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Hold on to the centre to gain Peace!

Updated on July 7, 2014

The centre and rim, the mortar for grinding.

The centre is the seat of calmness and Peace!

Remaining at the center is always safe than moving to the periphery. In the center, there will be least disturbance compared to the peripheral. For instance, consider the wheel of a bicycle. Which point in the wheel is least affected? No doubt, it is the center of the hub from where the spokes of the cycle originate. The outer rim is subjected to movement on roads which has got many bumps and holes. There may be sharp stones or thorns or even one may have to wade through slushy surface! But the center of the hub is unconcerned with the rim of the wheel which undergoes all these aberrations.

This exactly resembles our life on earth. We are all like the outer rim of the bicycle which is constantly in touch with the rough road and is subjected to the pricks from the stones and thorns. But, there is one invisible entity, which is absolutely unaffected, by the ride or the movement. This exactly is the center Self, As we have noticed in the bicycle, the center is least affected. If we could pin point a minute point in the center where there is no discernible movement, it is the Self or Atma of the individual. The world may undergo terrible holocaust but the Self remains in peace. It is no way agitated by the storms and tornado that affect the human race. We talk about the eye of the storm or center point of a hurricane. Bombs were hurled during world war on two beautiful cities of Japan. Within few seconds, every thing was under debris, killing people in millions and maiming many and affecting the future generation also. This is the fury of the atomic reaction. But both Hiroshima and Nagasaki revived. That is the un-daunting spirit of the Japanese people. Though there were severely affected, yet they rose from the debris like the Phoenix bird. That confidence and courage emanated from within each one there.

You may cut the bodies to pieces but the spirit remains immortal and it is never cowed down by tortures and atrocities. That is why the world still survives and humanity flourishes in spite of man made disasters and greediness. Who made them to rise once again? It is the spirit within which is immortal. This spirit is veritably the center of every individual. In olden days in India, there is a stone grinding mortar which is used to pulverize various grains to powder. There will be a circular stone at the bottom with an iron rod embedded in the center. The top circular stone of the same dimension is used to rotate around the center iron rod at bottom. There will be a circular hole in the top stone through which grains and pulses will be fed. Then with a wooden or iron handle at the rim of the top stone, the top stone is rotated over the bottom stone. The grains fed at the hole in the top slowly get displaced and they come under the moving stones. By this process, the grain is pulverized and used for preparing food. A famous saint Kabir once saw the process of grinding and went to his preceptor and said in a wailing tone. Observing the grinding process, I am anxious and worried that I too had to undergo this grinding in this miserable life”. To this, his preceptor told him, “Do not fear, you can escape the grinding by holding to the center rod so that you won’t drift towards to periphery.

There is a great philosophy behind this story. Always remain centered in your self. Do not move towards the periphery which is worldly attractions. If you move towards the center, every thing will be well and you won’t be affected. Hence, those who intent to remain calm and peaceful, should avoid venturing in the external world cognized by the senses!


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