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My Path to Our Heavenly Father bought me into the Hands of Faith

Updated on December 16, 2013

Faith in our heavenly father


Becoming Saved required that I Believe

I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that I am a Christian. So many things have happened to me to question my Christianity. But I have to tell myself that everything happens for a reason. On March 22, 2012, I turned my life over to God and received the holy ghost. What a joyful day that was. I got baptized! Now I want to be to able to spread the gospel and prove to my Lord that I am worthy. I don't know what I can do to show heavenly father that I am trying to go above and beyond to fill his wonderful spirit with me each and everyday. I crave knowledge of my Lord and so I read his word and I am constantly trying to prepare myself for the day he will return.


Growing Older and Further Away from Christ

Children are so open to life and knowledge. They are innocent and pure until evil people ruin it. When I was introduced to religion, I was so eager to learn. As years went by I grew farther and farther away from God and into the arms of guilt, betrayal and I started paying for the consequences of my actions. At least while I was young I felt protected by my parents love and the veil of the holy spirit. Now I am just alone.



A Calmness Came Over Me

I use to go the hospital all the time. It seemed as though nothing was going right for me in this world. Every time I would feel as though I wanted to harm myself I would check into the hospital, which isn't a bad thing to do but when will I find that inner peace to love myself enough to not want to harm myself. According to Wikipedia, self harm causes 40 to 60% of suicides.

One day two missionaries came to see me and gave me the Book of Mormon to read. I hated that they came to see me because I wasn't ready to feel the warm love of our heavenly father come over me from someone caring enough to spend time with me. I thought they were sent directly from Jesus Christ himself.

The left my with a word of prayer and I went to sleep. While I was sleeping I had a dream that I was dressed in all white surrounded by water in a temple full of people. The guy standing next to me was dressed in all white as well. He leaned me back and my whole body from head to toes was covered by water.

"Could this be a sign?" I asked myself.

Excitement and Fear

I quickly called the missionaries and told them about my dream. The in return showed me a video of the church being restored to its full glory and Jesus getting baptized. Was this conformation? When I got out the hospital I went to a baptism at the church...still skeptical of the dream. I wanted to be a witness for myself and my own peace of mind.

The baptism was just like it was in my dream. I was so excited and scared at the same time. Has anyone every felt that way about something so pure I wondered. The missionaries came to me and gave me a date of when they thought I should get baptized, I told them that they had a lot of teaching to do first. Just because I had a dream and it was conformed I still wasn't going to jump into anything.

So after much research and investigating I was ready to turn my life over to God. When I stepped into the water and was leaned back and covered with holy water I was so happy and calm. I knew nothing could hurt anymore, our heavenly father was by my side. Excitement filled the room as I came out of the water realizing that all my sins had been washed away I was new again. Yes sure I make mistakes every now and again but Jesus forgives me if I repent.

Repentance and living by the commandments is what I strive to do each and everyday.

How do you feel about the story I have wrote.

Have your dreams ever lead you down the path of righteousness?

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A Mission from Me to You

How have you grown closer to the Lord? Please share your stories with me. I love reading about our heavenly father.


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