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Holy Thursday and the New Commandment

Updated on April 11, 2013

"I give you a new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you" - (John 13:34)

Holy Thursday kicks off the last three days of Holy Week. Oftentimes referred to as the Easter Tridium or Triduum Sacrum, it is here where the 3 part drama of Jesus' ultimate redemption begins. In contrast to the stark, grim and barren tone of Good Friday, Holy Thursday finds Jesus at supper one last time with his beloved brothers the Apostles ("For He loved His own in the world, and He loved them to the end").

Although deep in introspective emotional agony by virtue of what He was to knowingly endure the very next day, Jesus forgoes the easily and well-traversed path of self-pity and fear to instead leave his friends with a lasting example to strive for and to emulate. Not only does Jesus humble himself to share in our humanity, he partakes of the two acts that essentially defined and highlighted His time on Earth.

He takes one last moment to teach and to serve.

John's Gospel takes us back to the Passover Supper, evoking our rich Judeo-Christian tradition, where Jesus washes the Apostles' feet in a genuine and tangible gesture to lead by example. A number of them are taken aback by this gesture, but Jesus goes on to explain to them that as the undisputed teacher and master, he has given his disciples a model to follow.

Imagine if our modern day "leaders" and "masters" (political leaders, CEOs and such) were to faithfully follow Jesus' example and re-dedicate themselves to the notion of serving the voting public, or their shareholders or their hard working and loyal employees?

Pope Francis I celebrated Holy Thursday Mass at the juvenile prison Casal del Marmo in Rome, where he too washed the feet of the young inmates. What a tremendous message of hope to send to these youngsters, reinforcing the fact that Society has not forgotten or given up on them. Quite the contrary, for as we learned in Luke's Passion, the criminal who was to be executed next to Jesus, the man who Biblical Historians refer to as Dizmas, implored the Son of Man to remember him when He entered into His Kingdom at which point Jesus assured Him that he would in fact on this day be in paradise. As our brother's keepers we can never give up on a person or abandon our efforts to reach out to them. Ever.

As the Easter Season winds down towards the dramatic and triumphant climax that is Easter Sunday, our need for introspection remains strong. Are we following the path that Jesus blazed for us with regard to service towards others? Do we love our neighbor as ourselves?

Martin Luther King once said "within every man exists the potential for greatness, because greatness is not measured by fame, but in service to others".

May we all be so blessed as to achieve such greatness, for in doing so we will know that Jesus will be smiling as He observes us as we put forth our best efforts to serve Hinm through His beloved children.


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