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Hold on to the Center to avoid grief and pain of earthly life!

Updated on November 20, 2015

The Center is quiet!

The center is the safest place to dwell!

In olden days, when there was no mixies or grinders, people used to grind the grains in a stone grinder which was circular in shape. It had one base stone with an embedded iron rod in the center. A circular stone with a hole in the center was fixed above the base stone. When the ladies want to grind rice or other grains or cereals, they will place a handful of grains in the top hole and start rotating the upper stone with a handle on the peripheral fixed for the purpose. The grains will slowly get in between the top and bottom stones and during the rotations, it will get pulverized. A saint called “Kabir” noticed the above process of grinding and complained to his preceptor that he too felt the grinding due to the mundane life. The guru “Nibatiranjan” told Kabir, “Do not move far away from the center, turn back to the center and hold on to the center piece. Then you will be safe!

The above episode contains a great teaching to all the devotees and pious people. Naturally, everyone in the world is affected by the viscititudes of life. The mind really undergoes the grindings of mortal life due to the pain and grief very often. What is the center place? It is the nearness to the self or soul within. As we move away from the self and venture into the world to satisfy our personal needs and pleasures, we will undergo the tumultuous journey which in turn will bring the associated pain and grief. Venturing into the world is getting involved in attachments and desires. As Buddha has rightly pointed out, “The experiences derived from the world never last. Everything is destroyed ultimately”

This is really the teachings of many wise people in the world. All saints, sages and prophets repeat the same truth whenever they assume a human form. Their mission is only to illumine the mind of ignorant and worldly people. When Jesus came into the world, there was utter chaos since the temple premises were used for bartering and selling the birds. Money was enthroned as the deity and morals were given the go. Jesus observed this with constraint. He got fed up and drove all the mercenaries and traders from the precincts of the temple. This infuriated the traders who complained this to the chief priest. The chief priest wielded much clout in the palace. Also, the money lenders and others got infuriated by the admonishing of Jesus and they started planning to eliminate him. Moreover Jesus attracted a mass of good people who followed him wherever he went. He delivered beautiful sermons to those people; most of them were poor and affected by the highhandedness of temple priests. Sadly, this culminated in serious charges being framed against Jesus.

Jesus has already forewarned his disciples that they will face the ire of the people; they will be tortured and put to death. In spite of that, most of the disciples accepted his sermons and become faithful flock that was instrumental in collation of Bible, which became the religious scripture for all the Christians later. Baring one or two, other disciples followed him and propagated Christianity wherever they went after the ascension of Christ! In India, we have two graves of his two disciples who were killed by the ignorant people. Their bodies were entombed in two places in St. Thomas Mount and the other one in Goa. Hence the followers implicitly followed his teachings and started touring different places to propagate the teachings of Jesu. Thus we have many churches in various parts of India and other places. His Ten Commandments tally with the teachings of other major religions of the world.

Even if we follow any one of the teachings of saints or prophets, we will get transformed automatically and attain salvation which is the ultimate aim of human life. Hence do not venture into the world if you want to remain in peace!

Peace in the center!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Oztinato. I will surely try elaborating in another hub.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      Great hub. Can you expand upon it?