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Home to Stay -

Updated on February 1, 2013

Home to Stay 10/03/02

I came down the road to turmoil

as in comfort I would stay

but smiles abundant round me

brought new comfort to my way

Along the new found pathway

were flora from God’s seeds

friends and the joys of family

all contentment to my needs

I moved through times of childhood

in wonder and in ease

to touch the soft of flowers

and feel the smooth of breeze

Too soon this youth was distant

the mirth was swept away

travels of life o’er took me

as age demands its pay

Some friends they did walk with me

Some friends they turned away

Most family had gone before me

my turn to lead the way

The path became a hard one

the ground so rough and holed

the sun was greatly hidden

I frosted in the cold

Then Jesus I did find him

his smile so warm and bright

he made the pathway softer

turned darkness into light

We walked along together

good friends, some did stay

then came a path, a new road

I took the road away

I waived good by to Jesus

He said we’ll meet again

I wandered down the new road

with those that called me friend

But friends and loved ones falter

they seem to disappear

their smiles no longer with me

their voice no longer near

I stumbled in my efforts

I faltered in my stride

my thoughts were but an anguish

my heart had lost its pride

I came upon a high rise

alone, the way too much

I laid me down one last time

gave in to deaths cold clutch

And then I felt the sunshine

a warmth, a tender hand

was laid upon my shoulder

helped me again to stand

I looked to find my Jesus

His face a smiling still

he threw his arm around me

and took away deaths chill

Some friends were round him gathered

my loved ones young and strong

the days of youth returning

amidst the joyful throng

We walked along together

over, and ‘round a bend

their standing found those others

I’d lost a way back then

Ahead the lights of glory

lit up with jeweled bright paints

the city of the living God

a home for all his saints

My traveling days are over

my home secure alway

back home again with Jesus

and this is where I’ll stay


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