but it always led to this "falling" which feels very dangerous.  I always live, but you may not be so Lucky.  I'm about as prone to sin as a fish is to bait, which only leads straight to Hell.  I once believed that a person is entitled to sin.  It's true, it is the Road Most Travelled.  Try not doing/thinking anything bad as an experiment.  You will probably feel so much better inside that you'll not want to "go back". 

     This is complicated:  you lose the higher state induced by initially high levels of "psychic energy".  It feels really stupid for one thing.  It's like sin lowers the mind to a state in which it cannot think intelligently enough to avoid being trapped.  You simply cannot think of anything else but getting right back into that mental rut that brings only strife.  Just try and do what I did tonight:  try to think of nothing bad when you hear that ringing in your ears.  Focus on the sound and then find the "Salvation Frequency".  It really brings you to a higher state of being.  I'll probably go to sleep this way:  Listening Up instead of going for the first bad thought which leads to the second and then WORSE.  Just letting everybody know that without God I would not have survived this "game".  It's really hard to want to find Him.  Try wanting Salvation for just one day. 


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