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Holy Wrath: Did an Angry God Shake a Sinful Japan?

Updated on March 15, 2011

God and Natural Disasters

(This post is going up on my blog after being published here, but I wanted my HubPages followers to read it first and perhaps give me some interesting feedback,)

I do my best not to get too loud here on this blog, but I have to in this case. Not even hours after the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011, the radical religious groups (especially in the U.S.) were claiming it was God’s wrath against that ‘atheist’ nation. They said that those thousands who died, and their surviving families, friends, and colleagues around the world, had caused God to become angry and needed to show them His Holy Disapproval. “They now have a chance to turn from their wicked ways and become the good Christian nation the Lord wants them to be,” a local spokesperson for the Christian Right said in Portland, Oregon.

I know that the more you criticize the Right, the more they are convinced they are of The Truth. So, there’s no point telling them how wrong and insensitive they are. No use saying that their point of view is as worthless as bat crap. No need to bother ranting and raving about how wrong their religious system is and has been for centuries. They won’t listen.

My only advice to the clear thinkers and lovers of humanity among us is to recognize the religious idiocy that still pervades this world and do our best to quietly work around it, doing our best to undermine their basic premises. We can do this by continuing to advocate and work for the health of the planet, the equality of men and women everywhere, women’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies, gay rights, and religious freedom. And those are the tip of the iceberg.

Quietly, moving through the world doing the good that radical religionists cannot or will not do, we help to create a mind shift that can and must bring real cooperation.

You are a clear thinker. You are a lover of humanity. You must be the change you would see in the world. You are the true savior.

Loud enough?


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    • RichardSpeaks profile image

      Richard Kent Matthews 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area

      Science is the only answer to natural disaster, not old books and dead men. Peace.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Bible (Nahum 1:2-8 NLT)

      The LORD is a jealous God, filled with vengeance and wrath. He takes revenge on all who oppose him and furiously destroys his enemies! The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished. He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet. At his command the oceans and rivers dry up, the lush pastures of Bashan and Carmel fade, and the green forests of Lebanon wilt. In his presence the mountains quake, and the hills melt away; the earth trembles, and its people are destroyed. Who can stand before his fierce anger? Who can survive his burning fury? His rage blazes forth like fire, and the mountains crumble to dust in his presence. The LORD is good. When trouble comes, he is a strong refuge. And he knows everyone who trusts in him. But he sweeps away his enemies in an overwhelming flood. He pursues his foes into the darkness of night. (Nahum 1:2-8 NLT)

      "If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept the commandments of my Father, and I abide in His love." (John 15:10)."If you love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15); and, "He who has my commandments with him and keeps them, he is who loves me and he who loves me will be loved by my Father. And I will love him and reveal myself to him" (John 14:21); and,

      In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

      By Time (through the ages), Verily Man is a state of loss, Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds,

      and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth,

      and of Patience and Constancy.


      Chapter ''The Time''

      God revealed the Old testament, People abandoned it, Propeht Jesus came to the Jews to revive it and brought the New Testament. He told not to preach to non Jews but dome didnt listen.

      (1) Jesus–”Go not into the way of the Gentiles” (Matt. 10:5) and “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matt. 15:24), and “…for salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22)

      Propeht Muhammad is the brought the Last testament

      May Allah be pleased with them both

    • RichardSpeaks profile image

      Richard Kent Matthews 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area

      Actually, it might do us ALL a lot of good to quit invoking God every time a natural disaster occurs. I can predict with certainty that many storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods will hit the world in 2012 and beyond. One does not have to believe in a wrathful God to know that!

      Thanks for your comment, Highvoltagewriter...

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Actually bat crap is quite makes great fertiliser! The Bible even states that "no man knows the mind of God" so what right do we have to say how God views Japan? In this nation that many claim to be a "Christian Nation" it is very clear that we are not, so "we" should be more concerned with how God views "us"! Just a thought...

    • profile image

      donna suthard 6 years ago

      Yes! RichardSpeaks, forgiveness is forgiving the mistake immediately..and not joining in their magical beliefs..were only here to forgive everything in this illusionary world, which isn't really real!!!

    • RichardSpeaks profile image

      Richard Kent Matthews 6 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area

      Thanks, Donna, for your comments. You're right about people being fearful. And I will go that one further: They believe that they are the only ones who are right. And when you believe that, you say and do things that defy the imagination sometimes. But, you and I understand that. So we can forgive, right?

    • profile image

      Donna Suthard 6 years ago

      I totally agree with your hub. I wrote, on my recent hub last week, That God never punishes us, only mankind does! God is total love, and people who are very fearful and feel very guilty teach these radical ideas that God is a punisher and punishes his own children by destroying them, because of their so called sins! Thank you for writing this hub!!