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Hope For Nigeria In September 2017

Updated on August 26, 2017

Nigeria Sprouts In September 2017

Nigeria Sprouts In September 2017
Nigeria Sprouts In September 2017

Nigeria Economy Improves September 2017.

The Lord God, through His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ sent this message to me to present to Nigerians what will definitely take place in the country this September, 2017. The heavens were opened and I behold water flowing continually from Jerusalem. The stream will split and part of it will flow eastward, and part of it will flow westward to the Mediterranean Sea. And it will flow all year long, in the summer as well as in the winter. Who would have thought that God would have mercy on the nation. The people who love oppressions are forgiven. The dwellings of those who cheat are secured. God's faithfulness will be revealed because He will fulfill His promise which He made to revamp the economy. Halleluyah!

However, let the Vice President and those who work in the Presidency exhibit caution this month. The President will be very angry with one of his assistants because of his meddling with the President's wife. This will cause him grave consequence from the security operatives.

A Child Is Born In Nigeria September 2017

Pharaoh And The Future Ruler

I opened my eyes once again. And I beheld. A child, born to rule in Nigeria. Wise men will come from abroad to have him honoured because of the great feats he performed in the past. They will visit the Presidency. And from there, a search will be ordered to find him for evil intention and not for good. But the Lord Jesus Christ will protect him securely. EAnd he is counselled to decline any invitation of honour. Expertrates will be awarded a huge contract whichl can be executed better by Nigerians. There will be a construction of a big economic project and infrastructure. This will begin to be embacked upon this month of September, 2017.

The guards watching His Excellency should be at alert to protect the people working at the Presidential Villa. Nevertheless, God says His eyes are watching the place despite the operation of satanic cohorts in that place.

Crying In September 2017

Unrest, Epidemics, Hunger, Etc In September 2017

Many, who are thought to have dignity, and assigned to assist in rebuilding the nation will be found doing otherwise.

Apart from diseases, civil unrest, hunger, economic lack, etc occuring at various places and despite the economic boom which will not get to the grassroots, Nigeria will record a major disaster in which there will be attempt by good Samaritans to save people. But only very few will be rescued. This will ignite controversies among the people, but the Lord says it will all come from God in His anger against the people for their unrepentant hearts. I want to chip in here that until Nigeria changes her cursed name NIGERIA (nigger area) as God changed JACOB to ISRAEL, the country will continue to have evil occurrences. This may sound archaic, but it is the truth and posterity will bear me witness. The Lord God has given me a covenant to give to Nigerians as he gave to Israelites. This is the same but modified version of the Ark of Covenant, which must unite the Gentiles and the Jews. God is considering to use Nigeria as the seat of His Government through our Lord Jesus Christ when He comes back. But if the time expires, He will look for another nation.

God will not force his law upon humans as He does to animals, reptiles, insects and inanimate objects. He treats us like His wives. He gives us His will to choose to follow. So you who is reading me today, seek the will of God for your life in everything you want to do.If you choose to do evil and you are not punished against what prophets had said to you will happen, don't see the prophet as fake and you a smart person. He is just waiting and giving you long rope.

The prophecy I have presented here is God's will. The third conclusive part which depicts disaster can be cancelled and averted if people change their attitude to positive thinking. If you are a Nigerian, and you are reading, the trumpet sounds to you to seek the good of this Nation and not evil. God has a will to be fulfilled​ by man.

Praise God!


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